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Delicious Coconut Macaroon Recipes You Should Try At Home

If we had to choose one specific treat to name as our absolute favourite for the rest of  our days, we’d quickly and happily place coconut macaroons right at the top of our list! There’s just something so light but flavourful about their tastes, companied by a unique and satisfying texture. On top of that, there are actually all kinds of unique ways to make them besides the classic manner that we find most people don’t even really know about. In fact, we didn’t really know just how many ways there are to prepare our favourite sweet snack until recently, so now we’re on a mission to try as many different types of homemade coconut macaroons as we can possibly get our hands on.

Just in case you adore the idea of learning how to make new types of macaroons just as much as we do, if not more, here are 19 of the very best recipes, tutorials, and kinds that we’ve come across and bookmarked for our own kitchen!

1. Coconut macaroons made with sweetened condensed milk

Coconut macaroons made with sweetened condensed milk

Are you the kind of person who often likes to explore subtle differences in ingredients just to see how taste and texture might improve, even if the finished product is much the same? Then we can basically guarantee that you’re going to adore this first recipe outlined in clear detail on Food Network. They show you how to make coconut macaroons using sweetened condensed milk! The effect is smooth and with a melting sensation in the centre of each one.

2. Lighter coconut macaroons made without sweetened condensed milk

Lighter coconut macaroons made without sweetened condensed milk

Are you actually looking for a lighter, more classic recipe that’s maybe a little less rich and sweet? Perhaps you’re actually trying to make coconut macaroons for the first time and you’re in the market for the simplest, most common approach. Either way, this complete recipe and guide featured on A Latte Food might be something you’ll find very helpful indeed. These are usually out go-to when we’re not aiming for something a little out of the box.

3. Chocolate filled coconut macaroon sandwiches

Chocolate filled coconut macaroon sandwiches

Besides your love for coconut macaroons, are you actually usually a chocolate lover above anything else? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to give these fantastic chocolate filled coconut macaroon sandwiches featured in step by step detail on Christina’s Cucina a try! They’re almost like Oreo cookies in their construction, but much more decadent in nature and flavour.

4. Chocolate kissed coconut macaroons

Chocolate kissed coconut macaroons

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of incorporating chocolate into your macaroons but you’re just not sure you’ll love the proportions involved in the idea we showed you above? Then maybe you’d prefer to make a slightly more classic macaroon and just top it off with chocolate instead! It’s a simpler approach, but still just as tasty. Get the full details on Fav Southern Recipes.

5. Chocolate dipped coconut caramel macaroons

Chocolate dipped coconut caramel macaroons

Have we piqued your curiosity quite well with the whole idea of adding chocolate into the mix but you also can’t help wondering what other flavours might suit the chocolate and coconut in combination? Well, Half Baked Harvest has a great answer for you; caramel! Their tutorial gives you a full step by step guide for making chocolate dipped coconut caramel macaroons that give a perfect blend of flavours.

6. Maple coconut caramel macaroons

Maple coconut caramel macaroons

Have we almost hit the nail on the head regarding your absolute ideal flavour combination with the recipe above but you’re finding that you’re still feeling a little curious beyond the idea of getting coconut, chocolate, and caramel involved? Then we’d definitely suggest kicking things up a notch and checking out how The Spiffy Cookie also added notes of maple and topped the finished macaroons with pistachios for some crunch.

7. Chocolate covered raspberry coconut macaroons

Chocolate covered raspberry coconut macaroons

If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make your very own homemade macaroons from scratch, would you much rather try as recipe that’s a little more unique in its actual flavour and appearance all at once, just to really put a twist on things? Well, especially if you’re a berry lover, then we think you simply must take a look at the way Old House to New Home made this flavourful chocolate covered raspberry coconut macaroons!

8. Lemon coconut macaroons

Lemon coconut macaroons

Now that we’ve started discussing the idea of adding other fruit flavours into the mix, are you intent on collecting just about as many suggestions as you can find that fall into that category? In that case, you simply can’t continue without at least taking a look at how Beaming Baker made these super light and summery tasting lemon coconut macaroons drizzled with a sweet but subtle homemade glaze.

9. Strawberry coconut macaroons

Strawberry coconut macaroons

Have we actually got you feeling a little enamoured with the idea of making berry flavoured macaroons specifically but you’ve never actually liked raspberries quite as much as you have other kinds? Then we have a strong suspicion that you’ll get along a lot better with this strawberry coconut version from The Low Fodmap Diet. Rather than pureeing and mixing the flavour in seamlessly, this recipe shows you how to make it with very scrumptious little strawberry chunks throughout each macaroon.

10. Coconut cherry macaroons

Coconut cherry macaroons

Just in case you’re still scrolling through our list thinking about the different berry and fruit flavours that you might try but haven’t seen the one you’re really looking for yet, here’s the best recipe for the cherry lovers out there! Taste.com gives you a full guide and tutorial for making a delicious batch of coconut cherry macaroons that you can make with maraschino cherries, black cherries, or whatever kind you like best.

11. Guilt free vanilla macaroons

Guilt free vanilla macaroons

Of course, you should never actually feel guilty for treating yourself to something you like here and there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find recipes for your favourite things that might be a little more calorie conscious than you’ve seen before! This recipe from Nikki’s Plate is the perfect example of what we mean. Their “guilt-free” macaroons also combine a light but lovely vanilla flavour with the classic coconut.

12. 7-layer bar coconut macaroons

7 layer bar coconut macaroons

Are you actually having all kinds of trouble choosing which other flavours you’d like to see included in your macaroons most because you’re kind of starting to feel like you want to put just about everything in them, so long as they’re chocolatey and rich? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’re going to love the way Layers of Happiness did essentially that in making these mouthwatering 7-layer bar inspired coconut macaroons that are chalk full of other accents.

13. Chocolate almond macaroons

Chocolate almond macaroons

Besides chocolate and the macaroons themselves, have you always been a lover of nut based flavours the most, especially when it comes to treats and desserts? Then we have a strong feeling that these fantastically flavourful and pleasantly crunchy macaroons outlined in detail on Garnish & Glaze are going to be right up your alley. Take a closer look at their page to learn more about making chocolate almond coconut macaroons.

14. Zesty coconut, cranberry, and pistachio macaroons

Zesty coconut, cranberry, and pistachio macaroons

Are you actually still finding yourself thinking about our very brief mention of pistachios above because they’re a flavour you’ve always loved, but you’re just not sure you want all the chocolate included in the previous recipe? Then we think you’ll be rather pleased indeed to learn that Vegan Richa has an awesome alternative option for you! Their tutorial walks you through the steps of making easy and zesty coconut, cranberry, and pistachio macaroons

15. Espresso coconut macaroons

Espresso coconut macaroons

Besides macaroons, is the number one thing you usually choose to treat yourself with definitely coffee? Well, so long as you also like chocolate, then The First Year definitely has the best flavour choice for you when it comes to learning how to make unique macaroons. Their recipe will help you create a batch that tastes like coconut and espresso, all bound together with melted chocolate chips!

16. Chocolate cranberry coconut macaroons

Chocolate cranberry coconut macaroons

Now, we’ve mentioned coconut (obviously), we’ve talked a lot about chocolate, and we even briefly went over cranberries, but so far those things have yet to appear all in once place. What if they’re your favourite elements, though? Well, that’s where this recipe from Veganosity comes in! Their tutorial shows you very simply how to make chocolate cranberry coconut macaroons that give you all three flavours blended perfectly with each bite.

17. Cute coconut macaroon nests

Cute coconut macaroon nests

Are you the kind of foodie parent who loves getting your kids involved in the kitchen and having them help you make fun, easy things that they can decorate or make their own? Well, even if you’re just making snacks for kids rather than actually with them, this next options is fantastic either way, especially in the spring. Learn how these cute little coconut macaroon nests were made on Martha Stewart!

18. Coconut macaroon pie

Coconut macaroon pie

Like us, are you a huge fan of combination recipes? By that, we mean recipes that take the best parts of two entirely different treats and blend them together for an extra delicious and unique flavour. This coconut macaroon pie outlined step by step on Taste of Home is the perfect example of the kind of recipe we mean! You’ll get all the texture and flavour of the macaroons you love, but in a bigger portion with the home-baked satisfaction of tucking into a slice of pie.

19. Coconut cream pie with coconut macaroon crust

Coconut cream pe with cocomnut macaroon crust

Have we actually got you feeling really curious about the idea of turning your coconut macaaroons into some kind of pie, but you’re hesitating over the above recipe because your favourite pie that already tastes like coconut has always been coconut cream specifically? Then you’re going to love this suggestion from Everyday Gluten Free. They show you how to make a unique coconut cream pie but this time with a crust that’s made in the same way as coconut macaroons, rather than a regular pie crust!

Do you have another very favourite coconut macaroon based recipe that you love making and do as often as you can but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try it out too!

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