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15 DIY Planners and Accessories That Will Help Organize Your Life

Get your to-do, homework, play dates, grocery lists, practice & game schedules, due dates, and everything in between written down and ready! With these 15 DIY planners – or additions to your already-made planner – you’ll be able to organize your entire life in no time. Whether you’re a mom needing to get everything together for yourself, your work, and the kids or you’re a high school or college student needing help to focus on upcoming tasks, these projects will help you get started. Take a peek below!

1. Homekeeping Planner

How to combine your planner and homekeeping binder to simplify your life via clean mama 1 847x1024

Our first stop is at Clean Mama and learning how to take our planners and home binders and combining them into one! Moms will love this idea more than most and how to keep their days going with ease. You’ll feel so much more organized and put together by following along here.

2. Planner Covers

Diy discbound notebook cover

If you’ve created your own planner from scratch, you’ll want to check out these great cover options over at Sarcasm and Sweet Tea. This one is really easy to follow and will spark a lot of other ideas as well, which is always nice when you’re DIYing your days.

3. Personal Planner

Diy personal planner

Hop on over to The Spruce and check out this simple DIY for a personal planner. If you can’t find exactly what you need in a planner while shopping, then just create one that fits your wants and needs in one! We love this colorful rendition as well, keeping your organized life fun and happy!

4. Cleaning Chart Insert

Diy cleaning chart for planner

Inserting a cleaning chart inside of your planner is always really helpful. These are great when you have roommates or for moms that need the extra organization to keep her sane. Check out the insert idea over at Me and My Big Ideas.

5. Planner Paper Clips

Diy planner paper clips cute sticker ideas on everythingetsy com

Everyone needs some paper clips to go along with their planners! Thankfully, you can easily learn how to make a super cute set on your own right at home. Just check out Everything Etsy and follow along with the simple tutorial.

6. Student Planner

Student binder diy

Just A Girl and Her Blog went the student route with her planner. These are absolutely necessary, especially for high school and college students. Keep up with all of your projects, exams, and social activities by creating a planner that has room for it all.

7. The Stay-at-Home Mom Planner

Diy stay at home mom planner

Here’s another really good one for all of the moms out there. Specifically, Surviving the Middle is focusing on stay-at-home moms with this one, but really, everyone could learn and a thing or two from its layout. Take a peek after the jump.

8. Binder Tabs

Diy binder tabs from paint chips

The Crazy Craft Lady created some binder tabs that could be really helpful for those of us that are making their own planners from scratch. Different colors or even patterns can be used, but it’s that perfect shape that we want to learn how to recreate. Thanks for the ideas!

9. Mini Planner

Diy mini planner

Instead of a really big planner that you can’t fit in your bags, why not create a mini planner to keep all of your have to’s with you at all times? Over at Vintage Glam Studio you’ll learn how to create something both tiny and functional – and stylish too.

10. Foil Stickers

Foil stickers diy for planner

Silhouette School shares her idea on how to dress up your planner pages a bit more. She likes to jazz things up with stickers – and she likes to make them herself too. After the jump, you’ll learn how to create these flashy foil stickers in no time.

11. Christmas Planner

Christmas planner diy

Christmas can be really stressful, especially when you have a lot of people to buy for and a lot of events to plan and participate in. Thankfully, Planning Inspired has us covered though. Take a peek at this planner that’s made specially for the holiday season!

12. Arrow Planner Band

Diy planner band

Parker on the Porch created a super chic band to keep your planner together and on the right page. These arrows are oh-so-adorable and you can make them yourself! Check out the directions after you visit the link and let us know how the project turns out for you.

13. Planner Pockets

Diy planner pockets

You may need planner pockets as well, to fit in all of the odds and ends. Thankfully, you can make these quite easily as well so they fit your particular planners without any issues. Check out these cuties over at Hello Creative Family.

14. Girl Boss Planner

Ultimate girl boss planner diy

Malena Haas shows us how to create a “girl boss” planner and inspires us in every single way. If you’re creating your own brand, business, or the like, then this is definitely something you’ll want to check out. And we love the design of the layouts, they’re pretty and strong!

15. Bullet Journal Starter

Diy bullet journal

Sarah’s Chapter ends our journey with this bullet journal starter idea. If you’re interested in taking the leap into bullet journaling then this is definitely a spot that you’ll want to take a peek at. A lot of ideas and advice can be found after the leap.

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