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Welcoming Bedroom Tips To Inspire Your Own Personal Space

Are you looking for ways to create a more comfortable bedroom? From the bed itself to the windows too, there are so many ways to cultivate an area that exudes coziness, welcomeness, and warmth. A comfortable mattress or a topper is a must, layered textures should be included, and always incorporate colors that inspire you. Let’s take a peek at 10 bedrooms that will surely inspire your personal space and some tips on how to create that same, comfortable atmosphere you’ll find in each overall design.

1. Color is Key

Choosing your colors is the key to building a bedroom that you love to be in. Neutral colors set the stage to easily mix, match, and change things around. Bright shades invite vivacious spirits and upbeat energy. Pastel tones lay down a bit of femininity. Subdued ombre patterns may be more your speed. This part is all up to you. What excites you? What invites you in? It’s different for everyone. But, here’s a quick code that can help you make your choices.

Bedroom design with tufted headboard and mattress

What Your Choice of Color Will Say

  • Whites: Whether you use a crisp white as the foundation or go with a modern, monochromatic scheme, white gives a fresh, clean energy that always feels good. And it’s easy to personalize in new ways throughout the change in seasons.
  • Taupes & Creams: For those that like an au natural vibe, go with a tone that can evokes that same spirit. Taupes and creams help to create an earthy nature that does well when paired with vibrant greens or fresh plants.
  • Greens: Lovers of the outdoors may gravitate naturally to greens, in all shades and tones. From sage to olive to emerald to mint, there’s something incredibly refreshing about going this route.
  • Pinks & Peaches: Add a bit of girlish charm to the bedroom with a bout of pink tones or peach shades. They play nicely with blues if you want a soft edge but allow a youthfulness in your bedroom that may be exactly the feeling you need.
  • Purples: Those that long for womanly feels but with bouts of sophisticated and spice, may need to look towards a purple palettes; especially those deeper hues such as plum or violet.
  • Black & Greys: Darker hues will take over your bedroom – but in the best way. If you have a larger space to work with, create a cozy cocoon with one of these classic colors.
  • Blues: Blue is a fan-favorite color, possibly because it acts as one of the more relaxing of tones. It also provides bouts of serenity due to its natural correlation to the sky and the water.

Wood bed headboard with backlight

2. Layer Up Your Texture

Textures can create a coziness that a bedroom calls for. From your bed to your windows, think about billowing fabrics that exude comfort. We encourage extra throw pillows, shaggy blankets, plush carpets, and more sprinkled around the bedroom in colors and prints of your choice. This creates not only a welcomed energy but interest around the room for design purposes.

Bedroom decor with modern accents baroque

Texture Choices To Layer Your Room With

  • Plants: Adding some plants here and there around your room will add texture, of course, but also a breath of fresh air as well. The pop of organic green is always a welcoming favor too. Think about allowing more voluminous plants such as leafy ferns or billowing ivy.
  • Fur bedding: Whether it’s a throw blanket, a pillow, or the comforter itself, a bit of extra turnover hurt. This definitely adds a certain coziness to the picture and is especially beneficial during the colder months of the year.
  • Ruffled curtains: Create a focal point at your windows with layered, ruffled curtains. You can find them in various colors as well as a variety of styles – from boho to contemporary.
  • Velvets: There are several areas of a bedroom that you can insert some soft velvet into, including your headboard, the ottoman, or even the curtains. And, wherever you decide, it absolutely become a touchable, textural powerhouse.
  • Crocheted Hangings: For those that was some art on their walls, you can squeeze some texture in that way as well. Fiber art, such as crocheted wall hangings, will do the trick!
  • Shag rugs: A throw rug is always a nice addition to a bedroom – and paying attention to the floor is a surefire way to bring even more comfort into the bedroom. A shag rug adds just the right amount of luxury.

Fabric modern geometric headboard

3. Breathe In Some (Green) Life

We believe every room should have just a bit of green. Whether that’s a throw pillow or a faux succulent on a corner table – or fresh florals in the kitchen – it’s such a healthy way to induce nature’s own into your home style. And there are a lot of ways to do it in the bedroom. Large, medium, and small plants will work in any corner; and we already knew they bring extra texture and interest into any space as well. Get creative. They even work well in your connected bathrooms.

Modern bedroom decor with hanging lamps

Plants To Pot Inside Your Home (Faux or Not)

  • Succulents: They’re easy to take care of – low maintenance is a must when you’re inside the house. And they come in a variety of sizes, shades of green, and textures. Choose one you love and then dress up the corners of your room with them.
  • Ferns: These darlings will add volume. They’re also on the more delicate side for those that want to keep a feminine touch into the mix.
  • Zebras: Aztec-inspired spaced will love you for this addition. It feels very close to the vibe that succulents tend to give off and fit well inside a variety of style genres – bohemian, contemporary, even a mid-century modern scheme.
  • Spider plants: For our more traditional folks, this spider plant is perfect! It’s an incredibly low-maintenance plant (it’ll be fine when you go on quick trips!) and adds a down-home spirit to your space.
  • Ficus: If you have a larger bedroom (or studio apartment) a ficus would be a wonderful addition. It’s a bit grander in presence and works beautifully in modern and spaces.

Pink modern nighstands and wall storage

4. De-Clutter Every Corner

Cluttered spaces don’t feel good and they certainly don’t feel inviting. You don’t want a bedroom that causes anxiety. Make sure that as part of your transformation that you de-clutter every corner of your personal space. Create a storage plan, throw away nonsense you’ve been holding on to for far too long, and organize your closet while you’re at it!

Bedroom with walk in closet mirror doors

Quick Places To Start Your Organization:

  • Vanity/Dresser Tops: There’s trash, knick-knacks, and randoms amounts of stuff piling up here isn’t there. Re-style and re-organize for a brand new look upon entrance.
  • The Closet: You’ll feel so much better by purging your closet. Tidy up your clothes, arrange them by season (and by color if you’re feeling feisty).
  • Drawers: Might as well hit your drawers too. You’ll probably find that other sock and you’re favorite pair of pants that you thought you lost last Christmas.
  • Nightstand: Just like your vanity and dresser tops, this is another place that quickly collects trash (including the drawer, if you’ve got one). Clean it up!
  • Under the Bed: Let’s be real, even if you don’t have stuff shoved under there – there’s at least some trash that’s taking over. Go ahead and clean this up. You can even use it for out-of-season clothing storage with the right equipment!

Grey modern bed frame with mirrored frame

5. Personalize It

Of course, at the end of the day, this is your space and you should personalize it to your liking. Make sure that when you walk in, that it feels like a space that echoes your loves, your personality, and your style. And there are plenty of ways to make that happen!

Teenage bedroom decor

Easy Ways To Personal Your Space

  • Create Some DIY Art: Truly adding your own spin on your space doesn’t get much more pure than this. There are hundreds of DIYs to choose from, pick one and get started!
  • Add Your Initials: A super easy way to put your own stamp on your bedroom is to add your initials to the decor. This may be in the aforementioned artwork or on a throw pillow!
  • Show Off Your Accomplishments: Don’t be afraid to show off your accomplishments. Diplomas, awards, trophies, and the like can be stylishly framed and used as a fun focus to the area.
  • Include Your Hobbies: And finally, include your hobbies into your room’s design. Create a space for your keyboard or maybe stand-up an easel near the window for an afternoon paint session.

And there you have it folks! Those are just 5 easy ways to provide new style and comfort to your bedroom. Now, why not do a quick re-vamp of your space this weekend?

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