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20 Fun At-Home Valentine’s Day Activities That Feel Underrated

Not all couples wish to go out and make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day; some prefer to stay home and enjoy fun activities together. Read on to discover at-home activities that feel underrated for couples on February 14th.

At home valentine's day activities

Every year, couples worldwide scramble to plan an evening of romance and togetherness. Many individuals seek creative ways to celebrate their special day in the comfort of their homes since it’s often cheaper, less stressful, and more intimate than going out. From romantic date night dinners to adventurous activities like escape rooms, there are myriad activities for couples to show their love on February 14th without leaving the house. Here is a list of the Valentine’s Day at-home activities for couples described in this article:

  • Start the day with breakfast in bed
  • Cook or bake together
  • Have a wine tasting with cheese
  • Make cocktails
  • Enjoy an indoor or backyard picnic
  • Watch movies or a TV show
  • Play a co-op video game
  • Play board games
  • Organize a romantic scavenger hunt
  • Get to know each other better
  • Fill the house with post-it notes
  • Plan a romantic getaway
  • Create an international experience
  • Craft together
  • Make a photo session
  • Browse family photos
  • Take turns reading a book
  • Write a story together
  • Learn a couple’s dance
  • Re-enact your first date

Read on to discover more information about each Valentine’s Day at-home activity for couples:

1. Start the day with breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Waking to a lovingly prepared breakfast is the best way for couples, friends, and families to kickstart Valentine’s Day at home. Start by selecting breakfast recipes, whether savory, like scrambled eggs with bacon or a vegetable frittata, or sweet, like an indulgent French toast bake. Then gather your ingredients, follow the recipe instructions, and creatively assemble the breakfast. For instance, top it off with fresh seasonal fruit, freshly grated cheese, or crunchy granola. While plating the meal, add romantic details such as colorful heart-shaped cookies or waffles or hand-written love letters. Finally, dress the tray with decorations like candles and rose petals since these small touches will make breakfast in bed feel truly magical. Once everything is assembled and ready to go, surprise your loved one with the bedside delivery of their breakfast in bed.

2. Cook or bake together

Couple cooking together

Cooking or baking together is a fantastic Valentine’s Day activity for stay-at-home couples, friends, and families. It’s fun, rewarding, and helps strengthen your relationship, regardless of its nature. Start by planning a menu. For instance, make things more interesting by trying something new, like a Valentine’s Day dessert, or recreating a favorite meal from a restaurant. After shopping for the ingredients and lining them up on your kitchen counter, play music in the background, discuss what you’re making, catch up, and share stories. Depending on the complexity of the dishes, it might be helpful to assign tasks and break them down into manageable pieces. For example, parents can handle elaborate meals while kids take care of the salads, sauces, or drinks. Set the mood in the dining area by dimming the lights or lighting candles and opening a bottle of wine for adults or apple cider for kids. As each dish is finished, take the time to admire how it looks and smells before sitting down and indulging in your delectable creations. Don’t worry about making perfect food since it’s the shared, rewarding experience that counts.

3. Have a wine tasting with cheese

Wine tasting with cheese

Having a wine tasting at home with cheese is a fantastic Valentine’s Day activity to spend with your significant other. Before indulging in this activity, look into ways to pair different cheeses with different wines. For instance, hard cheeses like cheddar or Swiss go best with crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Soft, creamy varieties like Brie make a great match with spicy red wines like Shiraz or Merlot. Aged cheeses have a more intense flavor that pairs well with a sweeter dessert wine like Sauternes or Icewine.

Presentation is important when hosting a cheese and wine tasting event with guests at home for Valentine’s Day. Create an inviting atmosphere by setting out small plates and napkins on top of matching coasters or placemats to feel each person feel pampered and set the scene for your special evening. Place different types of cheese on platters around the room so guests can easily see what they’re sampling. Ensure there are enough glasses for everyone participating; two glasses per person is ideal since one is for white wines and the other is for reds. If the cheese and wine tasting event is just for you and your partner, use a charcuterie board for the cheese since it’s easier. Take turns trying each pairing of wine and cheese, mix and match, and discuss your thoughts on the taste and aroma. It may also be interesting to research where each cheese or varietal of wine comes from. Take photos throughout your experience to reflect on your delicious discoveries later down the line.

4. Make cocktails


Mixology is a fun Valentine’s Day hands-on activity for couples interested in trying a new experience and learning a new skill without breaking the bank. Mixology involves creating cocktails with various ingredients and flavors blended together in creative combinations.

To get your mixology session going for Valentine’s Day, it’s best to start by consulting a mixology book for beginners; it tells you everything you need to know about cocktail recipes, tools, and ingredients. For example, you will need glasses, shakers, jiggers, strainers, muddlers, and ice. A good selection of liquors, such as vodka, bourbon, rum, gin, triple sec, and Cointreau, is also essential for crafting delicious drinks. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stock up on cocktail garnishes like olives, citrus wedges, and sugar cubes for extra points on presentation and flavor. You and your partner can experiment with different flavor combinations by trying classic cocktails or inventing new recipes. Feel free to explore our selection of handpicked cocktail recipes that announce spring.

5. Enjoy an indoor or backyard picnic

Indoor picnic

An indoor or backyard picnic is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home by creating a romantic setting for unwinding, sharing delicious food, enjoying nature, and discussing your hopes and dreams. To make your picnic special, plan ahead with decorations, activities, and treats that will add something unique to the day. Start by decorating the area where you’ll be having your picnic. Use soft fabric or a cute table cover in your favorite color for a cozy touch, add strings of lights or hang festive banners around the area, and place bright and colorful seat cushions down to get comfortable while you dine. For a backyard picnic at night, use lanterns and tiki torches to light up the sky. Regarding food and drink, make something simple that both of you will enjoy, such as homemade pizza or sandwiches, pairing it with bubbly drinks like sparkling cider or mocktails. Have a backup plan in case the conversation gets stale, such as card games or board games for couples.

6. Watch movies or a TV show

Watch movie

Watching a movie or a TV show is a classic activity for Valentine’s Day since you cuddle up on the sofa with your significant other and tune into a good flick. Traditionally, people watch romantic films about finding and maintaining love on February 14th, such as classic oldies or modern blockbusters. For example, watch the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight trilogy since there’s much to debate about with your partner. Add treats or snacks as part of the experience, from popcorn and candy to charcuterie boards and other delicious delights. For an ultra-romantic experience, consider renting a movie projector, clearing out the biggest wall in your home, and enjoying the movie on a larger scale.

7. Play a co-op video game

Game controllers

Playing co-op video games is an exciting Valentine’s Day activity that provides a shared, immersive experience and an opportunity to create lasting memories. Since the games are cooperative, you’ll play on the same team, which is great for practicing real-life relationship teamwork. Choose a game to play together, whether it’s something laid back like Unravel Two and It Takes Two, or challenging like Overcooked or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

8. Play board games

Board games

Board games are a laid-back activity for couples on Valentine’s Day to take a break from screen time and engage in friendly competition. Additionally, board games encourage cooperation and communication between partners while allowing them to get out of their shells. Pick the game together, whether it’s a classic like Scrabble, something competitive like Exploding Kittens, something creative like Dixit, or something exciting like Jenga or an escape room. Alternatively, stick to the Valentine’s Day narrative by playing steamy board games like Monogamy.

9. Organize a romantic scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is an awesome Valentine’s Day activity for couples to relive their favorite moments together while going on an adventure around the house or backyard. The only downside is that the hunt can be enjoyed by a single person since the other one has to organize it. Make the game personal by writing down clues inspired by your history together. For example, write Our favorite book on a clue, leading your partner to a book you both enjoyed reading. Keep it lighthearted, though, especially if your S.O. has a poor memory. Use romantic words and phrases that will make them smile, place the clues in various places, and ensure there’s a prize at the end of the scavenger hunt. For example, prepare a romantic dinner or a gift from their wishlist. Check out All Gifts Considered for more romantic scavenger hunt ideas.

10. Get to know each other better

Couple talking

It may seem trivial, but talking and getting to know each other is a healthy way of spending Valentine’s Day, as communication and understanding are the basis of any successful relationship. A common mistake most couples make is not trying to discover new things about their partner since they believe they already know everything. There’s always something new to unveil, especially since tastes change over time, so what was true a few years ago might not stand anymore. Set aside quality time to talk about your relationship, short-term and long-term aspirations, family goals, hidden interests, potential new activities to explore together, and so on. This activity will strengthen your bond and open doors for self-expression and deeper understanding. Check out examples of deep questions to ask, courtesy of Berkeley Well-Being Institute.

11. Fill the house with post-it notes

Romantic post it notes

Writing post-in notes and sticking them in surprising places in your home is a lovely activity for surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day. It’s not necessary to write long and elaborate love confessions; stick to love notes, heartfelt or appreciative messages, inside jokes, and small bits of history between you two – whatever will get your significant other smiling. In addition to writing everything down on individual post-it notes, you must find a window for sneakily placing them in your house without your spouse noticing, perhaps while they are sleeping or working.

12. Plan a romantic getaway

Plan a trip

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway is a great way for couples to enjoy the holiday together in an exciting and unique way, whether it’s a short weekend trip or a full week. This activity helps you stay connected by making plans together instead of individually and gives your relationship a spark knowing there’s something fun to look forward to. Do online research or go to different travel agencies and stock up on brochures with information about destinations you’re interested in. Look up flight dates, times, and prices, check out hotels or Airbnb listings, and make a list of fun activities for each destination. Discuss all your options and narrow them down until you can pick a romantic getaway easily. 

13. Create an international experience

French couple

Creating an international experience at home is an immersive Valentine’s Day activity for couples who don’t want to go out. Easily transport yourself to another country and explore its culture in your home’s comfort in just a few steps. Pick a country you wish to visit one day and begin researching it. Find information about its cuisine, customs, traditions, and tourist spots with an easy Internet search. Then, create a menu with country-specific dishes, dress up in traditional clothes if it resonates with you two, watch movies set in this location, listen to music from local artists, or read culture-related articles. Discuss the most surprising information with your partner and decide the places you wish to visit in that country.

14. Craft together

Couple crafting

Crafting is a fun Valentine’s Day activity at home that provides many benefits to individuals. Examples include increased creativity, improved mental health, and enhanced stress relief. Crafting is a fantastic way to connect with people, build relationships, create an outlet for expressing emotions in a tangible way, enable self-expression, improve concentration skills, and build self-confidence.

Many Valentine’s Day crafting projects are suitable for couples, such as decorations, jewelry, cards, sewing, macrame, or woodworking. Run a few ideas by your significant other and decide together what your crafting project will be. Then gather the necessary tools and materials and follow step-by-step instructions. Don’t worry about delivering perfect results since this Valentine’s Day activity is all about sharing a rewarding experience, at the end of which you will have a sentimental reminder.

15. Make a photo session

Couple photoshoot

A photo session is an entertaining at-home activity for couples on Valentine’s Day to have fun making new memories. Make preparations by tidying your living space and setting up a makeshift photo studio. You will need a good light source (natural if possible), an improvised backdrop, and props for extra effect. Learn how to build a photo studio at home from Photo Workout. Experiment with different poses, angles, lighting settings, and outfit changes. Take as many shots as possible since you will review and filter them later on your computer. After finishing the photoshoot, pick your favorite and talk to your partner about editing them or leaving them untouched. Decide what to do about the pictures. For example, create a photo album, collage, or wall display.

16. Browse family photos

Family photos

One of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day at home is by browsing through family photos. Reminiscing about past times and thinking about how far you’ve come brings a new sense of joy and appreciation for your current life.

There are various ways to browse family photos on February 14th. For instance, lay physical pictures on a large surface or hang them around the house. Get creative by making a collage using various frame shapes and sizes. Alternatively, create a timeline wall with your family’s milestones. Regarding digital photos, use software programs to create presentations like slideshows or albums. The most important part is sharing these moments with your S.O., discussing your thoughts and feelings about each picture; it will likely bring lots of laughs and maybe some tears.

17. Take turns reading a book

Couple reading a book

Reading a novel is a charming Valentine’s Day at-home activity for couples and a fantastic opportunity to reduce screen time. It doesn’t have to be a romantic book just because it’s February 14th. Pick the book genre with your partner and write down a few titles each. It’s a good idea to research trigger warnings for each book since you might not want to deal with uncomfortable topics on Valentine’s Day. After choosing the book, take turns reading chapters while curling up on the couch together. Take breaks regularly to discuss story themes, liked and disliked characters, plot points, underlying messages the author intended to convey, and potential plot twists you see coming. If you don’t want to spoil the fun while reading the book, take notes to discuss later after finishing the story.

18. Write a story together

Writing a book

Writing a story together is a creative and fun Valentine’s Day activity for at-home individuals. It’s a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box, with many benefits for couples. Writing as a team encourages open communication and creativity, fostering collaboration and trust. You must develop ideas, debate plot points and characters, and envision the finished product together. Due to the collaborative nature, you will include diverse perspectives and bring unique insights into the narrative, create detailed world-building descriptions using vivid language, and provide feedback to each other on jokes or plot twists.

Consider writing a short story if you don’t want to drag this activity longer than Valentine’s Day. Otherwise, creating something more elaborate that takes several days or even months to complete might be more interesting. Use a writing prompt generator or AI content tool like ChatGPT to get the creative juices flowing and overcome writer’s block.

19. Learn a couple’s dance

Couple dancing

Learning a new dance is a daring Valentine’s Day at-home activity for couples. It’s fun and a terrific way to bond and show affection for one another. Before starting, ensure you have the right space to practice. You need enough room to move around without bumping into furniture or tripping each other. Consider laying down a rug or mat so your feet don’t get hurt from standing on hardwood or tile flooring all night. Discuss the dance type with your partner since there are many options. For example, try the tango, waltz, foxtrot, rumba, or ballroom. Then watch online video tutorials for beginners. Focus on mastering simple steps using the proper posture and form so that your movements look more graceful and less awkward. It’s a good idea to film yourselves to review your progress and improvements. Once you feel confident in your moves, challenge yourself and your partner by performing a choreography without mistakes.

20. Re-enact your first date

First date

Reliving special moments of your relationship, such as your first date, is a fun and unique way to spend Valentine’s Day at home. It’s challenging since you must remember everything, from what you wore to what you talked about. Consider re-enacting your first date, from clothes and conversation to restaurant food and movie, depending on what you did back then. Tell your partner something they didn’t know before, like your initial impression when you met them.


Staying at home is just as magical as going out on the town when couples spend time planning the details and connecting with each other throughout the evening. The at-home Valentine’s Day activities outlined in this article should convince you to put away the reservations and kick back and relax with your significant other.

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