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10 Best Pasta Makers to Make Pasta Yourself

In most modern kitchens, people have gotten used to making their dinners using the kind of pre-made dried pasta noodles you see packaged and sold in stores. That’s quick, easy, and even delicious to do if you prepare it right but, if you ask us, nothing will ever compare to the taste and satisfaction of fresh homemade pasta that you actually made yourself. This might not be a common practice anymore compared to “the olden days,” but pasta makers are actually still widely sold. What’s even better is that they’re often affordable, simple to use, and available nice and easily online.

Best Pasta Makers

We’ve actually spent some time recently gathering links for the most high-quality pasta makers we could find in order to remind people how useful they can be. Online shopping is always a great opportunity to take a little extra time with your purchase, comparing and contrasting the features of your different options to make sure that you really make the best choice for you.

What is the best manual pasta maker?

If you still feel like you could use a little bit of guidance when it comes to choosing which pasta maker to invest in, check out this pros and cons style outline of the best pasta maker models we came across in our search.

1. Marcato Design Atlas 150 pasta machine

Marcato design atlas 150 pasta machine

If you’re looking for a model that’s about as close to the old-fashioned pasta makers your family’s previous generations might have used traditionally, then you might like this design from Marcato Design. This model is meant to mimic the effect of pasta-making techniques of auld, but in a way that’s easier, more effective, and less labor intensive for you. This chromed steel machine, which is manually cranked for both the roller and the cutter, is made to be durable and easy to clean. The company also sells a separate attachable motor if you try the machine and decide it’s too much for you to power manually every time.

Although the machine itself has a great review in terms of its function and durability, a number of customers could not say the same for the company’s customer service policies. On the off chances that something does happen to your machine or that you receive it with a fluke hardware issue, customer service lines here are purported to be rather unhelpful and a hassle to deal with.

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  • Durable and easy to clean chromed steel
  • Hardy design that accurately mimics the old fashioned pasta making techniques you love
  • Compatible with a series of easily attached accessories (sold separately), like a motor to turn it automatic


  • Customer service lines in the rare case of defective hardware and other issues are reported as being unhelpful and a hassle

2. Imperia heavy-duty pasta maker machine

Imperia heavy duty pasta maker machine

Did we really catch your attention with our mention of a rather traditionally styled pasta maker, but you’re torn between which kind of noodle cutter you’d prefer? Then we think you’ll enjoy the way Imperia gives youtwo different cutters behind the roller, so you don’t have to choose. This pasta maker will help you roll your dough thin and then cut either skinny spaghetti noodles or wider fettuccine noodles. This maker is compatible with a range of separately sold accessories that will help you cut other shapes of noddles, it also has a handle locking safety feature to stop little fingers from getting into the roller when kids are around.

If you’re the kind of person who intends to use your machine heavily and often, it’s worth noting that this version of the brand’s design is reviewed as not being quite as hardy as previous models. The company made some changes and replaced a few key pieces with durable plastic, but some extremely avid pasta fans experienced cracks in the plastic after frequent use.

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  • Two types of pasta cutter behind the roller (spaghettiand fettuccine)
  • Safety feature to lock handle and prevent injury from accidental rolling
  • Compatible with several (separately sold) accessories that attach easily, including different kinds of noodle cutters


  • Updates from previous models by this company involved a change to plastic pieces that are more likely to crack than the metal elements used in the older versions of this machine

3. Philips Kitchen Appliances Noodle pasta maker

Philips kitchen appliances noodle pasta maker

Are you feeling quite intent on investing in a pasta maker that will help you make your own delicious homemade noodles, but you’re not attached to the old-fashioned idea of manually cranked machines? Then you might prefer working with this automatic pasta maker from Philips Kitchen Appliances. This machine actually handles the entire process for you essentially, more like a bread maker. It even features powerful mixing and kneading action to handle making the dough for you. It also enables you to add vegetables and herbs to flavor your pasta and provides you with measuring cups for perfect ingredient ratios and shaping discs for different kinds of noodles. The whole thing is electrically powered thanks to a nice, long cord.

Be aware that some previous buyers reported issues with chipped plastic after prolonged and heavy use. This is becausesome units feature a hardware flaw in which the mixers shift with time and begin to hit the bottom of the machine, where the shaping disc storage drawer sits, chipping it in the process.

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  • Shaping discs for different types of pasta
  • Electrically powered with a conveniently long cord
  • Kneading and mixing capability to makeand cut dough for you
  • Vegetable and herb mixing power to flavor your pasta dough before cutting


  • Potential for hardware flaw involving shifting of mixers, so they hit and chip the plastic storage drawer at the bottom

4. Layee Sturdy homemade pasta maker

Layee sturdy homemade pasta maker

If you’re still feeling intent on the idea of a manual, slightly more classic pasta maker, but you’re also in need of a more solid design, then this one from Layee is sure to meet your needs. Besides being specifically designed for easier cranking than other models, this unit also features a convenient clamp that attaches it strongly to the edge of the table. This keeps it from moving or tipping while you’re rolling and cutting your dough. The blades are adjustable so you can get thinner or thicker pasta. The machine itself is made from chromed steel for durability and easy cleaning.

It’s worth noting that the machine isvery heavy. All that durable steel really hows its weight, particularly when you’re first setting the machine up. The clamp is certainly strong enough to handle it, but some people might have trouble lifting and maneuvering the machine to get the perfect position that works for both them and their space.

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  • Easy to clean, durable chromed steel materiality
  • Easy-crank handle and rolling/cutting systems
  • Strong table clamp to stop the machine from moving and tipping while you’re rolling and cutting the dough
  • Adjustable blades to give you the option of making noodles in different thicknesses and widths


  • Machine is very heavy, which can make it difficult to set up just right and get clamped down, even though the clamp itself is quite simple to work.

5. Allomn manual noodle maker

Allomn manual noodle maker

Are you intrigued by the idea of a manual noodle maker, but you’d prefer something a little smaller that you don’t have to have sitting on your countertop all the time? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this noodle press from Allomn instead. This gadget is possibly the most affordable option on the list and, although it uses manual power, it also helps you along the way with a screwing action. Rather than relying on just your manual downward power, the helical propulsion design helps hold the pressure in place. The piece is made of durable steel and gives you give different noodle sizes and shapes to press your dough through.

Although most previous buyers were very happy with the actual maker and its results, some people struggled with the instructions. The maker is quite intuitive, but those tips that it does provide have been included only in Mandarin in some units, making it difficult for people who speak other languages to understand the manual’s information.

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  • Small, handheld design that won’t take up counter space
  • Uses manual pressure but with the help of a helical propulsion design so it’s easier to use and doesn’t rely on your strength alone
  • Made of durable chromed steel to withstand the pressure applied to the dough
  • Interchangeable, screw-on caps let you press the dough through to make different sizes, shapes, and kinds of pasta noodle


  • Instructional manuals included with some units consist only of directions written in Mandarin rather than including writing in several languages

6. Unbranded 6-noodle pasta maker and roller machine

Unbranded 6 noodle pasta maker and roller machine

If you’re looking for something very simple, affordable, and straightforward, this Unbranded pasta maker might be the easiest choice for you. It’s constructed of durable galvanized steel, it features an easy-cranking manual handle like the old-fashioned designs you’re familiar with but smoother moving, and it features a strong clamp that keeps it tightly in place on the countertop. Although the simple design features only a cutter and a roller, the cutter is adjustable to help you achieve noodles of different thicknesses and widths. Its simplicity but effectiveness wrapped up into one singular machine.

According to those with experience, the machine works very well indeed once it’s set up and you’ve got it running. Some people, however, recorded that they received their unit deconstructed in a way that wasn’t expected or advertised and that several of the pieces were slightly difficult to get into place properly. A few of them wouldn’t stay at first without some finagling.

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  • Durable, easy to clean galvanized steel
  • Straight forward system with a roller and an adjustable cutter for different noodle sizes
  • Easy cranking handle that moves very smoothly
  • Strong clamp to keep the machine solid and still on the table or countertop


  • Some units have a history of arriving unexpectedly disassembled, and the pieces can be finicky to put together or tricky to make a stay in place at first

7. Gdrasuya manual noodle and dumpling skin maker

Gdrasuya manual noodle and dumpling skin maker

If you’re looking for something that was specifically created with more than just pasta noodles in mind, then you might enjoy this rather charming-looking pasta and dumpling skin maker offered byGdrasuya. It features an angled continuous feed tray that uses downwards momentum to help you feed smaller pieces of dough into the roller easily. The cutter below is adjustable to help you get different widths and sizes of noodles. The wheel lets you apply manual pressure in a more evenly distributed way that makes rolling easier for you, even with one hand. The entire machine is made with durable steel that’s non-stick, so your dough stays whole and intact.

Be aware that some previous purchasers have reported that the machine arrived with sticky residue or flour already on its top shield. The company states that this is the result of packaging for international shipping and individual testing of each and every unit. They maintain that neither of these things will affect the usage of your machine, whichis brand new from the factory. We’d still definitely recommend washing the pieces before you use them to make your own dinner.

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  • Wheel style rolling handle that enables a more even distribution of pressure
  • Non-stick steel parts that prevent dough from pulling apart and helps keep pieces intact
  • Downward angled tray helps feed dough pieces of any size into the roller for smooth, whole, thin sheet
  • Adjustable cutter settings help achieve noodles of different sizes


  • Some units might arrive with flour from testing or packaging process residue from the factory despite being brand new and unused and will therefore need thorough washing before use

8. Dianoo small noodle press machine

Dianoo small noodle press machine

Were you the most intrigued by the single handheld, screwing action noodle press that we showed you earlier, but you never like to settle for the first option you see in any model? Then check out this quality alternative from Dianoo. This press is very affordable and easy to store thanks to its small size. It’s also easily worked for people with smaller hands, thanks to the size of the stabilizingand twist handles. This piece is made from high-quality stainless steel that can absolutely withstand the pressure of pressing the dough through the five differently shaped and sized noodle molds.

Despite the good materiality used to make these presses, some people reviewed the occasional unit as having screw grooves that are too shallow to hold all pieces in place strongly enough to withstand the pressure applied on the dough during noodle pressing. This resulted (in some models, though not all) in the noodle mold on the bottom end popping off and letting the dough escape.

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  • Durable and easy to clean steel materiality
  • Good handheld size, even for smaller people
  • Five differently shaped screw-on noodle molds to choose from for different types of noodle


  • Some units feature screw ridges that are too shallow on the bottom, causing the noodle molds to pop off and let the dough escape when pressure is applied with the screw handle from the top

9. Torchio Bigolaro hand press pasta maker

Torchio bigolaro hand press pasta maker

Are you still keen on the idea of getting a simple noodle press over a roller and cutter combination, but you’re still looking for a model that’s more old-fashioned? Well, if you’d also like longer noodles for authenticity, then we think you’ll love this piece from Bottene. This longer pasta press features a two-handed screw crank leading into a taller canister that holds more dough and can therefore press longer continuous noodles. To free up your second hand, this press clamps solidly onto the side of your countertop or a low table or chair. The press comes with two different pasta molds for the bottom end and is made from very durable iron that can withstand lots of pressure and is easy to clean.

Because of its super durable materiality and authentic, traditional nature, this pasta press is the most expensive item on this entire list. The strength and long-lasting quality of the press justify the price tag, but it’s high enough to take this model out of the running for some people working on a tighter budget.

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  • Extremely durable iron pieces and overall materiality that is also very easy to clean
  • Strong adjustable clamp that affixes press solidly to essentially any table, chair, or counter edge to free up your hands for cranking
  • Two different pasta molds for the bottom end, each pressing out different types of noodles


  • Stellar materiality and construction makes this press the most expensive option on the list

10. Gourmia roller, cutter, and pasta maker

Gourmia roller, cutter, and pasta maker

Just in case you’re still not feeling entirely decided on which more basic and traditional model you’d prefer, here’s another great alternative fromGourmia. This chromed and stainless steel pasta maker is non-stick, durable, and easy to clean, letting your dough slide down into the roller and cutter without tearing. It features an easy-turn handle and a strong clamp that prevents it from moving across the countertop as you work.

Although this machine is plain and simply useful and works well, two feature have cause previous buyers to express slightly discontent or warn other to keep extra care. The first is that the cutter on this model isnot adjustable, so you’re only enabled for one type and size of noodle unless you purchase a universally compatible additional piece separately and from another company. The second detail worth noting is that this machine will last much longer if you donot use water to clean it. Instead, the company encourages you simply to brush powder and dough particles off. Using water threatens how smoothly the gears turn.

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  • Stainless steel material is durable and non-stick
  • Gears and handle crank smoothly for easy use
  • Machine features roller and cutter, as well as strong stability clamp


  • Cutter is not adjustable, so only one size and style of noodle is possible
  • Machine shouldnot be cleaned with water, as gears might run much less smoothly if they become wet (simply brush flour and dough debris off with a brush instead)

What is a pasta maker?

A pasta maker is a countertop kitchen appliance that helps you flatten out pasta dough into thin sheets that are the perfect thickness and consistency for cutting noodles. Its main purpose is to help you get that perfect thickness (or rather, thinness) of dough that’s very difficult to achieve by hand with just a rolling pin and your own power. The most common kinds of pasta makers have a dual roller to pass your dough through and some kind of cutter that works much the same as the roller but creates a basic pasta noodle shape, like spaghetti, fettuccine, or lasagna noodles.

What kinds of pasta makers are there?

It’s true that the most commonly found pasta makers are those that contain a horizontal dual roller for flattening the dough and a similarly shaped cutter for shaping basic noodles. Of these, you might find manually powered versions that require you to crank a handle on the side to make the rollers or blades move. Alternatively, you might encounter electric pasta makers that roll and cut automatically while you insert the dough. For some noodle shapes, however, you might prefer a pasta press, which is usually a handheld machine that involves pressing hard on a handle to push the dough through a shaped hole to get a certain kind of noodle.

What else can pasta makers be used for?

Believe it or not, homemade pasta isn’t actually the only dish that a pasta maker can be used for! These machines are most often a lot more diverse than people tend to think. Pasta makers can also be used to prepare:

  • Homemade crackers
  • Perogies
  • Potstickers
  • Flatbread
  • Fondant for cakes
  • Edible playdough for kids
  • Cookie dough
  • Homemade pitas

Do you know another pasta lover and foodie who has been thinking about investing in their own noodle maker but who could use a bit of guidance in choosing the right one? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to choose from.