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15 DIY Sharpie Art Projects That Double As Gifts

Are you looking to whip up a simple present for a family or friend? Without spending an arm and a leg and by putting a handmade touch to the finished product, just grab a few Sharpie markers and get started. There are so many wonderful things you can make – or at least jazz up – with just a flick of the wrist and a few of these basic office necessities. Below you’ll find 15 DIY Sharpie art projects that double as gifts!

1. Ceramic Set

Diy sharpie ceramics

Get artistic with a set of ceramic kitchenwares with Brit + Co! Create funky patterns and prints on bowls, cups, or plates and then gift the set to a family or friend. Just make sure you bake the design so it sets and stays!

2. Geo Wall Art

Diy sharpie wall art

Creating a piece of useable art is easier than you may think with some help from Sharpie markers. Curbly gives you all the steps you need to create something similar. But how wonderful does it look on the wall? The foyer, the guest bathroom, or even the home office could use the personalized pick-me-up.

3. Watercolor Pillows

Diy watercolor sharpie pillows

Brit + Co has a super innovative idea for designing your own throw pillows – or designing them for someone else. Your Sharpies can turn those pieces of comfy decor into something with a watercolor accent and personalized vibe. We’re loving those feathers, aren’t you?

4. Mustache Mugs

Diy mustache mugs

One Little Project whipped up some mustache mugs with help of some Sharpies and you can too! You’ll draw on the design and then you’ll want to bake them as well so it sets and doesn’t chip off throughout use. You can always add some lips for the ladies in your life as well.

5. Cheetah-Print Chair Covers

Cheetah print chair covers with sharpies