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Decorate Your Home with These Beautiful Origami Flowers

Real flowers will soon wilt and fade, but origami flowers can be enjoyed for many years to come.  Let this roundup of pretty paper flowers inspire you to create something gorgeous for your home.

Origami lily

Traditional Origami Lily

A traditional origami lily is one of the first flowers a beginning paper folder learns how to make. Follow along with the Howcast YouTube tutorial and you’ll have this design mastered in no time.

Finished origami flower

Square Base Origami Flower

A simple boutonniere style flower with four petals is easy to make from a square base.  Wonderful DIY has the instructions.

180246 800x600 origami tulip 09

Origami Tulip

Origami tulips are easy to fold with or without the accompanying stem.  LoveToKnow Origami has the instructions.

Origami sunflower

Origami Sunflower

Bright and cheerful origami sunflowers can be enjoyed all year long. Learn how to fold these lovely blooms at Origami Spirit.

Twisty ose

Origami Twisty Rose

Show your appreciation for the one you love with a beautiful origami twisty rose. Visit Origami Instructions to learn more.

Box flower rose

Origami Box Flower Rose

If you’d prefer a rose design that includes the leaves, this unique model is sure to please. It starts as a box, then transforms into a lovely rose. Learn Origami on YouTube has the details.

Carambola flowers

Carambola Flower

Designed by Carmen Sprung, these unique flowers are folded from a paper pentagon. Learn more at Go Origami.

Pink four petal flower

Four Petal Pink Flower

The long, thin petals on this design give the flower an artistic look. Visit Joost Langeveld Origami for the project tutorial.


Eight Petal Flower

Fold this design from paper with a soft watercolor pattern for an elegant look. Marigami Origami has the details.

Origami flower 1dolz 560

Origami Flower and Leaves

This two part design features a colorful flower and lush green leaves. It can be displayed alone or as part of a larger bouquet. Learn more at Origami Spirit.

Kusudama origami 1024x768

Kusudama Flower

This pretty flower is made with six separate sheets of origami paper.  About Origami has the tutorial.

Four petal kusudama

Four Petal Kusudama Flower

A variation of the basic kusudama flower, this four petal version has more of a contemporary look. Origami Instructions has the details.

Sakura flower

Sakura Flower

Another modular origami flower design, the Sakura flower would be a striking party decoration.  Origami World has a YouTube tutorial that shows how to complete this model.

Origami dahlia

Origami Dahlia

Eight folded units joined together with a bit of glue form this lovely origami dahlia.  Origami Instructions has the details.

Diy origami lotus flower

Lotus Flower

If you’re an experienced origami enthusiast, try folding lotus flowers for family and friends. This model is explained at I Creative Ideas.

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