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DIY Color Block Magnets

We have stepped in to 2016 and many a resolutions have been penned down in our planners and notebooks shut close only to be opened on odd days. Let’s take another route, get your magnets out and stick up your inspiration and to-do list of the day up on your board. No! I am not talking about your generic boring fridge magnets but these color block magnets that you can easily make. Now you will never forget to try that new thin-crust pizza recipe sought in your favorite magazine and never forget to have your fruits on time because of these pretties.DIY color block magnet DIY color block magnet You won’t believe how easy it is. Just shape, cut and paint with nail polish! Yes that easy. Let’s see what we will need in order to recreate these color block clay magnets.DIY colorblock magnet


  •  Air-dry clay/ polymer clay
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Cutter
  • Magnets
  • E6000 glue
  • Round cardboard
  • Dowel to roll


1.Roll out a piece of clay 1/4 inch thick and put your round cardboard over it and cut around with the help of your cutter.DIY colorblock magnet2. Now cut your circles in half. I used air-dry clay and it took me a day to dry, you can alternatively use polymer clay and bake it as per the instructions for a quick make.DIY colorblock magnet 3. If you find any imperfections you can always easily smoother them with a sanding paper at your disposal. Coming to the fun part of painting, choose 3-4 shades of nail polishes’ that suit each other like pastels. The trick is to brush one color, follow with another and by the third one. After you are done just dot the painted surface with black nail polish randomly just like we speckled these jewelry dishes.DIY color block magnet 4. Let your clay pieces dry and if it turned out opaque just brush another coat of nail polish. With the help of a toothpick apply some E6000 glue to the surface of your clay and place your magnets. As per the strength of the magnets, you might need to use two instead of one if it doesn’t hold well.DIY colorblock magnet Easy peasy! You made yourself some cool magnets to match your beautiful inspirational images and your to-do list. Do let us know if you will make your own and if this tutorial was helpful.DIY color block magnet DIY color block magnet DIY color block magnet

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