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Can You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs? Here’s How You Can Do This Safely

Easter will be upon us shortly, yay in my family, that means chocolate indulgence!

I love all chocolate, especially chocolate easter eggs, and my children also share my passion for this delicious treat.Easter Sunday is loved by children all over the world. It is a day they look forward to passionately because of the abundance of chocolate Easter eggs, and other sweet treats they can devour without being told “no.”

While it may seem like the kids are the ones enjoying the treats, as an adult who has loved chocolate Easter eggs as a child too, I indulge myself as well.Due to the love, we have for chocolate, we are always left with an enormous amount of chocolate easter eggs in my house.

Chocolate Easter Egg dessert.

This got me wondering, can you freeze chocolate easter eggs? The answer is: Yes, you can freeze chocolate easter eggs for up to one year for milk chocolate and up to two years for dark chocolate.

Are you wondering what the best way to freeze your delicious chocolate easter egg correctly to avoid sugar bloom is? Or it may be that you are wondering if the same answer applies to chocolate easter eggs with peanut butter or even buttercream candies. Keep on reading as we answer this and other questions you may have.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs?

Can You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs?
Freeze them properly and prevent sugar bloom

Yes, you can freeze chocolate Easter eggs. However, you have to freeze them properly to prevent sugar bloom.

Sugar bloom happens due to condensation, which is brought about by sudden temperature changes. The chocolate’s sugar is dissolved by the water brought about by condensation. This leaves the chocolate surface with irregular, large crystals brought about by the sugar that remains on the chocolate’s surface and makes the chocolate look unpleasant.

How To Prevent Sugar Bloom In Chocolate

How To Prevent Sugar Bloom In Chocolate
Avoid sudden temperature changes or your chocolate will suffer sugar bloom

To prevent sugar bloom in your chocolate easter egg, avoid sudden temperature changes when defrosting them.

A great way to prevent sugar bloom is by allowing the chocolate to adjust to its new temperature. Simply leave the container/ bag untouched in the kitchen counter for a few hours before opening it.

When you do this, you will prevent direct condensation and ultimately prevent sugar bloom.

How Do You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs?

How Do You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs?
Freeze them properly and preserve them for up to 2 years

Freezing chocolate Easter eggs is a great way to preserve this delicious treat for up to 1 year for milk chocolate, and 2 years for dark chocolate.

When freezing chocolate Easter eggs, do so in a way that will keep them as close as possible to their original condition. A great way to do this is to freeze the chocolate Easter eggs in an airtight container, with heavy-duty zip-lock bags or vacuum-sealed bags. This helps to prevent exposure to air and moisture.

On a side note – Personally, I think the vacuumed sealed bags are the best container to freeze those delicious chocolate Easter eggs. Having tried the airtight containers and Ziploc bags, the Foodsaver System preserves the chocolate to the same taste standard obtained when that chocolate is first opened.

My favorite vacuum sealer is the “FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine“. It works great, easy to use, and the best feature; it also seals wine bottles. Perfect for those nights when you only fancy a cheeky little glass. No need to waste the rest!

Due to the presence of Cocoa in the chocolate, easter eggs are prone to absorb strong smells either from the container or from the freezer.To avoid this, ensure the container is thoroughly cleaned without strong smells, and the airtight container is double-wrap with freezer paper or plastic wrap.

Double wrapping your airtight container will not only help keep your chocolate easter egg-free of any strong flavors, but it will also ensure that the chocolate eggs are not exposed to any air or moisture in the freezer, thereby protecting them from freezer burn.

Freezer burn happens when food stored in the freezer dries out. Freezer burn happens because air gets to the stored food as a result of wrapping the food improperly or not using an airtight container, says the FDA.

To freeze your chocolate Easter egg correctly, follow the steps below:


Freeze chocolate easter eggs in plastic containers
Choose the container you are going to use

Collect all the chocolate easter eggs you want to freeze and choose your preferred freezing medium – an airtight container or heavy-duty zip-lock bag.


Freeze chocolate easter eggs in containers
Put the chocolate eggs in the container

Put the chocolate eggs in the airtight container or zip-lock bag.


wrap the container in Cling film to freeze your chocolate easter eggs
Double wrap the container

Double wrap the airtight container or Zip-lock bag with plastic wrap or freezer paper. This prevents the chocolate from taking on the smell of other items in the freezer.

The other method would be to wrap your chocolate eggs tightly in wax paper or freezer paper and put them in an airtight freezer-safe container or Ziploc bag. (Source: Meatloaf and Melodrama)


Woman putting her chocolate easter egg in her fridge
Place them first in the refrigerator to start acclimatizing the chocolate to cold conditions

Place the chocolate Easter egg in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Sudden temperature changes will lead to condensation and sugar bloom. Starting the freezing process by first putting the chocolate eggs in the refrigerator ensures the change in temperature is gradual, which reduces the occurrence of “sugar bloom.”


Putting her chocolate easter egg in her freezer
Place them in the freezer after 24 of being in the fridge

Transfer the chocolate easter eggs from the refrigerator to the freezer after 24 hours.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?

Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?
Yes, you can!

Yes, you can freeze Cadbury eggs. Like other chocolate Easter eggs, Cadbury eggs can be frozen but are also susceptible to condensation and “sugar bloom.” For best results, follow the steps mentioned in the “How to freeze chocolate Easter eggs” section above to prevent condensation and sugar bloom.

Besides freezing Cadbury eggs to preserve and extend their shelf life, many people have attested that freezing Cadbury eggs before eating them makes them less messy and even better tasting.

So, if you want to savor your sweet Cadbury eggs and not make a mess, pop them into the freezer first.

Can You Freeze Reese’s Eggs?

Can You Freeze Reese's Eggs?
If then can, you most certainly can!

Yes, you can freeze Reese’s Eggs, just like Cadbury Eggs and other chocolate Easter eggs.

It may interest you to know that in 2019, Reese’s offered to freeze their limited-time chocolate easter eggs for 500 lucky customers until the following summer.

If Reese’s can freeze their chocolate Easter eggs, you can too. Be sure to take note of the precautionary steps in the how-to freeze chocolate easter eggs section above, to prevent condensation and “sugar bloom.”

Can You Freeze Easter Egg Buttercream Candies?

Can You Freeze Easter Egg Buttercream Candies?
Yes you can

Yes, it is absolutely fine to freeze Easter egg buttercream candies. Whether home-made or store-bought, easter egg buttercream candies can be put in the freezer to preserve them and extend their shelf life.

Furthermore, freezing the buttercream filling will make the filling strong enough for molding, creating the perfect homemade Easter egg buttercream.

Home-Made Buttercream Candies Can Be Frozen and last up to three months in the freezer, while store-bought ones will last up to a year.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs?

Can You Freeze Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs?
Yes, you can, and they prove it!

Yes, you can freeze chocolate peanut butter eggs and enjoy the nutty-flavored goodness beyond the Easter season.

As mentioned in the “Can You Freeze Reese’s Eggs?” section above, we talked about the fact that Reese’s froze their chocolate Easter eggs for 500 lucky customers in 2019.

The specific Easter egg Reese’s kept around for its lucky customers is none other than the chocolate peanut butter eggs. If freezing your chocolate peanut butter eggs was impossible, Reese’s would not be freezing their limited peanut butter eggs for their lucky customers.

You simply have to wrap your peanut butter eggs tightly in wax paper or freezer paper, put them in an airtight freezer-safe container or Ziploc bag, and freeze.

You could also follow the detailed steps in the “How Do You Freeze Chocolate Easter Eggs?” section above.

How Long Can You Keep Chocolate Easter Eggs?

How Long Can You Keep Chocolate Easter Eggs?
Up to 2 years

Chocolate easter eggs will last for up to 1 year if they are milk chocolate, and up to 2 years if they are dark chocolate.

Home-made chocolate Easter eggs, peanut-butter eggs, and buttercream candies do not enjoy long preservation time, unlike store-bought ones. They will last for up to three months in the freezer.

Does Freezing Chocolate Ruin It?

Does Freezing Chocolate Ruin It?
No freezing chocolate easter egg does not ruin them as long as it is done properly

No, freezing chocolate does not ruin it.

While you may experience sugar bloom if you do not freeze your chocolate correctly, it is still safe to eat.Sugar bloom does not ruin your chocolate or mess with the taste.

Another condition that frozen chocolate may go through is called fat bloom.Fat bloom occurs when the fat in the chocolate’s filling seeps out to the chocolate’s surface.This can make the chocolate layer lose its gloss. In its place, a white coating is formed, which makes the chocolate look unpleasant.Freezing chocolate at a constant temperature prevents fat bloom.

So, if you have a freezer that you don’t open much, that’s the best place to place your chocolates.

Does Chocolate Taste Better Frozen?

Does Chocolate Taste Better Frozen?
Yes, it does!

Chocolate definitely tastes better when frozen for a lot of people and for me as well.

Chocolate can get messy when it’s melted. However, freezing chocolate significantly improves the eating experience, flavor and gets mess out of the way.


Easter may come and go, but chocolate Easter eggs are here to stay.

It’s safe to say that we all enjoy the sweet chocolate taste of this important part of Easter celebrations.Now we can enjoy this delicious treat, even after the holiday has passed.You don’t have to trash any leftovers or force yourself or your kids to finish up the easter eggs.Just pop them in the freezer and enjoy the chocolate any day of your choosing.

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