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34 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Laid-Back, Spontaneous, and Selfless Couples

Valentine’s Day can be incredibly stressful for figuring out the perfect date, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to discover the best date ideas for celebrating February 14th.

Valentine's day date ideas

For many, Valentine’s Day is for exchanging gifts, enjoying special meals or treats, or simply spending time together. Couples are usually too busy to find time off just for themselves, so they look forward to February 14th to get away from it all and reconnect. Here is a list of the Valentine’s Day date ideas described in this article:

  • Go to the movies
  • Go shopping
  • Have a fancy dinner
  • Attend a theater play
  • Go to a stand-up comedy show
  • Go to a concert
  • Pub crawl
  • Have a karaoke night
  • Go to an escape room
  • Attend a class for couples
  • Teach each other a useful skill
  • Book a photoshoot for couples
  • Go on a city break
  • Spend the day in a local hotel
  • Go to the spa
  • Visit museums or historical landmarks
  • Have a private picnic
  • Take a mountain hike or go camping
  • Go for a long drive
  • Go on a boat trip
  • Take a beach stroll
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Try horseback riding
  • Try an extreme sport
  • Go stargazing or visit a planetarium
  • Visit the local aquarium
  • Visit your S.O.’s favorite childhood spots
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Plant a tree
  • Adopt a pet
  • Do volunteer work
  • Go on a double date
  • Organize a singles’ party
  • Ask the big question

Read on to discover more details about each Valentine’s Day date idea.

1. Go to the movies

Movie couple

Going to the movies is a traditional date idea for Valentine’s Day, and it never fails to impress. Movie productions always release romantic films on February 14th, so you just have to pick a title. Or you can take the non-cheesy route by watching a non-romantic movie, such as a horror flick to keep your date on the edge. Consider going to a drive-in theater to watch a movie from the comfort of your car under a cozy blanket. Bring snacks and drinks along, so you don’t have to leave during the screening.

2. Go shopping

Couple shopping

A shopping spree is a surefire way to spend Valentine’s Day with your spouse, although your credit card might not agree. Make the experience smart and thoughtful by setting a budget and picking something to buy for each other. It will also settle the matter of a gift for February 14th. Make it competitive by racing each other toward finding the ideal gift within the allotted budget. While at the mall, try the different facilities and amenities it offers. For instance, take a few wacky pictures in the photo booth and grab a bite.

3. Have a fancy dinner

Fancy dinner

Booking a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant is a Valentine’s Day classic for good reason since many couples don’t take time off for themselves for date night for the rest of the year. Choose a favorite place you haven’t been to for a long time, or pick a new Michelin-starred restaurant. For example, surprise your spouse by going to the restaurant where you had your first date if you still live in the same city. Alternatively, check online reviews in your local area to help you decide easier. Book your reservation early, as February 14th is one of the busiest days for restaurants.

4. Attend a theater play

Theater masks

Show off your artistic side by attending a theater play for your Valentine’s Day date. It’s a great opportunity to dress fancy and appreciate a type of art you rarely see nowadays. Look for plays that you both would be interested in, such as comedies or romantic dramas, and book your tickets in advance. After the play, delve into a deep discussion about what you’ve seen to keep things interesting for the rest of the evening.

5. Go to a stand-up comedy show

Stand up comedy

Going to a stand-up comedy show is a fantastic Valentine’s Day date idea for sharing a few laughs with your S.O. Pick a comedian that you both appreciate. If you’re unfamiliar with the names, watch YouTube videos to check for trigger warnings and get a better idea of what to expect; some dates don’t appreciate overly vulgar jokes and prefer lighthearted comedic skits. Stand-up comedy shows usually get fully booked on February 14th, so it’s best to book tickets in advance. Getting front-row tickets is debatable; many comedians have gimmicks for involving front-row customers, so you might be more comfortable in the back. 

6. Go to a concert


A concert is an awesome date idea to surprise your Valentine if their favorite musician or band is coming to town. Alternatively, check out places that play live music. Some of them might offer discounted prices for couples on February 14th, so you’ll be able to save money.

7. Pub crawl


Hopping from one pub to the next is a cool Valentine’s Day date idea for couples who hate sitting in the same place for a long time and prefer a non-cheesy activity that involves more drinking than eating. Pub crawling is where people visit multiple pubs or bars on a single night, often stopping at each one for a drink. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know the local bar scene, and you can drink non-alcoholic drinks, too. To set up a pub crawl, check out an online map with local pubs in your area, list the places you wish to visit and create an optimized route. There are no specific rules, but pub crawls generally last 2-3 hours, during which you can visit 5-6 pubs, which means spending 15-20 minutes in each place. Wear comfortable shoes, don’t forget to eat, and take many photos to remember the night.

8. Have a karaoke night


A karaoke night is an excellent Valentine’s Day date idea to show off your singing skills or make a fool of yourself, depending on your voice. Head to the closest karaoke bar with your significant other and pick a singing duet. Choose from hundreds of genres, from classic love songs to modern pop music. In addition to singing, you’ll spend the night laughing your heart out and competing against other like-minded couples. 

9. Go to an escape room

Escape room

An escape room game is a cool Valentine’s Day date idea for those who value cooperation and analytical thinking. This activity requires both partners to solve puzzles and riddles to find the key necessary for escaping a room. Escape rooms are often themed, so pick one that suits your partner’s interests. For example, go with a detective story or zombie theme. Improve this experience by inviting more friends to join the escape room.

10. Attend a class for couples

Painting for couples

Attending a class for couples on Valentine’s Day is a charming date idea for unleashing your creativity, learning something new, and getting to know your partner better. Many classes are worth exploring, such as pottery, painting, dancing, yoga, or mixology. Discuss your preferences with your partner to decide on one or more classes together. There’s a good chance you’ll meet other couples with the same idea along the way, so you might even get new friends out of the whole experience.

11. Teach each other a useful skill

Hammer and nails

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder that you and your S.O. complete each other, best demonstrated by teaching each other a new, useful skill. For instance, if your partner does most of the cooking, they could teach you their favorite meal. And you can use next year’s Valentine’s Day to whip it up. On the other hand, if you’re the handyman of the house, teach your spouse some basics, like how to find a wall stud, anchor a bookcase to a wall, or fix a loose tile. While sharing your knowledge with each other, remember to practice patience and understanding.

12. Book a photoshoot for couples

Couple photoshoot

Instead of going on a date for Valentine’s Day, make the day memorable by booking a couple’s photoshoot. A professional photographer will capture special moments between you and your partner on camera, creating a photo album that you’ll have forever. Research the online portfolios of professional photographers to see which style you like best. Consider consulting your friends since many are struggling photographers who need your support. Once you decide on someone, talk to the photographer to decide on the theme, props, and your general preferences. For example, you might prefer an indoor or outdoor photoshoot or a unique theme like boudoir photography or glamorous portraits.

13. Go on a city break


City breaks are a spontaneous and unforgettable Valentine’s Day date idea for adventurous couples, especially since you can find fantastic last-minute deals on flights and bookings. Even two days are enough to escape your daily routine. Check out specialty websites that offer city break deals, pick a destination with your partner, book your tickets, and start packing. If you wish to surprise your S.O. with a romantic city break, ensure they have time off work and make arrangements for babysitting or pet sitting.

14. Spend the day in a local hotel

Couple hotel

If getting out of the city is out of the question, spending Valentine’s Day in a hotel is the next best option. Rent a romantic room for the weekend or just one night, order room service, enjoy pay-per-view days, go to the spa, and pamper yourself on a staycation without the stress of taking a trip.

15. Go to the spa

Spa couple

A bit of rest and relaxation is a welcome sight for busy couples on Valentine’s Day, so go to the spa together for professional pampering on your date. Look up nearby spa packages and check for Valentine’s Day specials like rose petal baths, chocolate facials, or couples massages. To continue the spa experience back home, stock up on aromatherapy candles, zen music, bath bombs, and massage oil.

16. Visit museums or historical landmarks


History buffs will get a kick out of visiting museums or historical landmarks on their Valentine’s Day date, especially if they’re new in town. Visiting an old castle, military fort, or art museum can be a rewarding experience to share with your partner and learn something new. Take photos of these sights, if you’re allowed, and review them later with your significant other to conclude your educational adventure.

17. Have a private picnic

Picnic couple

A picnic is a classic move for taking out your partner on Valentine’s Day, ideal for couples craving nature, fresh air, silence, and a break from screen time. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up, get to know your spouse better, and reconnect in a relaxed atmosphere. Pick a romantic spot, like a beach or park, stick to a simple menu like pizza or sandwiches, bring drinks and cozy blankets, and include a couple of board games. Consider hiking to a remote spot for a truly intimate picnic if your knees are up for it.

18. Take a mountain hike or go camping

Hiking couple

A mountain hike or camping is another fantastic way to get in touch with nature and each other, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day date. It’s more physically challenging than a picnic but also more rewarding. The fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and body efforts of such an activity will help you both relax and enjoy February 14th uniquely. Pick a hiking path appropriate for your skill level so you won’t get lost or injured. Bring water, snacks, and a first-aid kit, surprising your partner with a champagne bottle and a couple of champagne flutes. As for camping, choose a spot close to home with a good view for enjoying February 14th under a blanket of stars. Pack up a tent, mattress, sleeping bags, and flashlights, and escape your daily routine by sleeping in the great outdoors. Set up a campfire, listen to music or tell stories, and reconnect with your partner.

19. Go for a long drive

Driving couple

A long drive down a scenic route as a Valentine’s Day date is enough for many couples who wish to get away from home for a few hours but don’t have the energy for something more. Give your car a full gas tank, pack an emergency overnight bag, and surprise your S.O. by hitting the road together. Keep things adventurous by not planning this activity; just pick a general direction and keep driving. For example, drive along the beach, through the countryside, or up into the mountains. The goal of the date is to enjoy the scenery and each other’s company. Delve into deep conversations about your relationship, reminisce about the good times, make plans, and play car games like I Spy or Name That Tune. If you can’t make it back home on time, spend the night in a hotel or motel, far away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

20. Go on a boat trip

Yacht couple

A boat trip is a prime location for a romantic setting, making it an obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day date. For example, rent a canoe, kayak, or sailboat to spend February 14th on the water and get some sun. Scenic spots along the riverbanks or lakeside views are the perfect places for taking romantic pictures. And you will watch the sunset in a spectacular way, reflected in the water and free from the obstructions of tall buildings.

21. Take a beach stroll

Couple beach stroll

A stroll down the beach is a great Valentine’s Day date idea for couples who love watching water but hate getting into it. A day at the beach is a wonderful opportunity to take in the sun, enjoy the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline, feed the seagulls, feel sand between your toes, build sand castles, throw pebbles into the water, and have a romantic dinner right by the beach as you watch the sunset.

22. Take a walk in the park

Couple walk in the park

A quick walk in the park is a simple and meaningful Valentine’s Day date idea for couples who want to enjoy nature without getting too far away from home. Consider visiting a park you rarely visit. Pack a light lunch, including soft drinks, and bring your camera to take spontaneous shots.

23. Try horseback riding

Couple horseback riding

A horseback riding session is a thrilling Valentine’s Day date idea for spending the day with these majestic animals, especially if you’ve always wanted to ride a horse but never got the chance. Horseback riding allows you two to explore nature side-by-side and bond while taking in the fresh air. It helps improve balance, coordination, and strength. Horseback riding requires good communication between the rider and the horse. Riders must learn how to guide the horse with commands through their body language and voice while reading its cues to understand its needs.

24. Try an extreme sport


An extreme sport like bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, or scuba diving is an adrenaline-pumping date idea for Valentine’s Day, which shouldn’t be tried by the faint-hearted. It’s a fantastic way to spice up your relationship by trying an adventurous and challenging sport together. And it will give you a sense of accomplishment for conquering such a seemingly impossible task.

25. Go stargazing or visit a planetarium


Stargazing or visiting a planetarium is incredibly romantic for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Wrap up in a cozy blanket, pour hot chocolate, and find a good spot away from city light pollution to enjoy the night sky and stars without distractions. Use a stargazing app to view stars, planets, and constellations in real time, discovering more information about them. If your city doesn’t have a clear sky, visit your local planetarium. Most of them have interactive shows for learning about the stars, planets, and space facts. 

26. Visit the local aquarium


Date trips to the local aquarium can easily become your favorite Valentine’s Day activity if you both love aquatic animals. Few things are as calming and soothing as watching marine life passively move around an aquarium, so it’s a great way to spend the day in a relaxing environment. Aquariums aren’t necessarily expensive since many offer discounts for couples on February 14th. In addition to observing marine life, there are many ways to keep yourselves entertained while visiting an aquarium, from playing interactive games to watching educational videos.

27. Visit your S.O.’s favorite childhood spots

Child pilot

Checking out your partner’s favorite spots to hang out as a child is a meaningful way to spend Valentine’s Day by gaining a deeper understanding of their cherished memories. For instance, visit where they experienced their first snow or a family favorite restaurant. Pick up souvenirs as a reminder of this special adventure. At the end of the day, your relationship will gain a new dimension. For this idea to work, you should live in the same town your spouse grew up in or close by.

28. Take a hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloons

A hot air balloon ride is a unique Valentine’s Day date idea that’s simultaneously exciting and calming. Feel the thrill of getting drifted away in a huge basket hundreds of feet in the air while appreciating the beautiful scenery. You and your S.O. can cuddle while watching the sunrise or sunset over a picturesque landscape. Check for companies that offer hot air balloon rides on Valentine’s Day since many packages include goodies such as chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne. Expect a steep price, though.

29. Plant a tree

Tree planting

Planting a tree together is a meaningful Valentine’s Day date that takes the idea of carving your initials on a tree to a new level. And it’s a step toward keeping our planet healthy and green. Planting a tree requires teamwork and communication, so it’s a great way to deepen your relationship. Encourage each other throughout the process and learn how to deal with problems as they arise. The tree will be a symbol of your partnership and hard work, so consider planting it in your backyard. Check out our guide to learn how to plant a tree.

30. Adopt a pet

Dog rescue

Make an entire date out of visiting pet shelters and rescuing a pet on Valentine’s Day, assuming it’s something you and your significant other have extensively discussed. Remember that it’s never a good idea to surprise someone with this type of gift since a pet is a huge responsibility that many adults aren’t ready for. 

31. Do volunteer work

Blood donation

Volunteer work is always meaningful, regardless of the occasion, so it’s a wonderful way to spend your Valentine’s Day date. There are many ways to do volunteer work. For example, help at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, donate blood at a local blood drive, or simply pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. On a personal level, volunteer work has many benefits, like relieving stress, anxiety, or anger, combating depression, or providing a sense of purpose.

32. Go on a double date

Double date

A double date is a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with friends you barely see. There are many ways to create an enjoyable evening for four. For instance, have a romantic, cozy dinner, keep the conversation flowing from funny stories to shared memories, share an extra-large chocolate fondue, take a walk through a nearby park, take silly photos, enjoy an ice-skating rink, go bowling, sing karaoke, or play an escape room.

33. Organize a singles’ party

Valentine's day party

If you and your partner are among the few couples in your circle of friends, organize a singles’ party for Valentine’s Day to help them meet each other and explore the local dating scene. Each friend can invite a few single friends of their own, depending on the venue. Create a festive atmosphere by beautifying the space with decorations like streamers, balloons, or garlands. Consider having a photo booth set up so guests can take pictures throughout the night and use them as conversation starters when engaging new people. Provide small snacks throughout the night, such as cheese platters or finger foods, to keep everyone energized until it’s time to go home. Worst case scenario, they will leave the party still single but with new friends and after having a blast.

34. Ask the big question


If you’re not yet married, consider asking the big question on your Valentine’s Day date. As cheesy as it may sound, proposing on February 14th doesn’t lack romance. Proposing on Valentine’s Day can be an incredibly intimate experience all its own, whether it’s done with just two people there or surrounded by family and friends. But it must come from the heart and be tailored to each couple’s unique relationship. 


Whether you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, an exciting outdoor adventure, or simply some quality time together, there are plenty of options to create the perfect date night. For homebodies who prefer something low-key, check out these at-home activities for February 14th.

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