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Hang Your Favorites With These 22 DIY Poster Frames!

From concert prints to the dreamiest of dreamboats, your walls are a way for you to hang up your best, your favorites and to spread your personality throughout your bedroom or your entire home. Thankfully, there are more ways than one to do do. Check out these 22 DIY poster frames and how to decorate your space with them.

1. Pallet

Diy poster frame

Spoonful of Imagination has a great tutorial for creating a wood pallet post frame! Maps, vintage posters and the like will pop right off the walls with this DIY.

2. Vintage

Diy vintage poster frame

Hop on over to Chris Loves Julia to find out how to create a charming vintage poster frame right at home! How stylish and fun would a gallery wall be made of various size frames?

3. Tape

Diy tape frames

Design Sponge took tape and made it work! Use washi or painter’s tape to create larger scale frames for your posters. It’s easy, it’s fun and you can do so many different styles this way.

4. $5

Diy $5 poster frame

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to frame your favorite posters and prints, visit Urban Acreage for the details on this one!

5. Scrap Wood

Diy poster frame

Curbly has another DIY using scrap wood as the foundation. Follow the tutorial and add a bit of paint to the mix for a pop of color if you’d like!

6. Spray Paint

Diy poster frame

Even spray paint could transform a poster frame in a pinch. Refined Chaos did it in mere minutes and the finished product is perfect.

7. Pressed Glass

Diy pressed glass frame

Follow along with this YouTube video as you learn how to make one of these beautiful, pressed glass frames. Showcase maps, music, book pages and more with one of these pieces.

8. Marquee

Diy movie poster marquee by two thirtyfive designs 671x1024

Two Thirty-Five Designs made this special, movie marquee poster that we are absolutely drooling over. And this may be my personal favorite of the bunch.

9. Plexiglass

Diy poster frame

Over at Food 52, you’ll learn how to make a super chic and snazzy poster frame that involves a plexiglass finish. Take a look after the jump!

10. Simple

Diy poster frame

The Handyman’s Daughter made this super simple DIY poster frame and we’re in love. Just check out how to utilize some wood and create something new!

11. Acrylic

Floating acrylic frames

City Suburb Sanity made these gorgeous – and budget-friendly – floating acrylic poster frame and we’ve absolutely fallen in love. Check out the details!

12. Rustic

Diy rustic frame

Check out Knick of Time For this tutorial! You’ll learn how to create a thick and rustic poster frame that will hold anything from prints to seed bags!

13. Classroom

Diy vintage poster frame

Run over to Design Mom and grab the details for creating these vintage-inspired, classroom poster frames that you home or … classroom … will love!

14. Hangers

Diy hanger poster frame

Of course, some hangers could always do the trick. Use By Fryd as a means of beautiful and eclectic inspiration for your walls and posters!

15. Clipboards

Diy photo clip boards

Love Grows Wild made some photo clipboards that are also perfect for displaying posters – just make them on a larger scale. We love them in hallways or stairwells!

16. Clips

Diy poster frame

Are you not in love with the innovation and simplicity of this clipped frame from Junkaholique? It’s perfect for both modern and more industrial styles.

17. Twine

Diy poster frame

Here’s another hanging DIY poster frame that we’re in love with. Lay Baby Lay Added some twine to their design and we’re swooning for it!

18. Large-Scale

Diy poster frame

Design Sponge has a DIY that works well with larger-scale posters or prints. Hop on over and check out the simple tutorial.

19. Copper

Diy copper frames

If you want something extra, outside-the-box then you”ll want to go to Curbly and learn the ins and outs of how to create these copper frames.

20. Tassels

Diy poster frame

Similar to some others on the list, this hanging poster frame is special because of its tassels! My Poppet knows how to make and add special details.

21. Lines

Diy poster frames

Create a modern clothesline like the one you see here featured over at Apartment Therapy. Your posters will be on chic display for everyone who comes on in!

22. Wooden

Diy wooden poster frame snapbox

Similar to the vintage poster frame above, Snaps has a great tutorial for this simplistic and easy wooden frame we’re swooning for. Perfect for prints and posters of all sizes!

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  2. Thank you very much! A great article with helpful ideas/information. I happen to have hangers I ordered and a box of the clips to use for skirts or pants that are not in use. (I ordered too many.) I need to frame/hang 20-13×19 posters and that idea is perfect! I had mat boards in my cart to the tune of $69 but didn’t want to spend the money. The posters are inspirational quotes for my workout room. I also like the Japanese washi tape idea, too. Looked into that but discarded the idea since I’d still have to spend money. Well, I’ve already bought those hangers and the clips so I can use them. This article made my day!

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