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Cool Pom Pom Crafts The Whole Family Will Love Making

When it comes to crafts that are diverse and extra fun to make from start to finish, pom poms are one of our very favourite things to work with. This is because, depending on what kind of craft you’re doing, you can either create it using store bought crafting pom poms or you can make your very own pom poms from scratch and then get crafty with them afterwards! Either way, both the adults and the children in our family thoroughly enjoy it when pom poms become a part of our rainy “crafternoons”.

Just in case your family loves crafting with poms poms as much as ours does and you could use some ideas to help keep things exciting, here are 15 of the best tutorials and DIY concepts we’ve either tried before or held onto for later!

1. Pom pom embellished jewelry box

Pom pom embellished jewelry box

Ever since we were little kids, there’s always been something about blank, empty little storage boxes that have drawn our attention. We just can’t help but think that they’re practically calling out to be embellished and transformed with a bit of personality and some crafting skill! That’s why this concept from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas for using brightly coloured miniature pom poms to create a fun DIY jewelry box caught our eye so well.

2. DIY pom pom blanket

Diy pom pom blanket

Are your favourite kinds of pom poms to make actually the big fluffy yarn pom poms that your grandma taught you to wind around a piece of cardboard or an empty toilet paper roll? Well, there are plenty of different ways to make those and even more crafty ideas out there for different projects you can turn the pom poms into, but this blanket idea from A Little Craft in Your Day is undoubtedly one of our favourites. They show you how to both make the pom poms (but you can absolutely use store bought ones if you’re pressed for time) and sew them carefully all along the outer edge of the blanket to give it a little more personality than it had before.

3. Colourful pom pom heart pillow

Colourful pom pom heart pillow

Have you ever felt a pom pom so fluffy and soft that you almost wished it was bigger just so you could give it a nice, friendly squeeze? Well, we’ll admit that we’ve never managed to make a single yarn pom pom quite that big (yet), but we imagine that squeezing this awesome pom pom covered pillow outlined on Tales From Mount Pleasant would come pretty close to how  hugging a massive pom pom would feel! Their tutorial shows you how to make a pom pom pillow that’s shaped like a heart, with a heart shaped inset in a bright contrast colour.

4. Pom pom purse tassels

Pom pom purse tassels

When we decide we really like a particularly useful tote bag or purse, we’ll use it every single day. After a while, however, we sometimes find that we get bored with the way the bag looks, even if we love its functionality and aren’t ready to swap it out for another bag quite yet because our things are perfectly organized into all the little pockets inside. That’s why we thought this pom pom tassel embellishment idea from Stylecaster was such a good one! They show you how to make a string of little bright pom poms that you can very simply tie around the straps or handles of your bag, finishing each one off with a tassel made from the base colour.