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15 Awesome Crafts Made with Temporary Tattoos

When it comes to nostalgic things that we remember from when we were kids and used to use all the time, temporary tattoos definitely take one of the top spots for us. We used to spend all of our summers completely covered in transfer tattoos in all different colours, themes, characters, and designs and we couldn’t get enough of them! The moment one wore off, we’d fill that spot again with something new, getting tan lines around them and, in some spots, ending up covered in funny shapes. We also loved temporary tattoos when we were older because they were a great, simple way to show our support for sports teams and the like very easily but in a really fun, noticeable way.

What’s even better than putting on transfer tattoos that you bought at the store, though? Well, the answer is of course making transfer tattoos of your very own from scratch! You’d be surprised how many DIY temporary tattoo options and crafts there are out there. Just in case you’re interested in trying all of them, just like we were, here are 15 of the coolest methods, techniques, and crafts we’ve found or tried so far!

1. Simple DIY temporary tattoos

Simple diy temporary tattoos

Are you actually quite new to the world of crating and, while you’re certainly not afraid of a challenge, you’d prefer to start out with the simplest technique you could possibly find for making transfer tattoos for your kid’s birthday party? Then we think we’ve got just the tutorial for you! Crafts Unleashed guides you through the process of making very simple “super hero” tattoos that are quick and satisfying and transfer well.

2. Mini cartoon tattoos

Mini cartoon tattoos

Have you long been intrigued by the images you’ve seen on the Internet of models and rock stars with a whole slough of tiny shapes and images tattooed all up and down their arms like sleeves, collaging together lots of little pictures for an edgy style? Well, we imagine those are very expensive to have done and we doubt it’s easy choosing which little images you’d want etched into your skin forever, so why not build yourself a temporary sleeve instead? We love the way A Beautiful Mess teaches you how to create a whole collection of tiny cartoons so that you can recreate as many as you please on your skin like an adorable cartoon tattoo sleeve.

3. Metallic temporary tattoo Easter eggs

Metallic temporary tattoo easter eggs

Do you actually already have the tattoos already but you’d rather make something cool out of them rather than just putting them on your skin like usual? Well, it might not be Easter time quite yet right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep this awesome egg decorating idea from Hobby Craft in your crafting ideas arsenal for later in the year! We love the way they used those trendy gold leaf transfer tattoos to give the painted eggs some special shine.

4. Vinyl cutter temporary tattoo

Vinyl cutter temporary tattoo

Are you the kind of crafting enthusiast who already has a whole arsenal of awesome, helpful tools in your crafting room and it’s mostly just a matter of exploring all the different ways that those contraptions can be used? Well, if you have a laser vinyl cutter, like a Cricut, then you’ve got one of the best tools ever for making temporary tattoos come to life! Cut Out and Keep shows you how to make them in any shape or design you please.