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Creative DIY Glass Etching Projects

Glass etching is the kind of technique that, once you’ve learned how to do it, you can create endless patterns and projects with your new skills! We absolutely adore how frosting and intricate the etching effect looks on clean, plain glass and we also love how much glass etching encourages people to upcycle glassware that might otherwise have thrown out.

Check out these 15 inspiration photos and tutorials for different beautifully design glass etching projects!

1. Etched glass water bottle

Etched glass water bottle

The Kool Chicken shows you how to create an intricate swooping pattern on the surface of a clean glass water bottle. You’ll be able to gauge how much water you’ve consumed that day while still staying stylish

2. Wine type glasses

Wine type glasses

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur? All Parenting suggests showing your fondness for win in your glasses and how you serve it. These adorably etched glasses, for example, actually feature a full list of wine types, making them perfect for hosting wine and cheese nights.

3. Letter etched shot glasses

Letter etched shot glasses

Talk about an easy way to remember whose shot glass is yours! You don’t have to use the sae cursive writing as this tutorial has, but we thin it’s rather visually pleasing. Check out how they’re made on DIY Joy.

4. Mustache glass

Mustache glass

For reasons we don’t know but don’t mind in the least, mustaches have been trendy for both men and women over the past few years. When it comes to decor, however, there’s no real emphasis on which things must be masculine and have this mustaches and so on. We just love the way the mustache will line up with your upper lip when you tilt the glass to drink! Get the tutorial from No. 2 Pencil.

5. Star etched mason jar

Sony dsc

Do you like a faded, subtle etching style? Do you absolutely love stars? Then you definitely need to check out this tutorial on Soap Deli News!

6. Pi etched bakeware

Pi etched bakeware

If you’re a huge fan of puns, this hilarious baking dish by Creatively Katie

is definitely the one for you! It’s the perfect size and depth for baking yourself a pie… and it’s etched with a pi. Get it? We giggled.

7. Family holiday window

Family holiday window

You’re probably aware that your windows are made of glass just like most of these previous projects, but did you know that you can actually do glass etching right on the surface of the window? DIY Pete shows you how to do neat, even etching on a flat, upright surface.

8. Quote etched mirror

Quote etched mirror

Similarly to how you can etch a window, you can also etch the flat surface of a mirror! We love the idea of creating an inspirational quote on a kid’s mirror to give them a happy little boost each morning when they brush their hair. Check out a tutorial on how to do just that on A Mom’s Take

9. Bird etched trifle bowl

Bird etched trifle bowl

Glass etched projects make amazing handmade wedding gifts because they’re customizable, so you can etch them with whatever image or quote you know your loved one will like best. Give them something they might not buy themselves but could definitely use, like a beautiful trifle or dessert bowl etched with a simple, lovely image. We adore this bird bowl from Project Wedding.

10. Glass etched Mother’s Day Gift

Glass etched mother's day gift

While we’re talking about glass etched projects as gifts, think of how much your mom would love a personalized glass piece for her birthday or Mother’s Day! What’s your absolute favourite baked dish from your mom’s repertoire? Try this cute etching idea by Rook No 17 to let her know how much you love it!

11. Glass etched plating

Glass etched plating

Whether you use small glass or mirrored plates as coasters or whether you’d just like a bit of simple wall decor that you can collage in the hallway, etching an intricate but easy pattern on the surface of glass plating makes for some diverse decor. Check out how these ones were made on Paint and Pattern!

12. Chevron etched mirror

Chevron etched mirror

Glass Doctor Do you like the idea of etching a mirror but a cute kids’ quote doesn’t quite fit your home? Try this simple but modern looking chevron mirror design instead! Hang it in a hallway or somewhere where a pretty decorative mirror makes more sense than a big, functional one for primping.

13. Heart etched Valentine’s glasses

Heart etched valentine's glasses

Are you a huge fan of holiday themed dish ware and decor? Prep for Valentine’s Day with a little bit of simple heart shaped glass etching on small tumblers. You’ll feel the spirit of the holiday as you enjoy a drink with a loved one! Check out how it’s done on Love Maegan.

14. Colour etched glass bottles

Colour etched glass bottles

Do you like the idea of glass etching but you’d rather have a pop of colour instead of just a white frosted look like the rest of these projects? Almost Makes Perfect is here to save the day! They’ve etched numbers onto the surface of bottles, but your options are nearly unlimited.

15. Glass box etched picture

Glass box etched picture

Do you have a glass cubed window or wall panel in your home that needs a bit of updating? Depending on the size, it might be the perfect surface for a glass etched mural! We love the delicate leaves on this etched tree by Panorama Life.

Have you created other beautiful glass etching projects that are different than the ones you see here? Share them with us in the comments section!

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