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These 15 DIY Chicken Coops Are Perfect For Your Backyard

Are you thinking of raising some of your own chicks? Don’t fret, building your very own coop is a lot easier than you may think. And the plus side, they don’t have to be ratchety or an eyesore. Instead, there are tons of projects and tutorials to follow to make the fixture look great! These 15 DIY chicken coops plans are perfect for your backyard. Take a look!

1. Cedar Wood

Diy cedar wood chicken coop

Country Living starts our chicken coop adventures off with this stunning finished product. Made with cedar wood, give those chickens something extra special to lounge around in. And your backyard gets a boost with this one as well!

2. Farmhouse Style

Diy decorated chicken coop

Redeem Your Groundcreated a farmhouse style coop that we’re really digging as well. And there are so many little DIYs that made this fashion-forward nook happen! Pay close attention and see what you can recreate.

3. A-Frame

Diy a frame chicken coop

JoJoChooks Blog created a simple, A-frame coop that doesn’t take up too much time but it’s an eyesore either. There are multiple ways to personalize it as well. With a slather of paint maybe, or some florals planted around the perimeter.

4. Chick-“wil”-A

Diy restaurant style chicken coop

We’re giggling so hard at this funky cabin coop. It’s got a country vibe and it pays homage to everyone’s favorite, fast-food chicken! Check out the details by visiting Country Living.

5. Cabinet

Diy chicken coop cabinet

Ana White used an old cabinet for her chicken coop project! If you’re looking for a smaller design, this one will work! It won’t take up too much room but it’ll still look nice and get the job done.

6. Yellow House

Diy yellow house chicken coop

Backyard Chickens went with yellow as their main bit of inspiration. We love the tiny house concept but it’s nice that it was dipped in a fun color to spruce up the backyard with as well.

7. Repurposed Crib

Diy repurposed crib chicken coop

Who knew you could take a crib and turn it into a chicken coop? Check out all of the details by hopping on over to Weed ‘Em & Reapand taking a peek.

8. Cape Cod-Inspired

Cape cod style chicken coop diy

One of the most stylish of the bunch, if you really want to give your chickens an upscale place to rest, check out this tutorial from Country Living. It holds a cape cod style and will look beautiful in your backyard. It’ll blend nicely with the rest of your pristine outdoor space.

9.Red Barn

Diy red barn chicken coop

Of course you can always go the classic route and turn your coop into a red barn delight. Grab all the details by visitingA Vision to Remember.

10. Garden

Garden chicken coop diy

All of the details behind this garden-inspired chicken coop can be snagged over at The Garden Coop. It has all the essentials you’ll need for your chickens but with a fun twist.

11. Urban Planter

Diy urban planter coop

Create a chicken coop and combine that with the trendy “urban planter” styles to get this beauty. If you have a smaller space to work with and don’t want anything too jazzy, this is still a unique route to take. Check it out at Landscape + Urbanism.

12. Geo Dome

Diy geometric dome coop

Anthony Liekensshowcased this rad geo dome you can use for your chicken. It’s small, it’s easy to recreate, and it’ll still get the job done. For those that want something more on the modern side, go for this one.

13. Red Door

Diy a frame chicken coop with red door

Coop and Homewent with an A-frame as well. But this time they focused on the color scheme more than anything. We’re loving the snazzy little red door, don’t you?

14. Country-Flavored

Country style diy chicken coop

Here’s another country-flavored design that our rustic lovers will find appealing. Backyard Chickenswill give you all the details surrounding this cutie.

15. Tiny Cottage

Diy tiny house chicken coop

And finally, we have this beautiful “little” cottage to show off. We found it over at TrevorMadeand we’ve fallen in love with all the details. From the fence to the paint job, give your chickens something extra special.

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