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25 Examples of Bohemian Home Décor

Bohemian style home décor has always been trendy, but it seems to have taken on a whole new level of popularity lately. And with good reason… the beautiful textiles and unique color combinations are just stunning. Here are 25 of our favorite examples of bohemian home décor.

1. Bohemian Pastel Bedroom

4 retro bohemian bedroom

This bedroom has a distinctly bohemian vibe, with textiles and geometric shapes galore. The pastel theme gives it a warm, inviting feel and relaxing vibe. Make your way over to Vintage Revivals to see the amazing before and after images of this space.

2. Tribal Patterned Bedroom

5 fiddle leaf fig bohemian bedroom

Here’s another bohemian style bedroom, this time with a whole slew of tribal patterned pillows and bedding. And the neutral colored blanket and baskets really let them shine through. Head over to Temple and Webster to see this and many others.

3. Metallic Accented Living Room

3 purple bohemian living space

This living room has lots of metallic accents in the form of end tables, light fixtures and a gold rimmed mirror, which help to offset the bold eggplant-colored sofa. Make your way over to Historias De Casa to read all about this room and to see more photos.

4. Boho Chic Nursery

1 camille styles bohemian nursery

This incredibly chic nursery has a subdued color scheme and a couple of tribal printed pillows which lend a bohemian feel. The mismatched furniture also adds to the look. Head over to Camille Styles to find out all about this gorgeous nursery makeover.

5. Layered Living Space

2 bohemian living room