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Copycat DIY: Make this Anthropologie Curtain Tieback for just $9

I bet it happened to all of you at least once in your life: finding a beautiful home decor item and thinking it is damn too overpriced! Exactly what I taught when found out about this beautiful item from Anthropologie. As well crafted the item is, still it doesn’t justify such a price. Then I always think: how can I make it myself? Most of the times objects are too complex or would cost even more made by me, so I renounce. But, there are some gorgeous times you can fairly enough imitate the item of your dreams with some DIY tricks, and the thing would cost you less than half of what you would have paid! It’s exactly the case of this curtain tieback at Anthropologie: $28 for just one? I have 10 windows at home, can you image such a cost only for tiebacks? Still, it is damn gorgeous. Thus, I made my copycat version of it, slightly different but still very happy with the result (and super satisfied with cost!). Are you curious? Let’s see our supplies and then dive directly into the tutorial!

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder supplies


  • standard tieback
  • copper paint
  • brush
  • marble contact paper (or your preferred texture)
  • scissors.

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder paint

1. Start by my painting copper the lace that keeps the two magnets together. You will probably need to add a second and third coat of paint to cover properly the original color.

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder cut

2. Now cut square shaped pieces of contact paper, a bit bugger than the two magnets because we need to be able to cover also the thickness. Stick it on the front and before bending the sides make some diagonal cuts like shown in the picture. This makes it easier to bend on the sides but it majorly depends on the shape of your magnets: more complex shapes equal more diagonal cuts. Then just bend them over, cutting off the overlapping or exceeding parts.

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder set5

Repeat these steps to the other magnet and to all the the tiebacks you need for your home. Well done! Do you like my reinterpretation? I went for marble paper just because my curtains are completely white, thus making plain white tiebacks wouldn’t have had too much sense. You may want to use some grey texture, to emulate stone, or wood if you have that kind of accents at home. Basically, feel free to use the color or texture that best suits your curtains and home.. It’s all about making it how you love! Happy crafting ladies!

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder set3

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder set

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder set4

Copycat diy anthro curtain holder set2

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