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DIY Welcome Mats for Your Home

Whether or not your home has a welcome mat set at the front door might seem like a minute detail when it comes to considering the grander scheme of your home décor, but you’d be surprised at the difference they can make! It makes sense, if you really think about it; the area around your front deck, porch, and central door is the first impression that visitors get of your home. That makes welcome mats a great opportunity to set the tone for what your home looks like on the inside and how you want the world to see your home from the street.

There are plenty of awesome looking welcome mats that you can buy pre-made in stores but where’s the fun in that? As avid DIY enthusiasts, we’re super huge fans of making our own things and floor mats are no exception. Check out these 15 awesome DIY welcome mat designs that are totally customizable and made entirely by you!

1. Wooden rainbow mat

Wooden rainbow mat

Are you the kind of modern person who really likes bright décor but still likes to keep it stylish? Then you’re probably a huge fan of colour blocking! Here’s a design from Lowe’s Creative that takes the concept of “blocking” quite literally by creating a welcome mat from brightly painted wooden blocks attached in a staggered manner by screws.

2. Grout tile welcome mat

Grout tile welcome mat

Have you always loved the look of stone tiles and mosaics and done your best to mimic that in your home while still keeping things quite contemporary? Then we have a feeling you’ll be pretty into this novelty message mat that Bob Vila made from strategically placed grout tile. We love the idea of giving guests a simple friendly greeting before they’ve even knocked on the door and we also like the way the black letter tiles contrast starkly with the white background for easy reading!

3. Straw trivet mat

Diy door mat

Straw trivets are useful for all kinds of things. You’ve probably seen them around your grandparents’ kitchen before, left over from how trendy they were in the 70s. That’s why we love this swirling straw trivet mat idea from Made It So; it gives you a little bit of a naturally nostalgic aesthetic. They’ve placed theirs on the kitchen floor here, but we would absolutely put this out on the front step! Make yours from previously existing trivets that you’ve collected and want to upcycle or get really creative and make straw trivets of your own from scratch before you attach them.

4. Garden hose half mat

Garden hose doormat

Are you a gardening enthusiast who loves upcycling old gardening tools and making it apparent that if you don’t answer your door on the first knock, it’s probably because you’re out working in your flower beds or herb gardens? Then we think this upcycled garden hose half mat is the perfect project for you! Mark Kintzel Design shows you how to cut measured lengths of an old garden hose that you’re not using anymore and place them and attach them in an arching shape so they layer around one another. The flat edge will sit perfectly against the step up into your door jamb.