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13 Fantastic Yarn Dying Methods

If you’re an avid knitter or a devoted crochet enthusiast, then you’re probably already aware of how much work goes into the creation of your beloved yarns. If you’ve never thought about how the yarns we buy from stores and independent suppliers are dyed then we really urge you to look it up, because it’s an extremely interesting process! You’re also probably aware, however, that many of the very best variegated and speckled colour ways are done through different methods of hand dying. Did you know, though, that many of these dying techniques are ones that you can do at home?

Check out these 13 fantastic yarn dying methods that you can do right in the comfort of your own kitchen in order to make all kinds of absolutely stunning stripes, speckles, and custom colour ways!

1. Kool Aid dyed yarn

Kool aid dyed yarn

If you ever tried Kool Aid dying your hair when you were in high school then you already know all about the dying powers of the fruity powdered drink! In fact, you can probably even just imagine how well it works if you’ve ever spilled Kool Aid on your shirt while drinking it, because it stains like crazy! In this case, that’s a good thing. Check out how We Love Crocheting created a stunning colour blocked effect on their white yarn using different flavours of Kool Aid to make the different shades.

2. Dying self-striping yarn

Dying self striping yarn

Have you ever knit with Noro, Ella Rae Mutlis, or other yarns that are dyed in sections to make a beautiful self striping effect when you knit or crochet them? Believe it or not, that’s a dying technique that you can actually do right at home! Simply Notable was kind enough to write an entire tutorial for you on how to do it.

3. Speckled yarn

Speckled yarn

Speckling in hand dyed yarns might actually be our very favourite effect of all. Sometimes, when we find a speckled yarn that we particularly adore, we’ll actually cater what pattern we knit to how well it shows off the speckling in our yarn, rather than the other way around. Speckling is also a surprisingly fun technique to do at home! Check our the steps for doing it on Fiber Artsy.

4. Striped crock pot yarn

Stiped crock pot yarn

Are you looking for a way to dye your yarn simply, effectively, and, perhaps most importantly, in a clean and contained space so that you don’t make a huge mess and stain things? Then it sounds like crock pot dying would be absolutely perfect for you! Night Owl Knit n’ Crochet teaches you how to not only crock pot dye, but also how to do it in fun, colour carried stripes!