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25 Examples of Bohemian Home Décor

Bohemian style home décor has always been trendy, but it seems to have taken on a whole new level of popularity lately. And with good reason… the beautiful textiles and unique color combinations are just stunning. Here are 25 of our favorite examples of bohemian home décor.

1. Bohemian Pastel Bedroom

4 retro bohemian bedroom

This bedroom has a distinctly bohemian vibe, with textiles and geometric shapes galore. The pastel theme gives it a warm, inviting feel and relaxing vibe. Make your way over to Vintage Revivals to see the amazing before and after images of this space.

2. Tribal Patterned Bedroom

5 fiddle leaf fig bohemian bedroom

Here’s another bohemian style bedroom, this time with a whole slew of tribal patterned pillows and bedding. And the neutral colored blanket and baskets really let them shine through. Head over to Temple and Webster to see this and many others.

3. Metallic Accented Living Room

3 purple bohemian living space

This living room has lots of metallic accents in the form of end tables, light fixtures and a gold rimmed mirror, which help to offset the bold eggplant-colored sofa. Make your way over to Historias De Casa to read all about this room and to see more photos.

4. Boho Chic Nursery

1 camille styles bohemian nursery

This incredibly chic nursery has a subdued color scheme and a couple of tribal printed pillows which lend a bohemian feel. The mismatched furniture also adds to the look. Head over to Camille Styles to find out all about this gorgeous nursery makeover.

5. Layered Living Space

2 bohemian living room

This lovely living space has many layers of beautiful textiles in a large array of colors, lending a definite boho chic feel to the room. And the lack of mass produced pieces is noticeable here as well. Head over to Historias De Casa to read more about it.

6. Natural Bohemian Look

6 colorful bohemian living room

This living room has a completely unique feel, thanks to a variety of natural and organically shaped furniture and a wide range of different color combinations. Make your way over to One Kindesign to tour the rest of this gorgeous living space.

7. Florals Galore

8 bohemian bedroom wall

This bedroom has a very consistent vibe – flowers everywhere! And the accent pieces have a frilly, floral sort of look as well. And the dark blue wall color allows the photos, camera and headphones to really pop visually. Head over to Eclectic Living Home to check it out.

8. Justina Blakeney’s Bohemian Home

10 jungalow justina blakeney

Justina Blakeney, famed blogger and designer, has a super bohemian style home in Los Angeles. The Jungalow, as she calls it, has layers and layers of brightly colored accents combined with natural laces and faux furs. Read more about her home here.

9. A Milliner’s Home

9 madrid milliner house tour

This stunning home belongs to a milliner based in Madrid, and the style has a refined bohemian feel to it. There are many decorative touches in addition to a few functional ones, and the colors are muted with a few bright pops mixed in. See more of the space here.

10. Bold Boho Dining Room

7 boho dining room

Often dining spaces are a bit more subdued, and err on the side of functional… not the case here! Mismatched vintage chairs are paired with a wooden table and energetic tiles in shades of gray and black. Head over to One Kindesign to see more.

11. Colorful Boho Bedroom

11 bohemian bedside space

This lovely bedroom has a definite bohemian flair, with a variety of colors and patterns all playing off of each other. The soft texture of the tufted velvet headboard looks gorgeous alongside a midcentury modern bedside table. Head over to House of Hipsters to read more.

12. Boho Chic Living Room

14 layered living room

This lively living room has a layered, vintage feel to it with mid-century modern furniture which contrasts nicely with modern art prints. And lots of plants finish the look. Make your way over to Place of My Taste to read all about this living room makeover.

13. Personality-Filled Dining Room

13 boho dining room style

Dining rooms can be difficult decorate, since they often feel like more of a functional space than an aesthetic one, but this one has the perfect amount of bohemian charm in its vintage chairs and geometric patterns. Head over to Our Style stories to read more.

14. Tribal Prints

12 diy art bohemian idea

This light, airy bedroom has subtle textures for the most part – aside from the stunning tribal-style prints on the throw pillows and in the artwork. And you can make the wall art yourself! Head over to Brepurposed to find out all about the project.

15. Mid-Century Modern Living Room

15 living room boho

This subdued space has several different types of patterns, shapes and textures, as is common in many bohemian-style rooms. And the lack of any bright colors helps the room to feel cohesive. Head over to Inspired By This to see the rest of this stunning home.

16. Vintage Bohemian Living Room

16 bohemian style living room lockers

This eclectic living room has several lovely examples of nostalgic antiques and vintage pieces, often a hallmark of the bohemian look. Aren’t those old school lockers fantastic? Head over to The Effortless Chic to find out more about this gorgeous space.

17. Tribal Style Details

19 bohemian bed styling

This small boho bedroom is big on style, with a variety of beautiful contrasting patterns on the bed and a set of interesting masks adorning the wall. Make your way over to My Paradissi to read more about this beautiful bohemian siesta spot.

18. Colorful Retreat

18 white and color bohemian room

This space has a much different feel, with white paint on the walls and mostly white furniture… the perfect way to make all of the colorful accents really stand out! Instead of being overwhelming, it simply feels happy and inviting. Check out this and many others here. 

19. Geometric Neutrals

17 vintage revivals vignette bohemian

This little sitting area is filled with unique geometric shapes and forms, which are then softened by the neutral color scheme and a fresh green plant. And the textures add some spice! Head over to Vintage Revivals to find out how to make this bench.

20. Muted Boho Bedroom

20 my paradissi bedroom boho

This bedroom has a lovely muted feel, which gives the busy bedding patterns a more relaxed vibe. Books and a few photos give the space an even more personalized feel. Make your way over to My Paradissi to find out more about this unique boho bedroom.

21. Boho Dorm Décor

25 dorm tapestry bohemian

This small dorm room is definitely not short on style, with a gorgeous colorful tapestry on the wall and and lots of colorful throw pillows on the bed. And the fairy lights add an especially ethereal vibe to this one. Found over at Dorm Trends.

22. Charming Bohemian Bedroom

22 boho chic blue bedroom

This beautiful space has a calming gray color on the walls, providing a blank slate for the lovely darker neutrals that fill the space. And the addition of soft textiles and warm lighting finish off the look. Head over to NousDécor to see many other pretty rooms.

23. Pop of Pink

23 pink gold cactus vignette

This little vignette has a bright pop of pink which makes it super eye-catching, while a group of plants adds some life to the space. And the large scale of the black and white patterned rug contrasts nicely with the rest of the space. Read more over at Fashionismo.

24. Dorm Room Décor

24 black white graphic dorm boho

This eclectic little corner has a number of beautiful touches… a couple of contrasting black and white patterns, a dark faux fur throw and a couple of pops of color in the bedding. Make your way over to Stylecaster to check out this and many other pretty spaces.

25. Black and White Beauty

21 bohemian living room guitars patterns

This unique space has a number of black and white patterns throughout, offset by lots of gold and a collection of guitars which hangs on the wall. And a couple of plants add some pops of greenery to the space. See this and many other inspiring boho spaces over at Harper’s Bazaar. 

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