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These 22 Man Cave DIYs Will Spruce and Style His Getaway

Every part of your house deserves to be accented and designed just right. Breathe life into all corners and nooks with the help of some handmade projects. Fortunately, with these 22 man cave DIYs, you’ll be able to spruce and style his personal getaway in ways that you both enjoy! Take a look!

1. Pallet Dart Board

Pallet dart board diy

1001 Pallets featured this awesome DIY on their site. Make your man his very own dart board for his fun and gams down in the cave.

2. Basketball Hoop

Diy basketball hoop

Hop on over to My Sweet Savannah and learn how to create another bit of fun for the room below. This one your beau may want to try his own hands at!

3. Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

Diy jack daniels soap dispenser

We are loving this DIY inspiration and how you can easily add some stylish, masculine energy to any nook of the man cave. Even inside the bathroom! (via 9gag)

4. Wood Slice Serving Board

Diy wood slice board

ManMade DIY shows us how to make a serving board out of a wooden slice. Parties and the kitchen space of the man cave can have a more rustic edge when dressed with these kinds of accessories.

5. Suitcase Shelves

Vintage suitcase shelves diy

Check out this stylish nook from ManMade DIY! We love this idea for styling and accessorizing your man’s space but with something that feels funky and edgy!

6. Cinder Table

Diy cinder block table

Apartment Therapy gives us a super simple and easy DIY to pull off. Create some extra furniture by going for texture and surprise with a cinder block piece.

7. Pallet Wall

How to build a wood pallet wall step 4

Check out DIY Ready to add real style and vision to the man cave. Learn how to create an entire accent wall now!

8. Baseball Curtain Rod Ends

Diy baseball curtain rod ends thumb

We are swooning over this subtle and fun baseball curtain rod ends. Check them out at Trish Sutton and grab the details.

9. Trunk Bar Cart

Diy bar cart

Apartment Therapy has another nifty idea that we think all the men who visit will ooh and ahh over. For smaller man caves, create a rolling bar such as this.

10. Guitar Shelf

Guitar light shelf diy

For music lovers, Refab Diaries gives us another piece of inspiration. This guitar shelf is quite the beauty and can be so versatile within the decor scheme.

11. Console Cabinet

Diy console cabinet

Check out this fun idea! A personalize ikea bookshelf was used in the making of this fabulous console cabinet. (via)

12. Pipe & Wood Shelves

Diy pipe bookshelf

Design Improvised gives us an industrial and edgy piece that is both functional and stylish. Fill it up with anything the man of the cave desires.

13. Beer Bottle Coat Hooks

Diy beer bottle hooks

Why not turn those old beer bottles into something more useful. Cool Material has all the details on this innovative idea too.

14. License Plate Dust Pan

Diy license plate dustpan

Olive Bites knows that the man cave has to be cleaned too. So why not create something he just might use like a dust pan made out of his old license plate!

15. Beer Bottle Chandelier

Diy beerb ottle chandelier

Check out this YouTube video and learn how to create a beer bottle chandelier! This would be quite the fun centerpiece for poker night, don’t you think?

16. Pegboard Hat Organizer

Diy pegboard hat

Jenna Burger knows how to organize and display his hat collection just right. Create one of these pegboard hat organizers, it’s quite easy!

17. Sliding Barn Door

Diy sliding barn door

Add extra pizazz by going rustic down there. And grab some help form Epcot and create a sliding barn door to distinguish between the kitchen or bar area.

18. Nintendo Controller Canvases

Diy nintendo controller art

If you want to make something special for the walls, have fun giving these a whirl. Who remembers these controllers?! (via)

19. Wooden Arrows

Diy wood pallet arrow

Love Grows Wild gives us another idea for easy wall decor that’s also appropriate for a “man cave” space. These wooden arrows can easily be painted too!

20. Wrench Hooks

Diy wrench hooks

The Black Workshop gives us another “hook” idea. But this time, they’re made from old wrenches!

21. Toilet Paper Crate

Diy toilet paper crate

Instead of letting the bathrooms get funky, check out Funky Junk Interiors and grab some inspiration. This toilet paper create is masculine and blends with a theme – while providing function.

22. Pallet Wine Bar

Diy pallet wine bar

The WHOot gives us our favorite DIY of the list. If you have a larger space, why not try your hand at a project like this!

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