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20 Checkerboard Cakes That Will Become The Life Of The Party

Once your slice into one of these festive cakes you’ll never want to serve anything else at a celebration! Full of different flavors and colors too, these 20 checkerboard cakes will become the life of the party. Check out the recipes below and try one out in the kitchen by the weekend.

1. Pink & Yellow

Pink and yellow checkerboard cake recipe

Brit + Co is showing off how to make a pretty yellow and pink cake that would be perfect for so many celebrations. Birthdays, baby showers and more could use the festivity.

2. Funfetti

Checkerboard funfetti cake recipe

And if you visit Brit + Co again, you’ll learn how to make a checkerboard cake with some funfetti in mind. Take a peek after the jump!

3. Chocolate & Vanilla

Chocolate checkerboard cake recipe

Betty Crocker combined classic vanilla and chocolate for their cake. And then you can decorate to your liking.

4. Lemon Rainbow

Lemon rainbow checkerboard cake

Rainbows never looked more delicious. Sprinkle Bakes had a rainbow cake that we’re swooning for – in both style and flavor (it’s lemony!).

5. Chocolate Stout and Pumpkin

Pumpkin stout checkerboard cake

Style Sweet CA not only has the unique design skills down but they made the cake with unique flavors. How does pumpkin and chocolate stout sound to you?

6. Pixelated

Pixelated checkerboard cake

We’re loving this fun, pixelated cake from Wilton. How fun would this be for a birthday party or just to test your baking skills out?

7. Christmas

Christmas checkerboard cake

When Christmas rolls around, try your hand at something a little more intricate. Grab the recipe from The Crumby Cupcake.

8. Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint chocolate chip checkerboard cake

Daring Bakers make a mint chocolate chip checkerboard cake that looks too good not to try. It’s wrapped in chocolatey goodness too – it’s a win-win.

9. Red Velvet

Red velvet checkerboard cake

If you’re a fan of red velvet, you can utilize that flavor as well. Just check out That Skinny Chick Can Bake for all the details.

10. Peppermint

Peppermint battenburg cake recipe

Peppermint is a good way to infuse your cake, especially for the holidays. And the checkerboard design makes it more festive! (Every Nook & Cranny)

11. Tie Dye

Tie dye checkerboard cake

Wilton has so many fun recipes when it comes to testing your design skills. Make your checkerboard even more festive with some tie dye style!

12. Sunshine

Sunshine stripes checkerboard cake

Maybe you want something with a happier, youthful theme. Wilton made this sunshine-inspired cake too.

13. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blosson checkerboard cake recipe

One of the most beautiful of the bunch, Not Quite Nigella made a checkerboard cake inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate!

14. Honeymoon Crunch

Honeymoon crunch checkerboard cake

Check out this delicious recipe from raspberry cupcakes. Have you ever heard of a honeymoon crunch cake? Go look, you won’t be sorry!

15. Yellow & White

White and yellow checkerboard cake

i am baker made a classic treat as well but with the fun checkerboard design. Yellow and white cake play quite nicely together too.

16. Neapolitan

Neopolitan checkerboard cake

It’s hard not to want to dive into this beauty. Neapolitan cake combines all the classic, delicious flavors we all love. And it helps that it’s drizzles with a bout of chocolate too. (via)

17. Eggless

Egg free checker board cake

Eggless Cooking makes an eggless checkerboard cake. So, not only will you be testing your design skills here too but you can do it egg-free if you diet calls for it.

18. Ice Cream

Ice cream checkerboard cake

Of course, you can even use ice cream for your cake-making needs. Just check out this fun recipe after the jump and use your favorite flavors! (via)

19. Green Tea

Jockey greentea checkerboard cake 05

Sincerely Fiona used green tea as her inspiration! If you like desserts with outside-the-box flavors, this is the one to dive into!

20. Mocha

Mocha checkerboard cake

Table For 2 went with mocha. If you like to have an extra bite in your dessert, or you’re a coffee lover, test your baking skills with this one.

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