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DIY Chalkboard Pantry Labels

Everybody’s talking about this spring cleaning. Not only cleaning, but this can be a great occasion to make some effective kitchen organization, because admit it, after months of stacking things in the cupboards not all is immediately findable. From spices, to flour, to rice and baking sprinkles, I’m sure some organization will help sort things out. Below we’ve broken it down into three easy steps you can follow to help get you started, right from the basics.

Diy pantry labels kitchen organization set1

First, the basics

In order to have organized cupboards, go and shop loads of organization boxes and glass jars. Opt for various sizes, even for very big ones if you have a large family. We prefer glass as a material, but also plastic will be okay if you plan on cleaning it a little more frequently.

Secondly, the habits

Have the habit of always filling up those jars. Think it as “if it’s empty, you’ve failed”. Just after your grocery shopping make a jar tour and top up all the ones that are nearly empty. When cooking, if you happen to finish a jar fill it immediately or you’ll never remember to do it.

Label everything, the DIY way

Finally, if you have lots of jars (and especially if they’re visible in your kitchen) use jar labels to easily find your desired item. Chalkboard labels are the best if you plan to change food inside the jar. Here’s how I made my DIY chalkboard labels:

Diy pantry labels kitchen organization supplies


  • Adhesive chalkboard
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • a round object for the shape.

Diy pantry labels kitchen organization draw

1. Draw round shapes on the back of the adhesive paper and cut them out. One for each label.

Diy pantry labels kitchen organization cut

2. This one’s tricky, pat attention. Since applying round shapes on a round object will result in a visually oval shape, and we visually would be more pleased on a round shape, we have to modify slightly the roundness of our labels. Make them slightly oval and cut off a small amount from the top and the bottom of each one. Now of you place them on the oval surface of your jars they will look round, even if they aren’t