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15 Avocado Toasts Recipes That Are Right On Trend

It’s one of the trendiest dishes around. Served up with a slice of lemon and some cracked pepper, it’s a simple brunch meal that will delight a lot of tastebuds. But, what are some other variations on this classic bite that make it even more exciting? Well, we’ve found 15 avocado toast recipes that are right on trend but a bit jazzier than what you may be used to. Scroll below and have a look!

1. Vegan

Vegan avocado toast recipe

Minimalist Bakergives us a vegan-friendly recipe that we can all get behind. With the right amount of toppings, you can get an extra flavorful bite every single time. The key ingredients here are the vegan parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes!

2. Caprese

Caprese avocado toast recipe

Who loves a good caprese salad? Well, if so, then you should really use those flavors to jazz up your next helping of avocado toast. Delish has all the details behind this delicious masterpiece.

3. West Coast

West coast avocado toast recipe

EatingWellwent with some West Coast flavors and its basically a yummy mixed salad sitting atop your toast. Starting out with a spread of hummus and working up from there, it’s a healthy and filled option. Perfect for brunch or a light lunch, don’t forget your sprouts either!

4. Poached Egg

Poached egg toast with avocado

For something a bit more indulgent, why not add a poached egg on top? Crack into this deliciousness for Sunday brunch and watch all the oozy goodness come pouring out. Check out the rest of the details over at Pinch of Yum.

5. Mango & Chili Powder

Avocado toast with mango

Here’s something both sweet and spicy – and unique too. Add some fresh mango, chili powder, and a bout of mint to your avocado toast. You’ll be starting your day off with a nice kick by going with this recipe from Serious Eats.

6. Nacho

Nacho avocado toast

Veggie Primerwent with a nacho-inspired avocado toast and we’re drooling over this one. We all love a bit of avocado in our nachos, so why not use that as a unique spin on the trendy brunch dish? This particular recipe is also vegan and gluten-free.

7. Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic avocado toast

Noming thru Lifeadded some garlic flavoring to their sliced avocado and we’re loving this bite too. This too holds some red pepper flakes along with hemp seeds as well. It’s a super simple but flavorful recipe.

8. Ricotta Cheese & Olive Oil

Avocado toast with ricotta cheese and olive oil

We’re also big fans of ricotta cheese, it’s the filling to some of our favorite treats (ahem, lasagna and cannolis of course!). But over at Serious Eats, you’ll be topping off your avocado toast with some and a base of olive oil too.

9. Lobster & Jalapeños

Lobster avocado toast with jalapenos 4

Domesticate ME!went with an indulgent topper to their toast. Why not add some lobster and jalapeño to your brunch dish this week? Follow the link to check out all of the details.

10. Peppery

Peppery avocado toast recipe

A bit of peppers on top could be delicious too, don’t you think? Again, this one is super simple to follow and all you have to do is visit Good Housekeepingto check out all of the details.

11. Chipotle Roasted Corn

Chipotle roasted corn avocado toast

Vegan Richa went with Mexican-inspired flavors. Some roasted corn and a bit of onion with cilantro on top will make quite the fun bite. This is a great recipe to go with for a light lunch or a way to add some spice to your classic, healthy dish.

12. Orange Basil

Orange basil balsamic avocado toast

We found another unique spin on our favorite avocado toast. Over at The Healthy Maven you’ll find all of the details behind this orange-inspired plate. Who knew slices of fresh oranges and basil could be such a delicious accompaniment?

13. Spicy

Small spicy avocado toast with egg

Isabel Eatswent simply as well. This one is a bit spicy but still super easy to recreate right at home – and quickly too! It’s the red pepper flakes that you’ll add with some cheese at the end that will take it over the top.

14. Peach & Whipped Feta

Peach and whipped feta avocado toast

For something sweeter and lighter, how about adding some peach slices? Some whipped feta is another good accompaniment to this spread and it’s perfect for a light and delicious snack for our spring and summer months. Check it out at Wholefully.

15. Bacon & Tomato

Bacon tomato avocado toast

Simply Scratchadded some bacon and tomato on top of their toast and we’re loving this one too. It’s a classic, comforting treat that will satisfy you when you need a good pick me up. You could also add a bit of cheese to this one as well!

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