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15 DIY Dorm Room Storage Ideas To Organize ASAP

College can be hard enough without massive amounts of clutter messing up the corners and nooks of the dorm. Instead of going in without a plan, invest in some do-it-yourself ideas and become neat and tidy from the very day you move in. Below are 15 DIY dorm room storage ideas that will help you organize all the necessities ASAP.

1. Wall Bed Slat Storage Board

Diy bed slat storage

Brit + Co begins our organizational journey with this bed slat idea! Hang up the industrial piece that you’ve DIYed and then tidy up some of the necessities you have lying around the dorm. Magazines, washcloths, nail polish and more, you can find a home for all of the odds and ends here.

2. Stylish Desk Drawers

Diy desk drawers

Check out this fun DIY from Brit + Co! Using some Ikea inspiration, you’ll have your desk or variety space organized and “stuff” stored away in no time. We love the stylish additions that you can personalize as well.

3. Under-the-Bed Storage

Under the bed storage diy

It’s important to utilize every single inch of space throughout the dorm area. And that under-the-bed room can be made into the ultimate storage solution. Just check out this from Terri Puma Design!

4. Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Diy multipurpose furniture

You’ll want to go double-duty on furniture pieces. This design from A Beautiful Mess is used as both storage and as a coffee table of sorts. Keep this in mind when buying and DIYing your own bits for your dorm room

5. Diamond Desk Storage

Diy diamond desk storage