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15 Different Ways To Decorate Your Home With Faux Fur

You may not first think to decorate with it, but it’s quite the popular addition right now. Shaggy parts and comfy cozy throws, we’ve compiled 15 different ways to decorate your home with faux fur. And we’re confident that you’ll be falling in love with each of them. From romance to lushness, from welcomed feelings to warm vibes, there’s something that will strike the heart of all below.

1. Throw Blankets

Faux fur blankets

My Amazing Things used some throw blankets to add some cozy feels and inviting warmth to the living room. Using faux fur while doing so only adds even more texture and interest to the space. That lushness makes us all want to just jump right on the sofa and have a nice night with the family.

2. Chair Cushions

Add faux fur to the chairs

Shop Room Ideas turn their faux fur additions into chair cushions. It adds so much interest and trendy appeal to this little nook. It’s especially nice to add this look throughout the winter months to add that festive, seasonal approach.

3. Area Rugs

Faux fur area rugs in the home

Faux fur area rugs will knock your socks off too. Whether it’s adding some fun to the play room or some warmth to your hardwood-floored living room, these pieces aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Check out this inspiration all thanks to Crazy Chic Design.

4. Bedding

Faux fur bedding

We love the idea of faux fur bedding as well. It really adds an even cozier and more welcoming appeal to the bed. You may not want it on there all year round, but for the fall and winter months it’s becoming a true staple. We found this beautiful peek over at Decorpad.

5. Ottomans

Faux fur ottomans stools