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15 Wedding Tattoos To Don and Commemorate Your Big Day With

So, you may not be DIYing these yourself – or at least we don’t recommend for you to. But we are hoping to spark some original ideas that you can freehand and bring to a local artist of your choice. Check out these 15 wedding tattoos to don and commemorate your big day with. Match with your sweetheart or go solo, the ideas are infinite!

1. King & Queen

King and queen wedding tattoos diy

Have you found your king? Have you found your queen? Well, a tattoo representing those crowns could be your way of commemorating your commitment to one another. And there are so many ways to personalize this one – with initials, color and the like.

2. Names

35 romantic wedding ring finger tattoo designs and ideas with the most incredible ring tattoo for body tattoo

Pinterest has tons of great ideas but this one may have been the most obvious choice! Name tattoos are the most blatant way to showcase your love for your partner. And tattooing them on your ring finger is perfect for symbolizing your new marriage.

3. I Love You More

I love you more wedding tattoos

We’re loving these “I love you more,” tattoos we found while scrolling through Pinterest. Pick your fonts (or write them for each other) add some detail like an arrow or other symbols that pay homage to your couple style. We love the sentiment here.

4. Bands

Wedding band tattoo ideas

Little Tattoos gave us some great ideas for wedding band tattoos. Simple, modern lines work great for both bride and groom. But you could get more creative as well with intricate patterns and details that resemble the rings you’ve exchanged too!

5. His & Hers

White wedding tattoo ideas