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Make Your Garage More Organized With a Wall Organizers

As spring approaches, the time for spring cleaning, yard work, and generally organizing your home and spaces gets ever closer! Each year, it’s important to evaluate your belongings and the spaces you use a lot to see how you might make improvements, clean things up, and create better accessibility and ease for yourself now that a new season has arrived.

Garage wall organizers

In most homes, one of the places that needs the most attention because it gets the most use and is so integral to the home’s function and flow is the garage. If your garage is well organized, has everything in place where you can find it, and is easy to navigate or enter and exit from, then you’ll feel a renewed sense of calm and maybe even a little more motivation to use the tools that you keep there and do things like lawn work!

What is a garage wall organizer?

There are actually all different kinds of garage wall organizers to choose from, but there share a common goal: to help you get things like yard work supplies and cleaning tools up off the floor and out of the way. Garage wall organizers help you declutter your space, making it easier to get things like your car or your family’s bicycles in and out without knocking things over or running over anything and risking ruined tools or a punctured tire.

Why do these organizers attach to the wall?

Unless your garage is very large indeed, you’ll already be very familiar with the fact that you’re working with a rather limited floor space in that area. Even so, the garage is a space where most families keep alot of things. By installing a garage wall organizer or two, you’re actually maximizing the limited space available by making use of areas and surfaces that weren’t previously offering you any storage! The organizers we’re compared and contrasted for you are all wall-mounted designs, letting you get things up off the floor and out from underfoot (or your car tires) in order to make the most of unused wall space. Wall mounting your tools rather than leaning them against the wall so they might easily be knocked over or putting them in tubs that take up a lot of floor space also helps you keep them accessible, easy to reach for, and right where you can find them nice and easily at all times. We’d be willing to bet that you’ll be more inclined to rake the lawn or repair that broken door hinge if your lawn care supplies and handiwork tools are all right there in front of you, ready to grab in just moments.

Different types of garage wall organizers

As with most things, the structure and function of garage wall organizers vary from brand to brand. This is a great thing because it means that you’re likely to find something that meets your organizational and storage needs, as well as the size and layout of your garage, no matter the dimensions of your space or what you’re trying to store. If you’re willing to invest a little more and really get things organized and up off the floor, you might even use more than one different kind of garage wall organizer at once, enabling you to declutter and store differently shaped or sized tools in a way that’s convenient for you but still the most sensical option for each kind of tool or belonging you’re aiming to declutter.

Garage Wall Organizers

To help you with all of your garage-based spring cleaning, we’ve collected the links for 10 of the best garage wall organizers we could find online and contrasted their perks and drawbacks in hopes that you’ll find precisely what you need a little more quickly. Check out the list below to learn more about which structures and designs might work best for your own garage.

1. NZACE adjustable wall mounted storage system

Nzace adjustable wall mounted storage system

Unlike most brands, NZACE actually offers you a wall-mounted wall organizer that is intended for the inside of your garage, where you might store long-handled tools and home maintenance supplies, but that can also be effectively installed elsewhere. The ease with which this piece is mounted on the wall also makes it suitable for sheds, outdoor walls if you only have a covered drive and not a full garage or even interior basements. Beyond that, the hooks that actually allow you to hang your tools and supplies on this simple bracket base are moveable, meaning you can spread things out how you please to make them fit better.

Of course, this particular design is only useful for hanging things thatcan be hung from or edged into a hook, limiting you to storing only certain kinds of things here. This piece would not work well for the small handheld tools cluttering your workbench or for your kids’ bicycles.

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2. Ultrawall garage and ladder hooks

Ultrawall garage and ladder hooks

If you’re looking for a much simpler system that can be placed or used a little more diversely, then we’d suggest taking a look at this 10-piece pack of rubberized metal industrial wall hooks offered byUltrawall. This bundle offers you a range of sizes, allowing you to hang all kinds of things ranging from tennis rackets to bikes. Because you have full control of where the hooks are mounted and in what formation, you’re also in full control of how the things you plan to hang will be organized.

Because the pack only offers you two hooks in most of the sizes, you’ll have to consider whether this is enough for the number of tools or supplies that you actually want to hang in your garage. The pack is affordable, but costs may add up if you havemany things to hang and need several of the largest hooks, for example, requiring you to purchase multiple packs to get what you need.

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3. Wall Control pegboard organizer

Wall control pegboard organizer

If you’re an avid handiwork lover and home improvements enthusiast, then perhaps you’d be better to purchase a piece that’s a little more specifically geared towards hand tools rather than lawn and landscaping pieces like shovels and rakes. That’s where pegboard style organizers like this “wall control” style piece from Wall Control come into play. This pegboard is simple to mount and fully customizable to your needs, thanks to the way it includes several hooks, pegs, shelves, and buckets that you can move around the board until you get the formation that bests fits all the tools you have to store. You can even purchase the board and customization kit in a range of cool colours.

Because your pegboard is blank when you purchase it, the setup of this particular wall organizer is a little more time-consuming and involved than some others you’ll see. Be prepared to invest a whole afternoon or more in figuring out which combination and configuration of hooks, tubs, shelves, and pegs will actually let you get the most out of this board for the tools you need to store.

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4. Wall Control master workbench metal pegboard

Wall control master workbench metal pegboard

For those who think a pegboard for tools might be their best option but were hoping to find a version that’s got a little more square footage to it, here’s an even better-suited version offered by Wall Control. This “master workbench” pegboard is double wide compared to most other wall-mounted board designs and just as customizable according to your needs and the tools you’re trying to store. If you wanted, you could even flip the installation of the wall-mounted board itself and have a pegboard that’s double tall instead of the double-wide, making this piece versatile enough to account for garages with limited wall space.

Because the baseboard itself is larger and it comes with more begs, tubs, shelves, and so on, to account for the increased number of tools you might store on it, the quality of your original installation job is of the utmost importance. You’ll need to ensure that your mounting is solid enough to support the weight of even more tools than other wall organizers hold, making this a piece that’s a little more suited to those with a bit more handiwork experience rather than beginners. It’s not hard to install, by any means; the quality and strength of your wall mounting skills are just a little more pivotal as far as this design is concerned.

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5. Proslat slatwall panels and hook kit

Proslat slatwall panels and hook kit

Are you feeling rather intrigued by this whole idea of wall-mounted board storage, but you’re not sure you need quite as many tools and tubs as you saw in the previous pegboard designs? Then perhaps you’d benefit a little more from investing in this slatted hook board design offered by Proslat. This model gives you the same type of space efficiency and decluttering power, but this time for tools and pieces that hang better on doubled pegs and curbed hooks, rather than just the simple pegs and bucket style tubs or flat shelves you saw above.

Because the hooks you receive can only be organized along very specific lines on this board, its layout capabilities are a little more limited than the designs you saw earlier, which feature holes much closer together for a little more versatility in where the pegs and so on can be placed. You’ll like to find that fewer tools can be loaded onto this board as a result.

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6. Homydom metal wall rack wood organizer and lumber storage

Homydom metal wall rack wood organizer and lumber storage

Are you actually much more of a woodworker than we’ve acknowledged so far with all this light talk of average home improvement tools? Then here’s an option that will help you get your lumber collection up off the floor so that maybe you can open your car door a little more easily to get in. This set of metal wall racks from Homydom was specifically designed with slats and 2×4 boards in mind, giving you a sturdy wall-mounted place to stack your lumber that keeps it dry and out of the way but still accessible for when you need something.

Like the larger pegboard, the key here in using this rack effectively is your good, solid initial installation. After all, the more wood you stack on the rack, the heavier it will get. You’ll also have to be precise and careful inhow you stack the boards; the slats are simple to work with, but if one of your bottom boards slides off to one side, you could have multiple pieces slide off with it.

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7. VonHaus 44-piece wall-mounted pegboard with hooks and storage bins

Vonhaus 44 piece wall mounted pegboard with hooks and stoage bins

Were the pegboards we showed you earlieralmost what you had in mind, but you’re just not sure that you need all those hooks and pegs? Then we’d encourage you to take a look at this version from VonHaus that concentrates a lot more on the tubs as tools of organization. This board is still just as customizable as the others you saw, but now you have increased opportunity to organize all of your smaller home improvement pieces, like nuts, bolts, and nails, into a sensical order, all right there on the wall where you can easily reach for them whenever you need to.

Because the tubs don’t come with lids or covers, it might be pertinent to keep in mind that the pieces you put into them could be a littletoo accessible, depending on your family makeup and the age of your kids. We’d caution you to ensure that you hand the pegboard high enough that little hands can’t grab at sharp things like nails.

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8. Wall Control galvanized steel pegboard pack

Wall control galvanized steel pegboard pack

For those of you who are still interested in a pegboard-style garage wall organizer, but you’re caught between whether you think the holes or the slats would be more useful, here’s a great amalgamation of the two offered by Wall Control! Their alternation of holds and slits gives you a touch more control over which hooks, tubs, and pieces can be put where, and therefore the location and orientation of your tools and how they’ll be stored. The base pegboards also come in a range of cool colours!

Rather than being a singular board design like some of the others you’ve seen, this particular option is made from two rectangular pieces that you can situate how you please. The challenge in that, however, is positioning them so their centre edges, where the two boards meet, sit flush against each other and are very even. This might make the wall mounting process slightly more challenging for beginners who are just setting up their first home or don’t have much experience yet with wall mounting.

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9. Berry Ave broom holder and garden tool organizer

Berry ave broom holder and garden tool organizer

If you’re primarily a gardener and you’re looking for a wall rack that’s geared a little more specifically to gardening tools and supplies, then we’re convinced you’ll get along a little better with something like this click-in style organizer offered byBerry Ave. Its handle spaces are measured precisely to fit the standard width of an average long-handled tool, like a rake or a spade, but with spring-loaded pincers on either side (that’s the “click-in” part of the design) that will push back to account for larger handles too. In between the clicking spots, you’ll also find convenient hooks for other gardening essentials, like your gloves, that you also want to keep with your tools but that don’t have handles.

Although this piece is a little more affordable, it’s also much smaller than many of the other wall racks you’ve seen. This might be convenient when it comes to the basic amount of space it takes up, but you’ll also notice that this rack is capable of holding fewer things than some other designs.

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10. Inteli-topia steel garage storage hook

Inteli topia steel garage storage hook

Just in case you’re still not over the idea of creating your very own hook wall, laid out however you please and strengthened by good materiality, here’s another kit for your consideration, courtesy ofInteli-topia. Like the previous one you saw, this bundle comes with ten hooks, only in a different configuration of sizes and shapes than you saw before. We’d suggest evaluating the things you might feasibly try to hang on the wall in order to declutter the floor in order to ballpark whether this set of hooks or the other one has the number, kind, and size you’re most in need of. Should you choose this set, we think you’ll find their reinforced brackets and anti-slip hook prong covers very useful indeed.

Like the other pack, the limited number of each style and size of the hook might be constricting if you’re hoping to hang quite a number of things. Purchasing more than one pack is always an option, but watch out for adding costs, even though the packs are quite affordable individually.

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Using garage wall organizers in combination

If you’re already the kind of person who thinks in advance about which style of garage wall organizer to use, then we have no doubt that you’re also a creative thinker when it comes to choosing ideal solutions that will maximize the benefit to you. That’s why we’d encourage you to think about whether a combination of more than one type of garage wall organizer might be the best option. Do you have a series of long-handled garden tools leaned against the wall that you’d like to stop knocking into and a bunch of tools scattered haphazardly across a shelving unit? Then perhaps you’d benefit from investing in and installing both a click-in garden organizer stripand a customizable pegboard that will get your tool situation under control.

Installing garage wall organizers

The good news here is thatevery single one of the garage wall organizers we outlined for you comes with full instructions on how to best mount that particular design. If that’s not quite enough of an in-depth guide for you, YouTube and how-to based websites like Instructables and WikiHow are rich resources when it comes to just about anything home improvement based; you’re likely to find helpful guides on how to install similar models to your chosen organizer, even if it’s not precisely the same model.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast and handiwork who has been thinking about investing in some new garage wall storage but who hasn’t quite found what they’re looking for yet? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.