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IKEA Hack: DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters

Are you more than quite often prone to losing your precious pricey items, only to be found caught between your cupboard and wall after months have passed or worst not all. Don’t worry, you will not have to face this heartbreaking fate again as we can give them an open shelter for easy access in just a few minutes.DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters

No need to break the bank to buy expensive ceramic trinkets anymore. Repurpose these cheap coasters into a ceramic look-alike speckled jewelry dish. All you need is your good ol’ trusty acrylics and spray paint to get this job done.DIY Speckled Jewelry DishI bought these Ikea coasters because the moment my eyes caught their attention I knew it then and there that its future lied in coming handy as trinkets. Their thick and taller than usual rims for coasters gave me the visuals. As to the speckles, I have been used to seeing them almost every other day and so I was bound to fall in love with them and try it for a project sooner or later.DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters Materials


  • Ikea 365+ coasters
  • White spray paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small brush
  • Foam brush


1. We will be priming our coasters with 2-3 coats of white acrylic paint also giving it in between time to dry after each coat. We want it to be spread evenly, but it doesn’t have to look perfect as it will be later covered with spray paint anyways. We use acrylic paint so that the spray paint holds well and give us the desired white color we are looking for. Otherwise, if we were to use spray paint straight away, the cork will be visible and it will take forever to get the color.DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters Materials2. After your acrylic paint has dried we can now take it to a well-ventilated area and apply 1-2 coats of white spray paint to each side until the brown color of the cork is not visible.Spray paint Coasters3. Now comes the fun part, we would want to use the thinnest brush at our disposal to create the speckles. Start by creating small dots and then create bigger ones. In my case, I tried to use a cluster of big, medium-sized and small ones. But it really depends on what type of pattern you want to use. I would recommend having to look at a speckled piece while painting the speckles for a more controlled and better outcome. You can find examples of speckled pieces that I have pinned in my Pinterest board for help.Coasters thinnest brush paintThe result, you have a beautiful speckled jewelry dish that no one would come to know that they once upon a time used to be cork. .Just as I am in love with cement and tassels, speckles are next thing that you can expect from me to try on in every other possible way whether it’s here or in my blog. I am prepared to delve further and share the love.Modern Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters MaterialsI bought spare ones to use as coasters as they were meant to be but never mind they got tossed in and speckled anyways, guess it was too hard to resist. But I want to hear from you, do you like speckles and would you rather take a visit to IKEA or spend big for your precious bits.Black and white coasters diyAs for me, I can’t get enough of it, since I made six of them I get to see them more often and it brings great relief to me knowing that I will not lose my watch again because I left it on the table unattended.DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters Project

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