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These 5 Amazing Christmas Wreath Tutorials Will Have Your Front Door Swooning

We scoured. We sifted. And we searched the web for some of the best of the best in terms of holiday wreaths. Punch up your curbside appeal this holiday season by adding a bit more of a festive spark to the entryway. These 5 Amazing Christmas wreath tutorials will have your front door swooning!

1. White & Gold Holiday Wreath from A Beautiful Mess

Diy gold and white holiday wreath 4

What’s so fabulous about this holiday wreath is the versatility. Like A Beautiful Mess explains, it fits in for fall but is festive enough that it can be used throughout the holiday season as well. It’s feminine, soft, has a bit of romance and plays in well with those that like a more neutral palette for the Christmas season. It’s also quite easy to make as well, and it all starts with the help of a glue gun.

Diy gold and white holiday wreath 3

The materials list is short and you can play around a bit with adding sparkly additions. You can even personalize the look a bit and go with silver accents instead of these metallic golds – or even mix up the two fun shades! Visit the original post for the full tutorial and show us what the finished product looks like on your own front door!

Diy gold and white holiday wreath

2. Over-the-Top Glam Christmas Wreath from Dream Green DIY

Diy glam christmas wreath 3

We’re absolutely head-over-heels in love with this super glam, over-the-top Christmas wreath from Dream Green DIY. From the beads to the mini disco balls, it’s hard not to feel happier and more festive with this dawning the front door. The kiddos will love this one and it’s a great addition to homes that like to use a lot of fun colors throughout the holiday season!

Diy glam christmas wreath 2

This one will be so much fun to shop for too. From ostrich feathers to multi-colored candy canes, the list of what you’ll need for this project is a bit more unique. Make sure you visit to gather all the intricate details and directions, just go run and grab that glue gun first!

Diy glam christmas wreath

3. Pom Pom and Posie Wreath from Nest of Posies

Pom pom and posie wreath diy 3

Nest of Posies has a super fun and colorful wreath project too! Pick out your holiday color scheme and get to work gathering all the pom poms and posies you’ll need to fill your ring up. The texture here is family-friendly and will add a fun and youthful pop and feel to the front door.

Pom pom christmas wreath diy 2

From ball fringe trim to a bit of yarn too, there is so much plush appeal surrounding this project. And what’s so great about this idea is that it can transfer over into other holidays and spark brand new ideas. Just imagine how great this will look outside in the midst of all those twinkling Christmas lights on the front porch!

Diy pom pom christmas wreath

4. Natural Seasonal Wreath from Treasures & Travels

Natural christmas wreath diy 3

How about something a bit more natural and organic in nature to celebrate the holidays with. If you’re inspired by nature and all its simple beauty, you’ll have to visit Treasures & Travels and dive right into this DIY. It’s a bit more intricate and labor-filled but it’s full of love and the finished design is absolutely stunning!

Natural christmas wreath diy 2

You’ll be working less with the glue gun and more with your hands. Prepping, placing and re-working the floral wires, and that’s okay, you’ll learn a new way to get creative! Just pick your greenery and get started with the outline now because you’ll even be creating your wreath’s base from scratch – with flexible, real branches!

Natural christmas wreath diy 1

5. Mid-Century Inspired Wreath from Craft & Tell

Mid century wreath winter wreath diy 1

Or maybe you’re inspired by styles with a bit of a retro vibe. If so, this fun little project from Craft and Tell will be right up your alley. Tinsel, bottle-brush trees and vintage ornaments come together here to make a bright and festive treat for your front door! Inspired by an aluminum tree from her past, Heather gives us the low down on this gorgeous wreath design for the holidays.

Mid century wreath winter wreath diy 2

The key here is finding the right kind of ingredients to make the perfect mix of mid-century inspiration. Tinsel garland, little trees and colorful ornaments … you’ll find them all but you want to make sure the styling is just so. Again, you’ll be wielding your hot glue gun in the process of its creation and it’ll be well-worth the wait for the warmup.

Mid century wreath winter wreath diy 3

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