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15 Lavender-Inspired DIYs That Will Renew Your Love For the Purple Petals

From cocktails to centerpieces, there’s so much you can do with these blooms. The flavor, the color, the texture, there’s something for everyone to gather ideas from when it comes to the Parisian plant. Take a peek below as we’ve compiled 15 lavender-inspired DIYs that will renew your love for the purple petals – just in time for spring.

1. Lavender Sachets

Diy lavender sachets

Hello Glow begins our journey though the lavender fields with these sachets for the home. Keep everything smelling fresh and like springtime with these adorable sachets that you can whip up in an afternoon. They’d be great as favors as well!

2. Lavender Centerpiece

Diy lavender centerpiece

Grab the inspiration and know-how for a fresh and beautiful centerpiece over at RE. All you need is a shallow vase, some water, and a bout of fresh lavender to do the trick. Of course, a classic, tall vase would look simple and chic as well.

3. Lavender Lemon Candles

Lemon lavender candles diy

Lavender and lemon are brilliant partners. Brit + Co knew that and used the knowledge to their advantage with this creation. Hop on over now to learn how to create some yummy candles for the home.

4. Lavender Garland

Diy lavender garland

A Thousand Threads gives us some fabulous inspiration by featuring this quick peek. Just imagine all of the possibilities you have by creating one of these fresh garlands? From bridal shower banisters to ceremonies, these bits of lavender would be such a charming addition.

5. Lavender Honey Ice Cream

Lavender honey ice cream