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Slice Into One Of These 20 4th of July Cake Recipes & Celebrate!

End the night with fireworks and a scrumptious dessert. Slice into one of these 30 4th of July Cake recipes and celebrate with a bit of extra sweetness. From chocolate to fruit-filled, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Firecracker Cake

Firecracker cake recipe

Love Bakes Good Cakes whips us a firecracker Bundt cake that will set off your July 4th celebration with all the right flavors and festive charm. Hop on over now and take a peek at the recipe!

2. American Flag Cake

American flag cake

Go with a more literal cake and create an American flag slice for everyone. Food 52 will teach you how!

3. 4th Cupcakes in a Jar

4th of july cupcakes in a jar

You could always make some individual cupcakes in a jar! Just follow along with the instructions over at The TomKat Studio.

4. Bomb Pop Cupcakes

Bomb pop cupcakes

Cupcakes & Kale Chips took inspiration from those bomb pops and turned them into festive cupcakes for the family to enjoy! Check them out after the jump!

5. American Flag Layer Cake

American flag layer cake

This American Flag cake from SugarHero really takes 4th of July cakes to an entirely new level. Just look at all of those layers!

6. Patriotic Roll Cake

4th of july cake roll

Taste and Tell rolled up their patriotism with this cake! Don’t forget the sprinkles on top!

7. Red, White & Blue Cheesecake

Red white and blue cheesecake cake recipe

Who loves cheesecake? Over at Recipe Girl you get a layer of cheesecake inside this July 4th concoction – and it’s quite delicious, trust us!

8. 4th-inspired Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake with coconut whipped cream and berries 1 600x875

Made with coconut whipped cream and berries all over, this beautiful angel food cake is the perfect way to end the holiday. Grab the recipe from Blahnikbaker and make all the tummies in the family happy while the fireworks ignite the night sky!

9. Sparkler Cupcakes

4th of july sparkler cupcakes

This Grandma Is Fun made some fun cupcakes for the celebration too! Sparkler cupcakes are the perfect way to show off your love for Independence Day.

10. Flag Roll Cake

Flag roll cake recipe

Here’s another roll cake full of July 4th spirit. Check out Sugar Winzy for all the details behind this one.

11. M&M Flag Cake

Mm flag cake recipe

Grab a pack of those red, white and blue M&M’s and get started on this beautiful cake for the family! Two Sisters Crafting will walk you through all the basics.

12. Sparkle Cake

Amazing 4th of july cake with fireworks and red white and blue sparkle pretzels so fun1

Sprinkle Some Fun topped of their cake with some sparklers too! And there also may be some extra special toppings as well.

13. Confetti Cake

Diy confetti cake for fourth of july

Style Me Pretty knows that confetti is always appropriate for a holiday dessert – especially for July 4th! Grab the details after the jump!

14. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet whipped cream cupcakes 698x1024

Why not bake some red velvet cupcakes for the celebration? They’re already red! Your Cup of Cake gives us a great recipe.

15. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pops

Chocolate peanut butter cake pops

You could always make cake pops! Everyone will get an individual bite and these one have a surprise in the middle!

16. Lemon Whipped Cream Cupcakes

Lemon 4th of july cupcakes

Your Cup of Cake also makes some delicious lemon whipped cream cupcakes. Topped with the right ingredients they’re the perfect addition to the party!

17. Red, White & Blue Poke cake

Red white and blue poke cake recipe

Poke cakes are moist and delicious, and that’s no exception with these red, white and blue creation. Berries are perfect for summer and perfect for the holiday too. Check this one out at  Betty Crocker.

18. Patriotic Pinwheel Cupcakes

Pinwheel cupcakes

Play around with a bit of fondant by creating some of these charming pinwheels to top your cupcake. Grab the tutorial at The Cake Blog.

19. Red, White & Blueberry Trifle

Red white and blueberry trifle

Skinnytaste knew that trifles are great for parties too. Family members can dig right into the sweet stuff.

20. No-Bake Summer Icebox Cake

Berry icebox cake recipe

Dressed for Independence Day, this refreshing icebox cake from Cake’s Cottage will cool off everyone throughout the afternoon festivities. Snag the recipe now!


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