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Get Creative and Show Your Artistic Side With These 50 Canvas Art Projects!

There are so many wonderful canvas art projects floating around Pinterest boards and blogs, it’s hard not to get inspired and want to dive into the paint, glitter and washi tape. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorites. Take a peek, get creative and show your artistic side with these 50 canvas art projects!

1. Golden Glitter Heart

Diy canvas art

Hop on over to YouTube and check out this snazzy tutorial for creating this glitter heart piece. It’s modern, it’s fresh and easily personalized when it comes to colors.

2. Herringbone

Diy herringbone art project

View Along The Way created this rad herringbone piece and we’re loving it. Hang it, lean it, put it in a collage or gallery wall; it’s quite versatile.

3. Polka-Dot Art

Diy canvas art

Over at Crafts by Amanda, you’ll find all the easy details on how to made this charming polka dot tree. Use it in the nursery or even in the playroom for some fun pop!

4. Rulers

Diy decorative canvas

Here we have a decorative, vintage rulered canvas that you can learn how to create by visiting The Country Chic Cottage. Just add some texture to a space!

5. Paint Chips

Make a decorative paint chip canvas

Create some makeshift paint chips right onto your canvas for a quirky addition to the craft room. We found this inspiration over at Mod Podge Rocks.

6. Nautical

Diy nautical canvas art

Crafts by Courtney made this natural, West Elm-inspired piece that would look great when freshening up the house for the warmer weather. Hop on over and take a look!

7. Driftwood Monogram

Driftwood monogram

Your canvas can hold some driftwood too, like this monogram project from The Country Cottage Chic. Slap on the family name or one of the kiddo’s initials!

8. Animals

Min animal canvases diy

Are these mini animal canvases not adorable? Dress up the playroom with this colorful idea from Mod Podge Rocks.

9. Stenciled Botanicals

Stenciled botanicals canvas diy

If you’re inspired by petals and the pretties outside, check out Crafts by Amanda! She’s featuring these stenciled botanical canvases that are perfect for bathrooms, guest rooms and more!

10. Puzzles

Diy canvas art

Kate Bullen made this “puzzle” pieced canvas art that’s full of watercolor painted chips and popping shades. Follow along to learn how to completely one yourself.

11. Mason Jar

Decoupage canvas art

Learn how to decoupage with this canvas art project from The Country Chic Cottage. Add it to your kitchen or dining room for a bit of extra charm.

12. Dandelion

Dandelion painting diy

If you feel like grabbing some paintbrushes and creating a beautiful scene from scratch, visit Crafts by Amanda and learn how to make some whimsy dandelions.

13. Photo Initials

Diy canvas art initials

Here’s another initial project but this time you can include actual photos of the family. Mod Podge Rocks has the scoop on this one too.

14. Patterns

Easy diy wall art yellow + gray + turquoise

Visit Sand and Sisal to learn how to create these simple patterned pieces for your home office or bedroom. It’s a great dorm room project too!

15. Beaded Jellyfish

Beaded jellyfish

For the bathrooms, the porch or just to add a bit of summertime flavor into a nook of your home, Crafts by Amanda gives us another great idea for DIY canvas art!

16. Birch Tree

Diy birch tree

Persia Lou make this modern birch tree art that we’re absolutely swooning for. It’s super simple but will add a contemporary touch to your walls.

17. Lined

Diy canvas art

Paint + Tofu has all the details on making these incredibly novice-level canvas painting. Add a pop to the bedroom with these tapes beauties.

18. Fabric Petals

Diy canvas art

A Little Craft In Your Day made this canvas piece full of fabric petals. We love the color combination and the innovation!

19. Repurposed


Learn how to take an old piece of canvas art and make it brand new again. With a bit of texturizing, that’s what Elizabeth Burns Design did!

20. Dotted

Diy canvas art

Check out this dotted art pattern over at Homedit. It’s pretty, it’s versatile and it doesn’t matter what colors you decide to use!

21. Script

Diy script canvas art

Personally, script art is my favorite, especially when it’s this romantic. Love Grows Wild shows us how to make this sweet addition.

22. Abstract

Diy canvas art

At Home on the Bay made a fun abstract piece for us to try our hands on. Pick and color and get a little messy!

23. Golden Abstract

Abstract art diy

Stop on over to Lolly Jane if you like a bit of golden sparkles. They’ve got a gorgeous abstract piece on display that you can learn how to create!

24. Feather

Diy feather painting

Buy a canvas and then paint over it like they did over at KP Designs. It’s easy, it’s refreshing and will add a cozy touch to any room of the house.

25. Doilies

Diy canvas art

Shey B used doilies to make her canvas art project come to life. Grab some vintage pieces and spray paint them a bit to snag the pattern.

26. Fabric Covered

Diy canvas art

Pick your fabric and then get to work creating these pieces from Project Nursery. We love the gallery look in a baby’s room or home office!

27. Denim

Diy canvas art

Brit + Co used fabric to make some pretty canvases too. But we’re especially eyeing the denim pieces and their fun texture.

28. Hot Glue

Diy canvas art

Use a hot glue gun to create some textural and fun word art. The Crazy Craft Lady has all the details on this unique piece.

29. Agate

Diy canvas art

If you want to recreate this agate-inspired piece, you’ll need to grab a piece of cardboard and visit Jennifer Rizzo for the super inspired tutorial.

30. Black & White

Black white modern abstract art

For something abstract but timeless in style, discover how to create this fun piece over at A Sweet Afternoon. Don’t be scared to add a bit of color if you’d like!

31. Geo

Geometric diy art

We’re really loving this shining, geometric wall art from Sum of their Stories. Grab a canvas and start getting contemporary with your canvas!

32. Toilet Roll

Diy canvas art

Use some old toilet paper rolls to create some circle patterns. Make frames for photos on your canvas or just embrace the print. (via Creative Carmella)

33. Maps

Diy canvas art map

Christy Wright shows us how to take maps and turn them into art! Grab your favorite place, dream location or hometown and utilize its look!

34. Floral Tower

Diy paris eifel tower floral and gold wall canvas springtime art by kara allen karas party ideas karaspartyideas com 20

We’re absolutely head-over-heels in love and swooning for this floral Eiffel Tower from Kara’s Party Ideas. There are so many different ways to use this piece!

35. Eggs

Diy canvas art

Fill your eggs with paint and start throwing. The entire family can get involved with this one and everyone can make something magical like you se here at Growing A Jeweled Rose.

36. Chips

Diy canvas art

Check out what you can do with some free paint swatches – or chips – from the store. HGTV has the beautiful inspiration featured.

37. Dripping

Bpf spring house interior abstract art spray bottle art distance v jpg rend hgtvcom 966 1288

We love drip art, as does the rest of the crafting world at the moment, and here’s a beautiful example of how stunning it can be when done right. (via HGTV)

38. Foil

Diy canvas art

SC Design Studio shows us how to use golden foil pieces and create a special canvas for the living room, bedroom or even in the foyer! We’re loving this particular pattern.

39. Decals

Diy canvas art

Even classic decals can be put to good use when diving into a canvas art project. The Elle-7 blog shows us how to get the job done.

40. Paper

Diy feather canvas art 13

Use some scrapbook paper and create a feathered frenzy like this canvas piece from Yellow Bliss Road. Isn’t is charming?

41. Nailhead

Diy canvas art

Use these snazzy nailheads to create some edgy, canvas word pieces that will pop right off the wall. Check out HGTV again for the details.

42. Washi Tape

Diy washi tape

Brit + Co has some of my personal favorite DIY projects and that includes this geometric washi tape piece. It’s modern, it’s funky and it’s youthful too!

43. Words

Diy canvas art

Add some wooden letter to your canvas and cover them up with colors! View Along The Way has a great tutorial involving this!

44. More StencilWayDiy canvas art

These lacey stencils are gorgeous to use for any craft project. And Stencils & Stories has the details on creating something on a piece of canvas.

45. Pixel

Diy pixel art

The Bold Abode holds one of our favorite DIYs of the bunch. This pixel art is beautiful, full of life and texture and would be a stunning addition to a child’s bedroom or play area.

46. Mosaic Turtle

Fabric mosaic turtle on canvas 2

Obviously, Craft by Amanda has some of the best DIY canvas art projects around. And that includes this snazzy mosaic turtle piece!

47. Cherry Blossom

White blossom tree diy art

Learn how to paint a gorgeous cherry blossom tree over at Crafts by Amanda. Mix up your colors and get to work!

48. Love

Love canvas for valentines day

Mod Podge Rocks does it again with this “Love” project. We love the fun accents, details and embellishments, don’t you?

49. Coastal

Coastal canvas art

The V Spot made these pieces of coastal canvas art and we’re absolutely in love with their simplicity and easy beauty. Visit the blog for the details!

50. Button Tree

Vibrant button tree amanda formaro top

Grab your buttons and get creative with this fun project from Crafts by Amanda. Personal the colors and make it as whimsical as you want!

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