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Slice Into One Of These 20 4th of July Cake Recipes & Celebrate!

End the night with fireworks and a scrumptious dessert. Slice into one of these 30 4th of July Cake recipes and celebrate with a bit of extra sweetness. From chocolate to fruit-filled, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Firecracker Cake

Firecracker cake recipe

Love Bakes Good Cakes whips us a firecracker Bundt cake that will set off your July 4th celebration with all the right flavors and festive charm. Hop on over now and take a peek at the recipe!

2. American Flag Cake

American flag cake

Go with a more literal cake and create an American flag slice for everyone. Food 52 will teach you how!

3. 4th Cupcakes in a Jar

4th of july cupcakes in a jar

You could always make some individual cupcakes in a jar! Just follow along with the instructions over at The TomKat Studio.

4. Bomb Pop Cupcakes

Bomb pop cupcakes

Cupcakes & Kale Chips took inspiration from those bomb pops and turned them into festive cupcakes for the family to enjoy! Check them out after the jump!

5. American Flag Layer Cake

American flag layer cake