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10 Best Craft Kits for Boys with Creative Taste

Crafting kits have long been a fantastic way to keep kids busy, but they’re great for all kinds of other reasons too. When you buy a new crafting kit, you’re investing in learning, skill development, and the fostering of new kinds of creativity. It’s just an added bonus that your kids might sit still for a few hours and work on their patience and concentration skills, too, while they’re at it.

Best Craft Kits for Boys

As parents of boys, we often find that alot of crafting kits are flowery, cutesy, feminine, and geared more towards little girls. Our sons are extremely creative, however, and we want to make sure we foster that and help them grow their skills. That’s why we’ve been scouring the Internet for good crafting kids for boys, comparing and contrasting what each one has to offer.

What are crafting kits for boys?

When you purchase craft kits for boys, you are also usually purchasing the full instructions for the project you chose. Additionally, you’re getting the bundled supplies that you’ll need to make that project happen in the correct amounts. Except for a few commonly owned tools (like scissors, for example), most kits aim to give you everything you need to try that project out, making the process as easy and fun as possible.

What kinds of crafting kits are there?

The world of craft kits for boys is pretty diverse and exciting when you really delve into it. We find new kinds of crafting kits we’ve never seen or tried before all the time. If it’s a DIY skill, there’s probably an easy-to-use, teachable crafting kit out there that will help you or your kids try the technique out at least once.

Best Craft Kits for Boys

We collected the links for ten of the best crafting kits for boys that we could find available online. Check them out in this list below, complete with a discussion of their pros and cons to help you choose between them more easily.

1. Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Train or Race Car kits

Melissa & doug decorate your own wooden t

Are your sons both avid little paintersand total vehicle enthusiasts? Then these wooden car and train painting sets fromMelissa & Doug are likely to be a big hit in your house.

Not only with they learn a tiny bit of woodworking or model building from the process of attaching their own wooden wheels with pegs, but they’ll also increase their hand-painting experience.

It’s awesome that everything you need to make these vehicles happen is right there in the kit, but take note that these are definitely one-time projects. You might have some paint leftover at the end, but each kit only comes with one wooden car or train.

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2. Li’l-Gen Magnetix Tile and Rock Painting kit

Li:l gen magnetix tile and rock painting kit

Continuing along this theme of creative and slightly unconventional painting projects, here’s a crafting kit from Li’l-Gen that will help your kids learn how to paint directly onto rocks. They even actually provide you with smooth stones that are the perfect shape and size for making different designs.

Once the rocks are gone, you can also paint on the tiles provided alongside them. The kit includes paint, brushes, and even a few templates that you can use to stencil.

This kit is the kind where you might either run out of things to paint before you run out of the paint itself or vice versa. The great thing, however, is that you can always either purchase more paint or gather more rocks somewhere else and continue using whichever you have left.

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3. Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling craft kit

Creative kids air dry clay modeling craft kit

If your kits are the kind who just adore creating something from nothing or like very hands-on kinds of crafting the most, then it might be time to use a kit like this one fromCreative Kids as a tool for teaching them about clay modeling.

This kit gives you 30 bricks of clay in different shades and colors, three plastic clay cutting and shaping tools, and even some googly eyes for decorating your projects with. You’ll also get a set of keyrings that will let you show off your smaller pieces once they’re dry or make gifts for loved ones.

The main point of concern when working with air dry clay is that itmust be stored properly between uses if you want to be able to use it again. If it’s not sealed airtight when you put it away, the blocks will dry up, and you’ll just have hard colored bricks next time you pull the kit out to use it!

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4. Lava Crafts drawing stencils set

Lava crafts drawing stencils set

If your kits have never worked with stencils before then, there’s no time like the present to teach them. This little stencil set from Lava Crafts gives you a hard portable case full of different lettering and numbering styles, a wide range of stencils shaped like different animals, and even some pencils and pencil crayons to use the stencils with.

All you really need besides this kit is paper.

Keep in mind while you’re using this kit that these stencils, which are made of thin plastic, are ever so slightly fragile. They’re easy for little hands to use, but they’re also breakable if your kids get a little too rough in their artistic excitement.

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5. Creativity for Kids Create with Clay Dinosaurs

Creativity for kids create with clay dinosaurs

Just in case you liked the idea of teaching your kids to use clay, but you’re just not sure they’re quite ready to be crafting entire models from scratch yet, here’s a kit from Creativity for Kids that will help dinosaur lovers learn the building block skills leading up to more freestyle clay modeling.

This kit gives you three plastic figurines of dinosaur skeletons and guides them through the process of bringing the creatures to life by covering them in clay.

We’d suggest evaluating your workspace carefully whenever young kids work with soft textured things that might be easily ground in carpets or clothing. Consider putting plastic or scrap paper down on your table before you get started with this project.

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6. Kraftic DIY carpentry set for kids

Kraftic diy carpentry set for kids

Have your kids already shown an interest in your own woodworking skills or become totally obsessed with their plastic toy tools? Then maybe it’s time to start them on actual woodworking early with this kids’ carpentry kit from Kraftic.

This box gives you a range of differently shaped wooden pieces, pencils and a ruler, wood glue, and even a miniature hammer and nails. The instructions show you how to carefully combine the pieces using either glue or nails to create different things.

Although this kit is quite safe because there’s no actual cutting of work involved, remain cautious when the hammer and nails are in use. They’re small, kid-friendly versions of the real thing, but they’re still heavy and sharp. Your diligence might help you avoid the age-old carpenter’s injury of hammered little thumbs.

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7. ZMLM Scratch Paper art set

Zmlm scratch paper art set

If your kids love creating visual art, but they’re also yearning to make more intricate looking pictures than their current painting and drawing skills allow for, you might help them feel a little more accomplished with this scratch paper art set from ZMLM.

This kit shows you how to make mages on specially made black wax paper by scratching its top layer away with pointed wooden sticks to reveal bright colors underneath. Some sheets have predesigned sketches on them, while they are blank and free for you to get creative or use stencils in. There are also smaller cutout shapes that you can decorate.

Just remember with this kit that, as your kids scratch that wax away, the excess has to go somewhere. We’d suggest putting scrap paper or plastic down on the tabletop while they work on this, so there’s something to catch stray debris besides your furniture and floor.

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8. Four Seasons Crafting Wild Friends Adventure kids’ sewing kit

Four seasons crafting wild friends adventure kids' sewing kit

Sewing is a technique and skill that’s beneficial for everyone to learn, but that is often geared solely towards little girls. That’s why we were so thrilled to come across this kids’ sewing kit from Four Seasons Crafting that’s a little less girly and a little more friendly toeveryone.

This kit gives you slightly blunted plastic kid-friendly needles and thread, pre-cut animal-shaped felt pieces, sew-on accessories, stuffing, and even a reusable bag to store all of your supplies in between sewing sessions.

It’s worth noting here that the amount of stuffing provided is very small. It’s quite likely that you’ll run out before your kids have sewing all of the animals, so you might want to have a crafty alternative on hand, like cotton balls or yarn scraps.

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9. IQ Builder STEM Learning construction toys set


Are your kids a little older or more interested in actually constructing pieces from scratch, already taking an interest in how things with moving parts work? Then they might prefer using something like this plastic sticks and joints building kit fromIQ Builder.

This kit is actually entirely reusable, clicking apart to be put away just as easily as it all clicked together to build shapes. The pieces come store in a nice plastic tub, and you’ll also get full building guides for creating all kinds of different shapes.

Keep in mind that this kit involvesmany small parts. This might be fine in a house with only older children, but the small joints could pose a choking hazard for younger siblings if they’re left scattered around.

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10. Made By Me Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Made by me paint your own wooden cars

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of buying a car painting set because your kids love both paintingand vehicles, but you weren’t fond of the way the previous kit only gave you one car? Then consider this similar alternative from Made By Me instead.

The premise is the same- you’ll put the wheels on your own cars and use the paint and brushes provided to decorate them- but this time, you’re getting three cars instead of just one.

Although there’s technically enough paint provided to cover all three of these cars, if you use a careful, reserved hand, the possibility that your kids will get too excited on car one and run out of their colors by car three is pretty high. You might want to have some backup paint on hand just in case.

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Who are crafting kits for?

Most crafting kits are aimed at children, but there are definitely some adult kits out there as well. Our search was centered on kits for little boys, but you’ll also find kits for girls, kits for toddlers no matter their gender, and kits aimed at beginners of any age. Of course, crafting kits don’t really come with any steadfast rules about who can use them, so choose the ones that look appropriate for the skill levels in question and interest you most.

Crafting kits and age

Now, these particular kits on our listare aimed at kids and the things that boys tend to like. With that said, however, any person who finds a kit interesting is, of course, welcome to try it out. If you’re a fully grown adult who has never tried sewing before, for example, there is nothing to stop you from learning how to use a kids’ animal kit just because it’s easy and you like animals too.

Crafting kit refills

In most crafting kits, you receive just enough supplies to make the craft a certain number of times. In some, that’s actually only once, and then the kit is done. Others, however, give you a tool or two that you can keep using to perfect the technique, either with new supplies that you got elsewhere or a refill pack sold by the same brand. It all just depends on the project you choose.

Do you know another crafty parent who has been on the lookout for crafting kits for their sons to help share their love for DIY? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to choose from.