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Fun Lunch Ideas That Will Make Your Kids’ Day

If you’re a parent and you use the Internet, you’re probably familiar with the bento box lunch trend. Modelled after a snack based Japanese eating style, bento boxes have become the craze for school kids because of their adorable themes and fun shapes. Cutting your children’s fruit and sandwiches into shapes might seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually quick and easy with a little inspiration! Here are some fun kids’ lunch ideas that will totally make their day.

1. Apple puzzles

Apple puzzle

You might be used to teaching your kids not to play with their food, but make an exception to turn their fruit into a learning activity! Little kids will love matching the pieces with the right shape.(Source: Stories and Children)

2. Veggies and dip butterfly

Veggies and dip butterfly

Having the dip right there ready to go and a fun shape for them to take apart turns veggies into a fun snack.(Source: B-Inspired Mama)

3. Fruit turtles

Fruit turtles

Kids will especially love these apple and grape turtles when they realize that the eyes are made of chocolate chips!(Source: B-Inspired Mama)

4. Monster apples

Monster apples

Cheese, apples, cream cheese, marshmallows, and chocolate chips are all you need to make this sweet and savoury snack.(Source: Artsy Momma)

5. Quesadilla turkey

Quesdilla turkey

The turkey’s tail is the main meal, made from a quesadilla cut into sections. Add tail feathers using apples, a body made from a carrot, candy or chocolate chip eyes, and a beak made from a chocolate covered sesame seed!(Source: Meaningful Mama)

6. Minion themed bento box

Minion themed bento box

Have your kids got Minion fever? Theme their lunch after their favourite movie!(Source: Product Junkie)

7. Puzzle sandwich

Puzzle sandwich

Kids will love eating any kind of sandwich, healthy or otherwise, if you turn it into a game!(Source: South Port Visiter)

8. Haunted pumpkin patch lunch

Haunted pumpkin patch lunch

Holiday themed bento box lunches are even more fun than usual! Check out these pumpkin sandwiches and ghost bananas.(Source: Sweet Pennies from Heaven)

9. Easter bento box

Easter bento box

Spring time is just around the corner, making this the perfect time for sandwiches shaped like bunnies and Easter eggs!(Source: One Perfect Day)

10. Snack butterflies

Snack butterflies

Painting a clothing pin like a butterfly body lets you pack two types of snacks in one bag! It’s fun for your kids and it stops waste.(Source: Stay at Home Mum)

11. Flower lunch

Flower lunch

Finger sandwiches, orange slices, and strips of cucumber make perfect spring flowers. Pop a cherry tomato or a strawberry in the middle!(Source: Family Focus Blog)

12. Googly eyed bento box

Google eyed bento box

If you’re in a hurry but you still want to make lunch fun, try decorating your kids’ snacks and sandwich with googly eyes! They’ll get a laugh out of it when they open their lunch boxes.(Source: Eats Amazing)

13. Cheese hearts

Cheese hearts

Another easy way to boost your kids’ day without spending hours in the morning is to use heart shaped fruit and cheese pieces!(Source: Love from the Oven)

14. Fruit and veggie hot air balloon

Fruit and veggie hot air balloon

Fruits and veggies make the balloon, crackers make the basket, carrots make the passengers, and a couple scoops of cottage cheese are perfect for fluffy clouds!(Source: OMG Mother)

15. School book sandwiches

School book sandwiches

Edible markers are an extremely useful tool when it comes to getting creative with lunches! School book sandwiches made with tortilla wraps make the perfect school lunch.(Source: Kids’ Activities Blog)

Have you made other creative bento boxes or lunch snacks that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!

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