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50 French Macaron Flavors To Experiment With In The Kitchen

French macarons are indulgent, they’re special, they’re fun to add to party spreads, they’re great gifts if you want to give something edible but they take time to perfect. Either way, the most exciting part of this European cookie are all the flavor options! We’ve compiled a list of 50 French macaron flavors to experiment with in the kitchen – whether you’re a novice or a pro!

1. Basic

Basic french macaroon recipe

PopSugar starts us off with a basic French macaron recipe for all of us to try our hands at first. Take the jump and experiment this afternoon!

2. Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate macaroons

For chocolate lovers everywhere, this chocolate on chocolate recipe is right up your alley. Check out ChowHound for all of the details.

3. Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake macaroons

Indulge a little in a strawberry cheesecake bite from Glitter Inc.. It’s all the flavors you love of this classic dessert but in a single serving form.

4. Lemon

Lemon macaron recipe

Lemon macarons sound like a wonderfully tart and tasty treat don’t they? Grab the recipe at Frugal Mom Eh.

5. Lavender Coconut

Lavender coconut macarons