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Get Creative and Show Your Artistic Side With These 50 Canvas Art Projects!

There are so many wonderful canvas art projects floating around Pinterest boards and blogs, it’s hard not to get inspired and want to dive into the paint, glitter and washi tape. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorites. Take a peek, get creative and show your artistic side with these 50 canvas art projects!

1. Golden Glitter Heart

Diy canvas art

Hop on over to YouTube and check out this snazzy tutorial for creating this glitter heart piece. It’s modern, it’s fresh and easily personalized when it comes to colors.

2. Herringbone

Diy herringbone art project

View Along The Way created this rad herringbone piece and we’re loving it. Hang it, lean it, put it in a collage or gallery wall; it’s quite versatile.

3. Polka-Dot Art

Diy canvas art

Over at Crafts by Amanda, you’ll find all the easy details on how to made this charming polka dot tree. Use it in the nursery or even in the playroom for some fun pop!

4. Rulers

Diy decorative canvas

Here we have a decorative, vintage rulered canvas that you can learn how to create by visiting The Country Chic Cottage. Just add some texture to a space!

5. Paint Chips

Make a decorative paint chip canvas