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21 DIY Dog Houses To Pamper and Spoil Your Furry Friend With

Whether it’s for inside or out in the backyard, your pup needs a place to call their own. It’s where his favorite toys can stay and his pillow or bed too! We’re sharing 21 DIY dog houses to pamper and spoil your furry friend with by the weekend! Dive right in and find one that fits your four-legged friend’s style and personality!

1. Classic

How to build a dog house

Remove & Replace give us a super simple tutorial for creating a classic doghouse for your furry, four-legged best friend. Start here to get your hands dirty!

2. Log Cabin

Diy log cabin doghouse

If you’re envisioning  something a bit more rustic, then hop on over to the DIY Network and check out this tutorial for a doggy log cabin! It’ll be like your pup is on a vacay to the mountains every evening at bedtime.

3. Geo

Diy geo doghouse

For something that fits well inside and is a bit more chic in terms of design, check out this geometric design from Homemade Modern. It’s great for smaller pups!

4. Nightstand

Diy nightstand house

DIY Network has this great idea up their sleeves too. Turn your nightstand into a mini doghouse for your furball to enjoy every night. And it won’t take away from the style of your home!

5. Wood Kennel

Diy wood kennel

Ana White gives us another classic doghouse idea. It’s more of a kennel but it does the same job and works both inside and out.

6. Recycled

Diy doghouse

Here’s a beautiful example of upcycling older furniture pieces you might find or have. Turn it into a cozy space for your little guy or gal to cuddle up in anytime. (via)

7. Tent

Diy dog tent

If you want something a bit outside-the-box, why not make a tent for your dog? Joann has all the easy and stylish details.

8. Under the Stairs

Diy doghouse inside

If you want to get your hands really dirty and take on a bigger project, use under the stairs as your dog’s new home. Then decorate it anyway that fits the rest of the house. (via)

9. Island

Diy inside doghouse

Houzz gave us this great inspiration too. The kitchen island is a great space to turn into your dog’s personal spot as well, especially if you’re not in need of it for storage.

10. Window Seat

Diy window bench doghouse

Little dogs don’t need big houses, so utilize the space you’ve got. Turn your windowseat into a place that your pup can rest as well. (via)

11. Crib

Diy dog house crib

My Repurposed Life has a clever tutorial for turning an old baby crib into a jazzy new doghouse for the family pup! It’s big enough for most dogs and it works inside and out as well!

12. Coffee Table

Dog crate coffee table

Home Stories made us swoon over this chic design as well. It’s a coffee table and a doghouse in one so it works for a variety of functions for smaller spaces.

13. Laundry Room

Dog crate built in laundry room

The laundry room is another great spot to house the family dog. And we grabbed this beautiful inspiration from Houzz , just use one of the lower spaces for your furry best friend.

14. Cardboard Box

Diy doghouse

Even cardboard boxes could be transformed into something cozy and stylish. With a bit of padding, fabric and some blankets, you too can create something similar. (via)

15. Side Table

Diy inside doghouse

Over at Jenny Fro, you can learn how to transform a classic sizeable into something a little bit more. A kennel underneath and some fabric for hiding – it’s a chic doghouse too!

16. Console

Diy doghouse

We snagged this idea from Houzz too. It’s another great upcycled project as you can easily take an older console table and transform it into something functional for the home and for the pup.

17. Palette Teepee

Diy palette teepee

If you’re really great with building and working with your hands, start rounding up some palettes. It’s easy than you think to make a teepee for the dog. (via)

18. Concrete

Diy concerete doghouse

Homemade Modern has another ultra contemporary idea. This is more for show than for coziness, but it’s still a great idea to mark the dog’s personal space and keep things trendy inside the house.

19. A-frame

Diy a frame doghouse

Instructables gives us the tutorial for this funky, A-framed house. It has a bit of a retro, throwback feel, don’t you think?

20. With Roof

Diy doghouse with roof

The Home Depot has a lot of great ideas, including this doghouse and sunroof design. Go the extra mile by creating an extra spot to enjoy up top!

21. Small Charm

Diy doghouse

And finally, we have the most charming design of the bunch. Little dogs can have adorable little houses to enjoy too. (via)

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