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Crafts Made With Real Mini Pumpkins

As much as we adore the look of full sized pumpkins, as well as all of the different things you can do with them, we’ve actually always been the biggest fan of min pumpkins! There’s just something so cute and decor worthy about them that makes us want to put them all over our house, on the inside and out. That’s why we always spend our fall season with our eyes peeled for neat ways to turn them into cool DIY projects!

If you’re feeling just as eager as we are, if not more, to do some mini pumpkin based DIY, check out these 15 awesome ideas, designs, and tutorials that we came across in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Tissue paper covered mini pumpkins

Tissue paper covered mini pumpkins

Of course, even within the category of “mini pumpkins”, there are several different sizes of pumpkin. What caught our eye about this particular tutorial, besides the fact that they used pastel colours which are our favourite kind of shade, is the fact that they used the tiniest pumpkins they could possibly find! Check out this tutorial on Paper n’ Stitch to see how they did a little bit of tissue paper decoupage to give these adorable little pumpkins their new shade.

2. DIY fanged mini pumpkins

Diy fanged mini pumpkins

Just because your mini pumpkins are a little smaller than the average full sized one that you might carve doesn’t mean that you can’t still cut into them for the sake of creativity! Rather than trying to fit an entire cut out face onto the limited surface of your mini pumpkin like you would with a jack-o-lantern, check out how Martha Stewart cut just a section out near the bottom large enough to fit a pair of plastic fangs inside. Add some colour topped pins for eyes and voila! You’ve created a tiny pumpkin vampire.

3. Gilded harvest mini pumpkin place cards

Gilded harvest mini pumpkin place cards

In your family, is celebrating harvest and hosting a fantastic dinner filled with people you love just as important a part of October as Halloween is? Then perhaps you’d rather use your mini pumpkins to create awesome harvest place cards! Cupcakes and Cashmere walks you step by step through the process of gold dipping them so they have a bit of glamour and shine.

4. Sharpie and metallic paint mini pumpkins

Sharpie and metallic paint mini pumpkins

Painting min pumpkins rather than carving into them is a rather common project, but what if you can’t help feeling that your painted pumpkins could use a little something extra? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how A Sweet Afternoon made these fantastic metallic painted pumpkins that have some kind of awesome patterning or visual interest that was hand drawn with a permanent marker, making them awesomely customizable!