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Spoil Your Furry Friend or Yourself With These 25 Cat Lover DIYs

Believe it or not, there are tons of great DIYs for pet owners. And today we’re shining a light on some pretty charming and adorable projects that your kitties are going to love. So go ahead and spoil your furry friend or yourself with these 25 cat lover DIYs!

1. Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent

Instructables shows us how to make an absolutely adorable tent for our cats to rest in. Whether they’re used inside or out, your cat will love their own personal space to relax in.

2. Cat Stamps


Sign all of your greeting cards from yourself and the cat with the help of this DIY stamp from The Pink Samurai. How adorable are these little craft-helpers!?

3. Cat Shoes

DIY Cat Toe Shoes

Your little kitten will really love you for paying homage to her with these adorable cat-toed shoes. Check out the details over at Kittenhood – and remember these would be great for making for a friend!

4. Cat Toys

DIY Junk Food Cat Toy

These junk foot cat toys are just too darn adorable. A Beautiful Mess provides us with all the details on how to make these cuties too and your kittens will have a ball playing with them.

5. Cat Tights

DIY Cat Tights

Sprinkles in Springs made these adorable and quite genius cat tights in mere minutes and so can you. Just follow the directions and put your cat-loving vibes out there for the world to see.

6. Cat Confetti


Dress up any event with some confetti cat pouches. Whether it’s your pets birthday party or your own, pass these cuties out and celebrate! Bespoke Bride as the 4-1-1.

7. Cat Purse

DIY Cat Purse

A Beautiful Mess always has the best ideas and this one will keep cat lovers smiling from ear to ear. How adorable is this innovative idea? And who knew how easy it was to create and make your own purse?

8. Cat Placemat

DIy Cat Placemat

Make feeding time a bit more stylish and cleaner with these cat placemats from Sidewalk Shows. It’s such a genius idea that all cat-owners are going to need to have some for themselves!

9. Cat Treats


You can even learn how to make your own cat treats right at home. Design Sponge has the info on some crunchy ones that the kitties in your house are going to love!

Cat Scratch Posts

DIy Cat Scratching Posts

So Fancy made these traffic cone cat scratch posts and we love how easy and adorable they are! Spoil your cat this weekend after you creating this in the afternoon.

Cat Puzzle

DIy Cat Puzzle

Give your cat’s brain a bit of a workout with this easy puzzle from The Glam Cat. It’s quick to get started and you’ll have your furry friend busy for hours!

Cat Wand


Irresistible Pets made this adorable wand for cats and we’re not only swooning over its whimsical but we can’t wait to make one and try it out with our own kitties!

Cat Planters

DIy Cat Planters

Check out these charming cat planters from Recylart. This is just another way to show your love of our furry felines but in a fashion-forward and innovative way.

Cat Bookmarks


DIY Candy gives us a super simple DIY that both you and the kiddos can get involved with. And it easily shows your love of cats and pays homage to your pets!

Cat Cookies

DIY Cat Treat Cookies

Check out these DIY cat cookies from The Cookie Rookie. These catnip treats are super easy to make and aren’t packed with chemicals for your pet to enjoy.

Cat Shirt

DIY Cat Shirt

It’s hard not to fallen love with this cat shirt from De Huismuts and the best part is that you can make it – right at home. Just check out the details after the jump.

Cat Mask


Shelterness shows us, step-by-step, how to create this super adorable sleeping mask. Make it for yourself, the cat-lover that you are, or a friend that loves them just as much!

Cat Spoon

DIy Wooden Spoon

Learn how to design your own kitchen wooden spoons over at Honestly Yum. Do you see that adorable cat face in the mix? It’s just another way to add your love of kittens to the rest of your world.

Cat Phone Sleeve


Lana Red made a chic and functional cat sleeve that we’re absolutely loving. Learn how to make it and take your cake everywhere you go, or at least the thought of him or her.

Cat Makeup Pouch

DIY Cat Pouch

Use real photos to make a cat makeup pouch (or a pouch for anything else you may need) over at Minted Strawberry. How adorable would your pet look on one of these?

Cat Pillow

DIy Cat Pillow

Make this cat pillow for yourself, a friend or even for your cat to cuddle up with! Citrus and Cream has all the details on its creation – including the fact that it’s made from recycled sweats!

Cat Decals

DIY cat decals

Decorate your personal corner or the cats with these DIY printed cat decals from Design Sponge. We love the innovation and how many different things you can do with them!

23. Cat Tote


Create your own tote in a super easy way with the help from The Pink Samurai, who seems to love cats as much as we do! There’s a free pattern to download as well.

24. Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears

How do some rhinestone cat ears sound to show off your love of kittens? Check this out over at Deconstruct and snag all the know-how info, don’t forget the rhinestones!

25. Cat Teepee

DIY Cat Teepee

Fudge & Joy made a cat teepee that we are absolutely swooning over. Create a stylish nook in the house for both you and your cat to enjoy .. and this teepee would fit right in!

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