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Essential Kitchen Tool – How To Choose A Hand Mixer

Electric hand mixers might seem like the kind of thing that you’d expect to find in your grandmother’s kitchen and not necessarily in a contemporary home, but anyone who avidly cooks or bakes will happily tell you otherwise.

Best hand mixers

Nowadays, hand mixers are just as effective as the kind of might remember seeing when you were a kid, only they’re generally even more powerful, easier to use, and simpler to clean. There have been countless times that we’ve found ourselves wishing we had a hand mixer at home even though we’re not the most experienced kitchen enthusiasts we know, so we decided it was time to invest in a good, new model.

Now, hand mixers have obviously come a long way from the manually powered kind where you were required to turn a handle on the side with one hand to make the prongs turn while holding and maneuvering the mixer with the other. Although you can still find that kind (many people still use them for nostalgic effect), we opted to target the convenient electrically powered kind when we began gathering links for the highest quality affordable hand mixers we could find. We took full advantage of the extra consideration time that shopping online affords you and compared and contrasted the perks and drawbacks of each mixer liked and wanted to come back to look at it again.

What is a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is a handheld electrical kitchen appliance that features a set of rotation beaters attached to gears that turn them in opposite directions for the effective mixing of soft or liquid foods and beverages. Hand mixers are used to whip, beat, smooth, mix, and soften things like icing, cake batter, sauces, cream-based treats, and things that need to be flawlessly combined.

What types of hand mixers are there?

As we mentioned, there are generally two types of hand mixers: manual mixers and electric mixers. By now, most people have transitioned to electric handheld mixers because they give you more speed and power and a more consistent rotating action. This gives you an overall smoother consistency, which usually yields better results.

Best Hand Mixers

Are you still feeling like you could use an extra hand when it comes to determining which option is the best one for you? Check out our pros and cons style outline of the nine best hand mixers we came across in our search.

1. Black + Decker lightweight hand mixer

Black + decker lightweight hand mixer

If you’re concerned about the weight of your hand mixer because the ones you’ve used in the past were very heavy indeed, then you might get along best with this specifically lightweight design offered byBlack + Decker. This affordable, easy-to-lift mixer features durable beaters that are designed to thoroughly mix a range of soft textures. They’re easy to remove, dishwasher safe, and designed to be light just like the base. The handheld offers give mixing speeds, features a comfortable grip handle, and has a slightly weighted back end that’s designed to be rested on the counter with an angle that keeps the beaters up off the surface.

Several had the same complaint of the previous buyers who have owned this model for quite a long time now. Although the beaters are great for their weight and shape, it’s imperative that you towel dry them completely when you take them out of the dishwasher. If droplets are left in their underside to air dry, they’ll begin to rust after consistent use and repeated washing.


  • Lightweight body with comfort grip handle and angled heel stand
  • Five convenient, easy to adjust mixing speeds
  • Beaters are professionally shaped for different textures and easy to remove and replace


  • Beaters need to be towel dried before putting them away; air drying after lots of use and washing can result in rusting
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2. KitchenAid Speed Digital hand mixer

Kitchenaid speed digital hand mixer

Are you actually hoping to use your hand mixer on a decently wide range of textures? Then you’ll love how this model fromKitchenAid comes with two options already included and is also compatible with many others (to be purchased separately). This simply lad out handheld is light, offers you seven different speeds, and even has a soft start feature that starts slowly and builds up to the selected speed gradually. This can reduce mess and get a smoother final texture. The soft-grip handle provides comfort while mixing, and a locking power cord lets you maneuver the piece without the cord twisting and getting into the food.

Although this model presents you several speeds that theoretically have a good range, some users were dissatisfied with them in practice. They reported that not much difference happens between most of the increments, resulting in the primary use of the middle and highest settings since they are the most effective depending on what you’re making.


  • Two different types of beaters for different textures and mixing effects
  • Seven different speed settings, with soft start options to build-up to the selected speed
  • Very quiet while running
  • Locking position cord prevents it from getting in the way or in the food


  • Some speeds don’t appear any different than the increment right below them, reducing the range of actual effective speed power presented
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3. Black + Decker Helix Performance premium hand mixer

Black + decker helix performance premium hand mixer

You might know the brandBlack + Decker for their power tools, and their handheld power drill is one of their best pieces, so it only makes sense that they’d make quality models for other motor-powered handheld household tools, too, right? That’s why we liked this hand mixer by them so much. This mixer is sleek, stylish, and durable, as well as available in a range of fun, bright colours. It has two helix-style beaters for maximum beater performance, diverse texture ability, and improved mixing surface area. You’ll also receive two dough hooks and a wire whisk included as detachable accessories. The beaters are made of reinforced nylon that’s easy to clean, and the handheld offers you five distinct speeds.

Be aware that, insome very thick doughs that tend to piece before they grow smooth, the helix shape of the beaters can present a unique problem. Some previous buyers reported that pieces broke free and crept up the spiral, up the beater arms, and into the insertion holes because of the way they were able to cling to the nylon and spin upwards from there. It’s better for mixtures that start out slightly smoother already, rather than being thick, piece-y, and sticky.


  • Smooth, quiet, and operates at five distinct speeds
  • Helix shape for better ingredient mixing thanks to the doubled surface area
  • Detachable accessories for other effects and functions
  • Reinforced nylon for easy cleaning (dishwasher safe)


  • Helix beaters aren’t best suited for very chunky, sticky dough as pieces that break off can spin their way up the beaters and into the attachment holes
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4. Remington Russell Hobbs Retro Style hand mixer

Remington russell hobbs retro style hand mixer

If you’re looking for a durable design that’s just plain built for power and frequent use, then Remingtondefinitely has what you’re looking for. Their retro-chic hand mixer features four speeds and a turbo boost start option that you can set when particularly thorough mixing is required or thickening. An ergonomic soft-grip handle makes use comfortable, while the adjustment controls located at the front curve where your thumb naturally reaches makes the settings easy to adjust. the handheld also sits simply on its back end between mixing rounds. Besides your traditional beaters, you’ll also get bread hooks and whisks, all of which are dishwasher safe.

For the turbo mixing setting, some previous buyers were dissatisfied to learn that the heightened speed only continues and stays consistent if you hold the turbo button down. It is not a setting that you can flick on and then let go of to concentrate on maneuvering the machine. While some people don’t mind this, several people reviewed that specific detail as inconvenient.

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5. Hamilton Beach 6-speed electric hand mixer

Hamilton beach 6 speed electric hand mixer

Are you actually on the hunt for something that willspecifically help you smoothly mix thicket doughs, unlike some of the other machines you’ve seen so far? Then you might get along better with this model offered byHamilton Beach. Besides offering you six speeds, this bundle also gives you a range of accessories for different mixing effects that are suited to different things. You get standard twisted wire beaters, dough hooks, a whisk, and even a milkshake rod. The controls’ placement is easy for your thumb to navigate and all of the pieces (which are dishwasher safe) fit into a tub that snaps right onto the bottom of the handheld for easy storage without losing any pieces.

Although the overall consensus is that the mixer’s function and results are very good, some previous buyers caution you toreally make sure your beaters are clicked into place before you turn the power on. People have had trouble locking them into place in the past, even though they’re very easy to remove, and have had beaters fall off the mixer and into their food as a result.


  • Easy-grip and maneuverable handle with well-placed thumb controls for settings
  • Divers speeds and mixer settings for everything, but that are particularly well suited for thicker doughs
  • All accessories (standard beaters, whisks, bread hooks, and milkshake rod) are dishwasher safe)


  • Beaters are easy to remove but can be much more difficult to click or lock properly into place; they can result in beaters falling loose during mixing.
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6. DmofwHi 9-speed electric hand mixer

Dmofwhi 9 speed electric hand mixer

If you’re still looking for something with a slider wider range and more diversity to it, then this model offered by DmofwHi might be the best one for you to settle on. This mixer, which has a quiet but high-powered motor, has a digital display for adjusting settings that makes things very easy to control. It boasts nine speeds that are well suited to differing kinds of mixtures with various thicknesses. It also has a countdown timer you can set for timed mixing. When you’re done, set the three types of beaters and the handheld base into the plastic stand that makes it very easy to store.

Although most previous buyers have reported being very happy indeed with the overall function and results of this machine, many have reviewed the machine as having little differentiation between a few of their speed settings. The result is that they find themselves using the same two or three speeds over and over because they don’t find the ones in between very effective.


  • Three types of (dishwasher safe) beaters for different mixes and effects
  • A stand to hold all three pairs of beaters and the base for easy storage
  • Strong, quiet motor and digital display with mixing timer and countdown feature
  • Conveniently located controls for easy thumb adjustments before, during, and after mixing


  • Some of the nine-speed settings have little variance to those directly before and after them
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7. Breville Handy Mix Scraper hand mixer

Breville handy mix scraper hand mixer

If you’re looking for somethingmuch more modernized and high tech, and you have a slightly larger budget to invest in it, then you might be the perfect person for trying this model by Breville. Youcan manually select a speed on this machine, but it also comes equipped with a sensor that detects which attachment you’re using and automatically adjusts to the perfect speed for the kind of mixing that requires those specific beaters. The standard scraper beaters have a discreet and easy to clean rubber later on their tips to protect your cookware and reduce contact noise in mixing. The ergonomic handle is where you’ll find the controls, and you can choose from nine speeds there, easily accessible to your thumb. You’ll also get two dough hooks and two balloon whisks, all of which fit in a case that snaps onto the handheld and makes for easy storing.

Despite the fact that most reviewers actually really like the effect that the rubber layer on the ends of the scraper beaters has in noise reduction and residue scraping, many people also found that theirs began cracking and tearing off this use. Several of these people simply peeled the rubber off and kept using the beaters, which was fine for them, but a little noisier.


  • Digital display, convenient button controls, and beater type sensors for automatic speed adjustment
  • Nine-speed settings and a powerful, quiet motor
  • Three types of beaters and a storage case for them that snaps onto the bottom of the handheld for easy storage


  • Rubber layer on the ends of the scraper beaters cracks and peels off on some units after frequent use
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8. Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-speed handheld mixer

Cuisinart power advantage plus 9 speed handheld mixer

Are you feeling very enthusiastic about the built-in storage pot idea for your future handheld mixer, but you’re still looking for the perfect mixer itself? Then here’s a design from Cuisinart for your consideration. This BPA-free model gives you an easy one-touch speed adjustment dial that’s easy to use with your thumb while maneuvering the machine and that has nine different settings. It also has three low-start speed options to prevent splattering, depending on the texture you’re working with. Its accessories (which are all dishwasher safe) include beater’s, a chef’s whisk, dough hooks, and a spatula, and all of these fit into a case that snaps conveniently onto the bottom of the handheld for space-efficient storage.

It’s worth noting that some customer feedback quite heavily critiques the way the photo provided displays the handhelds fit into the snapping case. In reality, the positioning of its non-removable cord requires that it be fit into the case as well, or the handheld won’t settle into the top properly. This requires some careful positioning of the accessories and creates a storage result that’s not impossible to make happen but certainly isn’t as spacious as the photo above suggests.


  • One-touch speed adjustment system for nine speeds easily reached on the handle with your thumb
  • Three low-start speed settings to avoid splatters and spills
  • Wide range of dishwasher safe accessories (beaters, whisk, dough hooks, spatula
  • Snapping case that holds accessories and fits onto the bottom of the handheld for easy storage


  • Display photo doesn’t show how non-detachable cord on handheld also has to fit into snapping case with accessories, making for a much tighter and more careful fit that isn’t quite as easy to throw into place as advertised
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9. Tibek electric 6-speed Ultra Power hand mixer

Tibek electric 6 speed ultra power hand mixer

Are you looking for affordability without sacrificing durability in your mixer? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this model fromTibek. This mixer is made of heat-resistant plastic and stainless steel, and its simple controls give you the power to customize and cater the speed and mixing time to the requirements of any recipe and texture. Its presets offer you six levelled speeds and a turbo boost feature, each of which is thumb-operated on the handle so you can swap settings while maneuvering the lightweight based. The pack includes beaters and dough hooks, each of which are released from the base with a simple release button and clicked easily back into place. All of the accessories are dishwasher safe.

Although most previous buyers don’t have outright critiques, a fewdid make cautionary notes for future users. They report that the speed with which this mixer ramps up from zero to top speed is shockingly quick and just about took them off guard. Some purchasers compared the quick change in speed to the feeling of riding a mechanical bull, reporting a big kick-back that almost made them drop the mixer into the bowl the first few times because they weren’t expecting it.


  • Durable and easy to clean exterior materiality
  • Lightweight based and easy to adjust thumb controls with six levelled speeds and a turbo boost feature
  • Comes with beaters and dough hooks, which are all dishwasher safe
  • Simple release button for changing beaters, which are easy to click back into place


  • The startup speed is drastic and sudden, causing a bit of kick-back and catching those who aren’t prepared for it unawares
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Who can benefit from owning a hand mixer?

If you ask us, literally anyone will find a hand mixer useful at some point or another! Even if you’re not necessarily baking from scratch or making homemade sauces, hand mixers can quicken the cooking and preparation processes for all kinds of much simpler things as well. You might use your hand mixer to make or mix:

  • Gravy
  • Hot chocolate
  • Lemonade
  • Kool-Aid, squash juice, sweet iced tea, or other powder mix drinks
  • Food colouring is soft, and liquid food and beverages
  • Crafting projects (some people keep a specific hand mixer for non-food uses so they can do things like mix large quantities of custom coloured paint, for example)

Do you know another kitchen enthusiast who could really use a new hand mixer but who’s having trouble figuring out which model they should buy? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of information to check out.