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9 Best Deep Fryers for Home Use (Buying Guide)

If you’re a foodie and cooking enthusiast who has never owned your own deep fryer or even tried deep drying at home, then you’re missing out on something very fun indeed. Many people have this outdated of home deep fryers in their minds as being the unsafe, unpredictable wire machines of the 80s, but that’s not the reality anymore at all. Although you’re still frying with oil, which naturally comes with some risks, modern product designs increase the safety of the process tenfold and make it quick and easy.

Best Deep Fryers

Believe it or not, some of the very best home deep dryers can be purchased online. That’s why we’ve been gathering the links for some of the high-quality home deep dryers we’ve found across the Internet, taking the time to compare and contrast their features in order to help you tease out which one might be the best option for you.

How many different kinds of home deep fryers are there?

Companies are always trying to come up with easy ways to put unique twists on classic cooking appliances just to keep things interesting, but most home deep fryers come in one of two iterations.

  • The first is the basket fryer that you’ve probably seen used to make things like French fries and chicken fingers.
  • The second is the pot-style cooker that mimics a large pot like you might have seen things like mini donuts being made in at the fair.

What is the best deep fryer on the market?

If you’re feeling like you could use a little help in figuring out the perks and drawbacks of the best deep fryers around, here’s a pros and cons style list of the nine most effective models we came across in our search.

1. Presto GranPappy electric deep fryer

Presto granpappy electric deep fryer

Are you actually quite experienced with deep frying techniques and looking to do a fair amount of it at home? Then you might get along quite well with the size and design of this piece from Presto. This is a countertop bucket-style electric fryer made from safe, heavy-duty cast aluminum. It’s a non-stick material and therefore simple to clean, and it has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it solid on the countertop while you work. You can use the bucket as-in or employ the wide circular basket it comes with.

Be aware that, even though this frying bucket is insulated, the metal on theoutside of the fryer still gets extremely hot, and it does so quite quickly. You’ll want to avoid touch the fryer’s exterior as you work.

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  • Easy to clean, non-stick material
  • Large size
  • Convenient circular basket
  • Safe rubber feet for anti-slipping and to keep it off counters


  • Outside becomes very hot to the touch when frying

2. Presto stainless steel dual basket pro immersion element deep fryer

Presto stainless steel dual basket pro immtersion element deep fryer

This cubic, safe to use fryer from Presto mimics the kind that’s better shaped for foods like chicken fingers and French fries, so classically seen in restaurants. This fryer is made from a combination of steel, aluminum, and insulated plastic, with extremely easy controls, mesh baskets with handles that don’t heat up, and a locking lid for safety during frying. Having two baskets lets you fry more than one thing at once more effectively.

Keep in mind that more than one past buyer found an issue with the basket handles; after extensive use and washing, they’ve been known to come loose and begin to slide off the wire.

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  • Easy to clean out and wipe down
  • Good temperature control and range
  • Two baskets for frying two kinds of food simultaneously


  • Potential for loose handles the more it’s used

3. Presto kitchen kettle multi-cooker

Presto kitchen kettle multi cooker

If you liked the pot-style fryer that you saw above, but you’re just not sure that you need one quite so big and industrial, then you might get along better with this simplified version sold by Presto. This pot is actuallynot, in fact, solely a fryer but rather a versatile electric cooking pot for soups, casseroles, and all kinds of dishes. Because it also works so well as a fryer, however, it comes with a circular steaming and frying basket, too, just to make that process easier.

If you use this piece very often, keep an eye on the basket. Some buyers have complained that the high heat the pot is capable of eventually began to wear down the wire of the basket with frequent use.

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  • Versatile for soups, casseroles, frying, and even candle making
  • Pot, basket, and lid are all easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable with a good temperature range


  • Potential for basket heat erosion with frequent high-temperature use

4. Presto single stainless steel pro fryer

National presto single stainless steel pro fryerå

Were you very interested indeed with the oblong basket fryer design we showed you earlier, but you’re just not sure that you’ll fry often enough to need two sides? Then you might prefer working with this single basket option fromPresto instead. It has the same safe, easy to clean materiality that saw in the previous design, but this time with an even easier to adjust thermostat dial. This model also has a convenient signal light that indicates when the oil has reached ideal frying temperature, with an easy lifting cover that prevents dangerous splatter during frying.

It’s worth noting that some people have had slight issues with getting an accurate oil heat versus the temperature at the dial is actually set it. Testing with a quality foot thermometer occasionally reads discrepancies.

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  • Easy to clean base and external pieces
  • Easy to remove and clean internal elements
  • Large temperature range with simple to read dial
  • Convenient lid for anti-splatter during drying


  • Potential discrepancy between temperature dial and actual oil temperature

5. Hamilton Beach deep fryer and basket

Hamilton beach deep fryer and basket

Are you feeling intent on getting a singular basket fryer that’s still oblong in shape, but you’d like a larger capacity than above, even though you still don’t need a double model? Then check out this slightly wider unit fromHamilton Beach. This basket allows you to fry eight cups of food at once, heats and cooks quickly and accurately, and features a completely removable anti-splatter top that makes things both safer and easier to clean.

Although the instructions say that most of the parts making up this fryer and needing washing afterward are dishwasher safe, many buyers have reviewed this aspect of the manual as being incorrect; they found that their critical pieces sustained damage that way.

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  • Wider basket for more yield
  • Fast heating time
  • Accurate temperatures
  • Removable splatter lid


  • Parts are not as dishwasher safe as advertised despite great functionality otherwise

6. Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch deep fryer

Hamilton beach cool touch deep fryer

If we caught your attention with this idea of a wider fryer basket because you’re still interested in more food yield without having to balance two, but you can’t help wondering whether you can’t go even wider, then we think you’ll adore this model fromHamilton Beach. This super-compact but spacious fryer features a safety lid to prevent splatters, touch-safe sides that do not heat up on the exterior, an easy and diverse temperature dial, and a fast heat-up time. The lid and other parts are even removable and dishwasher safe.

Although the fryer itself has received only rave reviews, the same cannot be said for its power cord. Buyers state that this is the first (and, for most, the only) piece of the fryer to fail, as its covering plastic is weak and comes apart on some models, exposing the wires inside. These buyers had to send in for a replacement.

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  • Double width for frying more food at once in a singular basket
  • Removable pieces that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Accurate temperature dial and fast cooking time


  • Weak cord plastic that’s prone to splitting

7. Secura stainless steel triple basket electric deep fryer with a timer

Secura stainless steel triple basket electric deep fryer with a timer

Are you not only more interested in a larger fryer that will let you use two baskets at once, but you’ve also been thinking about how useful it would be to have a third one? Then we think you’ll really appreciate the way Secura gives you two half-width oblong baskets and one that’s the full width of the fryer for larger portions of one thing. This fryer has an anti-splatter lid with a window and a timer that lets you know when your projected frying time is up.

Although it’s reported as being a rare occurrence, a number of people who have used this product in the past have had difficulties with buttons and tiles sticking over time, making the settings less convenient to change if you use it frequently and consistently.

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  • Three baskets
  • Double wide capacity
  • Anti-splatter lid with window
  • Removable lid and parts for dishwasher safe washing


  • Buttons and dials might begin to stick with time

8. T-fal deep fryer with basket and oil filtration

T fal deep fryer with basket and oil filtration

If you’re quite experienced with oil frying and you’re looking for something a little fancier to treat yourself and your family with, then we’d definitely suggest giving this two-level fryer system from T-Fal some consideration! This piece features a nice, wide fryer in the top and, below that, a tray at the bottom for catching clean oil as it filters through a central cleaning system after frying and leaves it stored. The fryer also has easy dial settings, a basket with a non-heating handle, and dishwasher safe pieces.

Although most reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, some frequent users who keep the oil in the storage bin after it has been filtered have expressed that they wish it was a little deeper for ease and safety. As is, the oil meets so close to the top at standard filling levels that it’s extremely easy to overflow when you pull the tray out.

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  • Wide capacity
  • Dishwasher safe pieces
  • Anti-splatter lid
  • Convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly oil filtration and cleaning system


  • Shallow filtration catchment and oil storage tray, prone to overflowing if filled at all too much up top

9. Cuisinart 4 quart stainless steel

Cuisinart 4 quart stainless steel

If a stainless steel device with less plastic appeals to you the most for function, aesthetic, and easy cleaning, then this piece fromCuisinart might be right up your alley. This piece also has the largest capacity so far of all the basket units, with a touch-safe handle, a fast heating immersion element, and a safe and efficient enamel-coated spout for pouring the oil out at the end. Given its more industrial size, it’s also very reasonably priced.

Of the critiques, the most notable was that despite the fact that it’s touch-safe and won’t burn you to use regularly, putting the machine to use is a process that generates a lot of heat out into the room, making the whole kitchen feel hotter in a way that can get uncomfortable.

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  • Large capacity (in both depth and width)
  • Touch-safe basket handle and sides
  • Fast heating
  • Well priced for its large size


  • Heating process generates heat into the room too, making the kitchen very hot while cooking

How does a home deep fryer work?

In reality, home deep fryers workjust like the industrial deep fryers you see in restaurants, only on a smaller scale. The way that the food is cooked in the same and, for the most part, the equipment is the same too, only smaller. You’re basically working with all the standard deep frying techniques to get your favorite deliciously fried foods but in smaller portions.

Safety and home deep fryers

Home deep fryers are already much safer to use than the industrial kind you’d be handling if you worked in a restaurant kitchen, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little bit of a learning curve to them. Luckily, theyall come with model-specific instructions, most of which even have illustrated guides. You’ll also find plenty of more generalized video tutorials on sites like YouTube that will give you all kinds of universal safety tips and tricks that are good to know no matter which home fryer you’ve purchased.


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