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10 Best Craft Kits for Adults – Ways To Keep Yourself Busy

In the world of DIY, we find that alot of emphasis gets placed on crafting for kids and fostering their creativity. We think that’s a wonderful thing and, as parents, we really value that, but we also like to remind ourselves sometimes that it’s also important to concentrate on the creativity of adults!

Best Craft Kits for Adults

Sure, some adults have crafty hobbies like knitting, but we happen to think that people never reach an age where they should stop trying out new kinds of DIY or learning new crafting skills. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for cool crafting kits for adults lately that we’ve never tried before, rather thanonly looking for crafty kits that we think our kids would like!

We were very actually very pleasantly surprised indeed with what we came across in our search.

Best Craft Kits for Adults

As it turns out, there areall kinds of awesome crafting kits for adults out there! In fact, we’d built such a good list of options by the time we decided on the one we wanted to try ordering first that we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing it for other crafty people to see. Check out all the different, super fun things we came across!

1. Nature’s Blossom candle making kit

Nature's blossom candle making kit

This straightforward and very affordable little candle-making kit is actually the first thing we decided to order and try out, and we’re thrilled to report that it was a huge success! We’ve always been candle lovers, so learning how to make them ourselves and creating a few custom kinds to burn at home was an awesome experience.

This kit from Nature’s Blossom sends you enough supplies to make three different candles of your scented choice. Besides sending you the wax mix, melting pot/pourer, stir sticks, nicely coloured candle holders, and a full instructional manual, they also send you three natural essential oil mixtures that you can use individually mix and match to create your scents! This kit includes chamomile and sage, lavender epiphany, and lemon blossom.

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2. Wine Enthusiast wine cork coasters kit

Wine enthusiast wine cork coasters kit

If you’re going to start trying your hand at new crafting kits as an adult, are you pretty convinced that you’d prefer to make yourself something that youdefinitely wouldn’t have made before as a child? Well, particularly if you’re the kind of person who appreciates a good bottle of wine, then we think this kit fromWine Enthusiast might be just the one for you!

This kit shows you, with fully written and very clear instructions, how to do a big of shadow box arranging using wine corks in order to make your very own st of wine cork coasters! We especially liked that this basic concept is a simple enough one that, if you wanted to, you could totally recreate it again after once you’ve got the experience, but with your own independently gathered materials.

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3. Hands Craft 3D miniature dollhouse puzzle

Hands craft 3d miniature dollhouse puzzle

Have you actually been feeling the opposite to what we described above and been thinking about taking this idea of purchasing crafting kits as an opportunity to do something that your inner child totally would have enjoyed too, just to a more advanced level that you might not have managed then? Well, maybe this adorable 3D puzzle fromHands Craft will give you what you’re looking for!

This awesome concept hits somewhere between doing a puzzle that’s got real-world dimensions instead of 2D ones and building a dollhouse. It’s slightly more challenging because there’s a goal of getting all the pieces in and fitting in particular ways, but it’s still whimsical and a whole lot of fun, just like setting up a dollhouse was as a child!

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4. HENMI glass bottle cutting kit

Henmi glass bottle cutting kit

If you’re going to purchase some kind of crafting kit that’s specifically geared to adults who want to put their crafting skills to the test, would you rather try something far more hands-on? Well, if you’ve never tried glass cutting before then, we think you just might get a kick out of this wine bottle cutting kit offered by HENMI!

This kit is undoubtedly worth the money you’ll spend on it because cutting the top or bottom off of, or a section out of, a wine bottle is actually just one step inall kinds of awesome and diverse crafts. One simple google search will show you just how many amazing things you can make once you’ve learned how to put this awesome kit itself to good use.

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5. Craftastic Family Bowl kit

Craftastic family bowl kit

In your house, is it actually quite the opposite dynamic to ours, in that your kids are the crafty ones who are always encouragingyou to try and advance your DIY skills and get creative a little more? Then maybe you’d have a better time investing in a kit that you can actually dowith them! We’d suggest checking out this family bowl project fromCraftastic that’s friendly to people ofall skills and ages.

This project is the perfect blended kit because it’s simple enough for kids and beginners to handle, but it’s also interesting and amusing enough to keep adults or more advanced crafters interested here. The techniques you put to use are fun, but the real point of this whole kit itself is really mostly learning more about and bonding with your loved ones.

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6. Brass Tacks mason jar lantern kit

Brass tacks mason jar lantern kit

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about projects that have a sense of whimsy and childish fun to them, but that are also things you might stay interested in as an adult, at least as far as the techniques involved go? Well, if you were the kind of kid who adored fairies growing up them this kit fromBrass Tacks is undoubtedly the one for you!

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to make a set of simple mason jar lanterns that have an old-fashioned charm. The real whimsy, however, comes into play in the fairy silhouettes you’ll paste carefully on the side!

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7. Colour Talk oil painting by numbers kit

Colour talk oil painting by numbers kit

Were you the kind of kid wholoved painting when you were younger, but you kind of grew out of the habit, and now you’re forgotten a lot of the skill you learned? Perhaps it was just always something you wanted to do more of, but you never had time until now. Either way, we absolutely suggest taking a look at a painting skills-based kit like this one fromColour Talk!

This kit proves that the theory that paint-by-numbers crafts are only for children is totally wrong. No matter how old you are, completing a painting, even with a little bit of guidance, is a total blast! The best part of this kit is that they keep the need for a heightened concentration and ability in mind to be a little more friendly but still interesting to adults.

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8. String Art wine string art kit

String of the art wine string art kit

If you’ve never tried string art before then, we’re very sorry indeed to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something super fun! It’s the kind of thing where, once you’re familiar with the techniques, you’ll totally be able to freehand your own designs. Until then, however, why not invest in a starter kit to help you create awesome patterns until you’ve learned enough to try out ones of your own design? This wine-themed string art kit from String of The Art is the perfect example of what we mean!

The beauty of this kit is that it gives you the perfect amount (with some to spare, just in case) of everything you’ll need to make the design happen, plus full instructions and a design template. It’s the perfect way to build a foundation that will help you do more complicated designs or design string art of your own in the future, with or without a kit.

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9. 5ARTH wood slice painting kit

5arth wood slice painting kit

Did wereally catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of investing in a kit that will help you practice your painting skills a little more, but you’re just not sure that a paint by numbers kit is quite the kind of thing you were looking for? Well, especially if you’ve always loved decor pieces with wood finishes because they suit your home’s rustic scheme better than we think you’ll really appreciate this wood slice painting kit offered by 5ARTH.

This kit provides you with a certain number of variously sized pre-cut wood slices, a tiny easel for making the process of painting them a little easier, and a series of delicate paintbrushes that are perfectly sized for this miniature art, as well as some paints that adhere well to the wood surface. They also give you instructions for turning your painted slices into all kinds of awesome things, including Christmas tree ornaments, fridge magnets, and necklace pendants.

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10. TOPWOOZU wood burning kit

Topwuzoo wood burning kit

Have we actuallyreally piqued your curiosity now in our mention of projects that involve wood in some way, but painting color onto your wood wasn’t really what you had in mind? Well, just because you want to keep things a little more neutral and natural-looking doesn’t mean you can’t still add some visual detail to your woodworking pieces. Instead, maybe it’s time to learn how to use a wood-burning kit like this one from TOPWOOZU!

This kit includes one electric wood-burning pen but a whole series of differently shaped and sized interchangeable metal heads for it that will help you get all kinds of effects burnt into the surface of your wooden projects. They even give you a series of stencils, as well as full instructions for using the pen, effectively getting the most out of each different head,and making use of the stencils, all without burning yourself.

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