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Budget-Friendly DIY Centerpieces for the Creative Bride

Getting hitched doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account. One easy way to save money on wedding expenses is by making your own table centerpieces. The following roundup of ideas features frugal DIY projects for every type of reception.

Mason jar

Glitter and Gold Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason jars continue to be one of the more popular wedding decor trends. Instead of using plain jars, update yours with spray paint and glitter. Idea courtesy of Happy Wedd.

Spray painted bottles

Spray Painted Bottle Centerpiece

Pull some wine, beer, soda, and juice bottles from your recycle bin, then spray paint them gold. Arrange them with a single bloom in each bottle, scattering heights for visual interest. Learn more at Wedding Chicks.

Bottles and ribbon

Ribbon Tied Bottles

Tie together nine small glass bottles with thick ribbon in your wedding colors, then add a bloom to each bottle for an inexpensive centerpiece with a lot of visual impact. Photo courtesy of Furnish Burnish.

Paper lantern centerpiece

Paper Lantern Centerpiece

Paper lanterns have long been recognized as a staple of budget-friendly party decor, but I’m willing to bet you’ve never considered using them as oversized vases. Learn more about this unique wedding centerpiece idea at Smarty Had a Party.

Wine glass terrarium

Wine Glass Mini Terrarium

A miniature terrarium created inside a wine glass is an unusual and sophisticated choice for your wedding. See more simple centerpieces at Intimate Weddings.

Lemon centerpiece

Fruit Centerpiece

Filling clear vases with fruit is an easy and affordable way to create wedding centerpieces. Lemons work particularly well for this project, since yellow and gray remain very popular choices for wedding colors. Photo courtesy of Society Bride.

Nature centerpeice

Nature Inspired Centerpiece

Outdoorsy couples looking to incorporate their love of nature into their celebration will appreciate this DIY centerpiece made from wood slices, river rocks, tree branches, candles, and a mason jar. Learn more at The Wedding Specialists.

Tree branches and pine cones

Tree Branches and Pine Cones

For a winter wedding, tree branches and pine cones artfully arranged in clear vases make for an eye-catching centerpiece.  Happy Wedd has more winter wedding decor ideas for you to use as inspiration.

Sand centerpeice

Sand and Rocks

Fill large cylinder vases with river rocks, then add water and floating candles. Arrange the vases together on a sand filled tray and top it off with a starfish. Photo via Pinterest.