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15 Wedding Bouquets You Can DIY Yourself!

It’s wedding season! And that means there are hoards of brides everywhere finalizing their details to the big day. From the centerpieces to the menu, you really don’t have to fret too much or spend your life’s savings on the event either. There are a lot of ways to personalize and use your own two hands to get the job done – that includes the bouquets! Check out these 15 wedding bouquets you can DIY yourself and see if you want to brave the task!

1. Lush & Colorful

Colorful diy wedding bouquet davids bridal

Brit + Co beings our journey through the bouquets with this lush and colorful piece. Yes, with the right kind of flowers you can create this right in the comfort of your own home – for your own wedding. We’re loving how springtime, fairy-tale inspired this one is.

2. Cascading

Cascading wedding bouquet

Here is a stunning, cascading bouquet that Floral featured and we immediately scooped up. The colors are perfect for fall and the lushness is right on trend. That extra greenery will look gorgeous in photos as well.

3. Grocery Store Florals

Rustic inspired wedding bouquet diy

A Practical Wedding shows us all how to grab some florals at the grocery store and create magic with them. You too can make a gorgeous bouquet on a budget! Just take the leap and check out the details.

4. Meadow-Inspired

Meadow inspired diy wedding bouquet

Here’s a yellow, meadow-inspired bouquet that’s filled with charm. We’re loving this easy DIY from Blooms by the Box. It’s lush but doesn’t follow the traditional, trendy rules right now and we love that!

5. Coffee Filter Flowers

Diy coffee filter flowers

Your bouquet doesn’t have to be made up of fresh flowers. Instead, you can do something a bit more off kilter. Check out how to create these coffee filters flowers over at Bridal Musings.

6. Extra Feminine

Ultra feminine diy wedding bouquet

Burnett’s Boards has this beauty featured and we love the charming, extra feminine quality it holds. Learn how to make something similar by taking the leap. And don’t worry, you can use petals in your own wedding day colors to help fit the bill.

7. Wildflowers

Wild flower diy wedding bouquet

You can create a bouquet made out of wildflowers as well. Or a mixed-matched design filled with both! We’re loving this setup we found at Lauren Conrad.

8. Giant Flower

Diy giant flower bouquet

Made in Pretoria created this gorgeous, giant paper flower. We love the photo-ops that you could get out of this one but we also that offbeat look that it’ll give you as you walk down the aisle. Of course, any color would work as well!

9. Paper

Diy paper flower bouquet

Lia Griffith made some gorgeous paper flowers as well. And look at the finished product! Could you imagine how gorgeous these would be in a deep, rich purple tone?

10. Boho

Diy boho wedding bouquet

We’re kind of swooning for this bohemian-inspired bouquet from Wedding Wire. There are so many different layers and textures, it would work for all the seasons without any issues.

11. Miniature

Diy mini bouquets

These mini cuties could work great for your bridesmaids or even the flower girl. And you can whip them up in an afternoon! Check out the details over at Homey Oh My.

12. With Succulents

Diy succulent bouquets

Bridal Musings created a super textural design that we’re intrigued by as well. Again, it’s a DIY project that brides can take seriously. But, if you’re inspired by succulents, this is the one to jot down the details to.

13. Peonies

Diy peony bouquet

If you really love peonies, then this is the bouquet for you. Check out B.Loved Blog for all the details on how to muster up this ethereal beauty.

14. Colorful Oversized

A practical wedding oversized colorful bouquet diy 8088

A Practical Wedding featured this incredible bouquet design and we really couldn’t believe how stuning it was. And we really, really couldn’t believe that it was an easy DIY! Check out the details after the jump.

15. Ultra Violet

Diy purple violet wedding bouquet

And finally, we end with this ultra-violet beauty. Take a peek at the directions by following along at Ruffled Blog.

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