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Adorable DIY Doggy Collars For Your Furry Friend

Using your various DIY skills to make new things for yourself is always fun, but do you know what can be even better? Making nice things for others! You don’t have to limit your DIY gifts to just other people, though. Why not craft something nice for your furry friends too? Dogs make awesome DIY gift recipients!

Check out these 15 adorable DIY dog collar ideas that your pup will look nothing short of dashing in.

1. Neon paracord collar

Neon paracord collar

Shop Craft Warehouse shows you how to measure, cut, and weave fun, brightly coloured strips of paracord to create this adorable rainbow collar. Use a jewelry ring to attach a name tag through one of the holes!

2. Peter Pan pooch collar

Peter pan pooch collar

This hilarious design might look more like the collar of a blouse than a practical dog collar, but we’re still totally into it! You’re  Welcome Savannah shows you how to make these adornments with scalloped edges and a button in the middle.

3. Necktie collar

Necktie collar

The idea of your dog wearing a necktie is definitely a funny one, but this idea isn’t quite as gimmicky as that! This cute collar by Hue and Hum is a little more practical and it also upcycles something you no longer wear because it’s made from an old necktie instead of being shaped like one!

4. Studded leather collar

Studded leather collar

Are you looking for a project that’s a little more hands on and also looks and works more like an actual collar and less like a doggy accessory? This studded leather collar is probably more your cup of tea! Get the instructions for making it at Make.

5. Blinged out rhinestone collar

Blinged out rhinestone collar

Is your doggie every bit as stylish as you are? We love this glamorous idea for a rhinestone collar by She Knows! Of course, you can already buy pre-made collars like the one above that have a little bit of bling, but we like the idea of adding more!

6. DIY Martingale collar

Diy martinggale collar

This adorable design from My So Called Crafty Life shows you how to make a good, sturdy collar with a preppy style that automatically makes your furry friend look very smart indeed. There’s a little bit of sewing involved, but the tutorial walks you through every step!

7. Upcycled belt collar

Upcycled belt collar

Do you have some old fabric belts you don’t wear anymore, or do you live near a thrift store that’s filled with them? Put them to good use by making little dog collars! All it takes is a simple adjustment but don’t worry, Hue and Hum has you covered for instructions!

8. Rainbow paracord dog collar

Rainbow paracord dog collar

Did you like the colourful paracord idea from earlier on the list but feel like perhaps that weave is a little too complicated for now? Here’s a simpler version using just one type of paracord that’s already variegated in colour to make it even easier! Check it out on Hands Occupied.

9. Tooled leather collar

Tooled leather collar

This DIY idea is a little more complicated than most because it requires special tool, but it’s great inspiration for those who have already worked with leather before or have easy access to the supplies! Check out Life and Dog to see how these awesome collars were made with a leather crafting mallet and imprinting letters.

10. Yarn applique collar

Yarn applique collar

This project actually customizes a pre-made dog collar rather than making one from scratch. It’s also a great way to use up scrap yarn ends! Find the tutorial on Instructables.

Have you made other DIY dog collars for your furry friend in a style that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!

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