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20 At-Home Chicken Finger Recipes The Family Will Love!

When you have no clue what to make for dinner but the family is ready and waiting, make something that will satisfy every single one of them. Easy sides like mac and cheese, any vegetable or even a salad pair well and no one will be complaining. The entire family will love any one of these 20 at-home chicken finger recipes, grab a favorite and try one tonight!

1. Buffalo-ized

Buffalo chicken fingers recipe

The Pub and Grub made a hot “buffalo-ized” batch of chicken fingers that we’re loving! Grab the spicy recipe now!

2. Baked Honey BBQ

Baked chicken fingers

Hop on over to Sally’s Baking Addiction and grab this saucy recipe tonight! Learn how to make a baked, “healthier” version of this crispy tenders.

3. Buttermilk Fried

Buttermilk fried chicken tenders recipe

You cannot go wrong with a classic set of fried chicken tenders. Visit Once Upon A Chef for this “buttermilk” batch!

4. Sweet & Sticky Honey Soy Sauce

Sticky chicken tenders recipe

White On Rice Couple made something really tasty and unique for family dinner! Hop on over and grab this sweet and sticky honey soy sauce tender recipe now!

5. Black Peppered Rub

Black pepper rub chicken fingers with greek yogurt ranch 101

With a side of Greek yogurt ranch, you’ll love these black peppered rubbed chicken fingers. Half Baked Harvest has all the details.

6. Asian Lemon

Asian lemon chicken tenders recipe

Damn Delicious went the Asian route as well and this time it has a twist of lemon! Its quite the easy tutorial to follow as well!

7. Texas Nachos

Texas chicken nachos recipe

Spicy and served up in a skillet, find this fun recipe over at Real Food by Dad. It’s fun for dinner but it’s fun for a party too!

8. Cheese Nips-Crusted

Cheese nips crusted chicken fingers

Use some Cheese Nips as the breading on your next batch of chicken tenders. Follow along over at Gimme Delicious.

9. Baked Firecracker

Firecracker chicken tenders

Creme De La Crumb did something sweet and spicy and Asian-inspired as well! Visit now for the details!

10. Coconut Crunch

Crunchy coconut chicken tenders

For those with a more tropical palette, you’ll want to learn how to make these coconut crunched chicken tenders. Find the recipe over at The Cozy Apron.

11. Paleo

Paleo chicken fingers recipe

And for those that live off a paleo diet – or love a garlic honey dijon dipping sauce – The Healthy Foodie has the recipe for you! Grab it now.

12. Creamy Salsa

Salsa chicken tenders recipe

These creamy salsa chicken tenders from Reluctant Entertainer are full of flavor. This will make dinner any night of the week so much more fun and satisfying.

13. Crockpot Buffalo Ranch

Crockpot ranch buffalo chicken tenders 2 682x1024

Use your slow cooker to make these strips spicy and falling apart on your plate. Slow Cooker Gourmet will show you how!

14. Parmesan Baked

Parm baked chicken tenders

Chef in Training baked their tenders too but with Parmesan this time! These too will go with all kinds of fun side dishes the family will love.

15. Quinoa-Crusted

Quinoa crusted chicken strips with bbq honey mustard 1

Half-Baked Harvest made quinoa-crusted chicken strips with a yummy BBQ Honey Mustard – and you get to learn how to make both from scratch!

16. Baked Pecan-Crusted

Pecan crusted chicken fingers baked not fried sallysbakingaddiction com 4

These pecan-crusted chicken tenders are my favorite of the bunch. Sally’s Baking Addiction brings them to us and they go with some many dishes including the perfect salad topper!

17. Extra Crispy

Chicken tenders crispy recipe

Made with a side of chimichurri dip, learn how to make a batch of extra crispy chicken tenders over at Kitchen Sanctuary. Make sure you create the sauce too!

18. Bacon-Wrapped

Bacon wrapped chicken fingers recipe

Divas Can Cook did something that you may not think of at first, but you’ll be drooling over it once you do. Bacon-wrapped chicken tenders never sounded or looked so good!

19. With Everything Sauce

Chicken fingers with everything sauce iowagirleats 01

Over at Iowa Girl Eats, you’ll learn how to make some crispy chicken fingers with a side of “everything sauce.” Who likes their fingers dry anyway?

20. Gluten-Free

Gluten free chicken finger recipes

Over at Betty Crocker you can learn how to make a gluten-free batch. And they still taste absolutely amazing!

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