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12 DIY Chicken Coop Plans To Add To The Farm

What do you need to build a chicken coop? Some blueprints, some space, and a free weekend. Really! That’s all you need to get started. You don’t need to be an architect or the handiest person in all the land, you just need the right direction to get you started. By the weekend, your chickens will have a brand, spankin’ new place to hideaway. Below, we’ve compiled 12 free, DIY chicken coop plans to add to the farm ASAP. Take a look and see if one fits your personal tastes and needs.

1. Dark Modern

Dark painted chicken coop diy

How insanely beautiful in this modern vision created by Lee Kleinhelter? If you have the space and the know-how, why not make something as equally functional with just as much fashion-forward energy. Who knew chicken coops could be so chic?

2. Small, Two-Story

Small two story chicken coop

For those without as much backyard to play with, you may want to search for something on the smaller side. That’s where Lady Goats comes in. This masterpiece has two stories of cuteness and a space to create a small garden as well. Jump on over and check out the plans.

3. Cottage Style

Small all white chicken coop cottage style

Boxwood Avenue has a smaller design featured as well. And this chicken coop is wrapped up in a delicate, cottage style. The overall build though is simplistic in nature, make sure it fits what you need and the amount of chickens you have at home.

4. Cape Cod Style

Cape cod style chicken coop

Here’s another beautiful design coming from the folks at Country Living. This is known as the “ultimate” style – for all of the obvious reasons. There’s ample room, multi-levels, space for storage, and it’s topped with a beautiful, Cape Code essence.

5. Basic Shed

Basic shed chicken coop plan

This basic shed-style coop from Ana White has a certain retro, mid-century modern flair to it, don’t you think? We love the pop of color and how you can easily personalize it with your favorite shade as well. And m ake it a part of the garden with some plants that are nestled beside it.

6. Rustic

Rustic chicken coop plans

Of course you may be looking for something with a bit more rustic charm. And just because your coop is on the farm, doesn’t mean it can’t have some swag all its own. Windy Peak Vintage will walk you through this one.

7. Picket Fence

Colorful and homey chicken coop

This chicken coop has everything a you could ask for and more. It’s even finished off with its own little, white picket fence. More details can be found by visiting TrevorMade.

8. Pretty & Simple

Pretty and simple chicken coop

The Brown Shed has some chicken coop plans that you can grab as well. And this one is pretty and simplistic, so really you’re getting the best of both worlds. You can always personalize this foundation a bit with some fresh paint if you’d like.

9. The Chicest

Chicest black chicken coop

The Art of Doing Stuff really knocked our socks off with this one. Is this a chicken coop or a tiny home? Either way it’s the chicest of them all. For those with ultra-contemporary visions with the square footage in the backyard to spare

10. Extra Colors

Colorful chicken coop

For those of us with quirkier styles, who is stopping you from dressing your chicken coop as such? How amazing is this colorful masterpiece from Drinking with Chickens? And there’s still everything you need to take care of your chickens!

11. Classic

Classic chicken coop

The Home Depot Blog went the classic route. This one can be whipped up quite easily and will still hold a beautiful presence on your land. Hop on over now to grab the plans and materials list.

12. The Palace

The palace chicken coop

And finally, we explore this coop from Steamy Kitchen. Known as “the palace” it’s a beautiful structure that provides enough room and storage for all of the necessities. it’s a nice blend of both traditional and more contemporary, farmhouse visions.