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DIY Alternatives to Traditional Floral Wedding Bouquets

Whether you’re skipping the flowers because you’re allergic, you feel wasteful, or you’d rather just be different, choosing to have an alternative wedding bouquet leaves you with endless exciting options! The best part, however, is that the most creative alternative bouquets make amazing DIY projects.Check out these fun bouquet ideas for crafty brides!

Dried flowers


Not only are dried flowers gorgeous looking, but they’re allergy free! They also give you the chance to recycle a bouquet used elsewhere if your concern is waste.(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)

Book pages


What better personal touch for the bookworm bride than flowers cut and folded from book pages? Let your very favourite stories accompany you down the aisle on your special day.(Photo source: The Flower Girl Atlanta)

A customized vintage camera


Perhaps you don’t want to carry flowers at all? Photographers might choose a vintage camera customized however they please instead! Let your personality and hobbies shine through on your wedding day.(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)

Beaded bouqet


These gorgeously beaded flowers can be coordinated with the beading on your dress or used as a colourful statement piece. Either will, guests will gasp at the handmade detail of each flower.(Photo source: Projects by Margie)

Sheet music flowers


The effect is similar to the book page flowers, but these are much more suitable for musician brides! Choose a piece of music that means something special to you.(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)

Fabric flowers


Sewing brides will be able to make this one in no time! Choose pieces of fabric from clothing you loved but wanted to upcycle, or even just scraps in colours you like. Match your decor or purposely contrast it. Sew them however you please!(Photo source: Cards by Beachcombers)

Paper pom poms


For brides whose decor is more fun and flirty than traditional and fanciful, paper pom pom bouquets might be a better fit! They’re easy to make, full of colour and texture, and you can make them as big or small as you’d like!(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)

Wheat sheaths


Country brides will look picture perfect carrying a bouquet of wheat sheaths in place of flowers. Especially if flowers are incorporated heavily in the decor or elsewhere on the dress and headpiece, this simple bouquet gives some contrast.(Photo source: Wedding Ideas Mag)



Brides who love fashion will love how they can customize this bouquet. Choose brooches that are all very modern, brooches that are all vintage, or mix the two. You can choose particular colours or styles, and put in as much sparkle as you like. Building a brooch bouquet gives you complete stylistic control.(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)



Only Snow White could get real butterflies to stay still in a bouquet, but you can come close with gorgeous paper butterflies! Choose or make them in different colours and sizes and arrange them however you like.(Photo source: Martha Stewart)

Buttons and feathers


Buttons, beads, feathers, and other offs and ends from your crafting kit can look gorgeous bunched together. Match up colours that complement your decor, and colours that contrast it tastefully.(Photo source: Offbeat Bride)

Crocheted flowers


Brides who love to knit, crochet, and work with yarn will love the chance to incorporate their passion into their wedding. Okay, so you could also dawn a delicately woven wool shawl, but this bouquet is a little more unique!(Photo source: Rock n Roll Bride)



This bouquet is perfect for brides who love to travel. Simple folded paper flowers are suddenly transformed into promises of journeys to come!(Photo source: Crafting by Knight)



What better way for a baking bride to celebrate her walk down the aisle than with a delicious cupcake as soon as the ceremony is over? Include big ones and little ones and share them with the bridal party once you’ve exited the church!(Photo source: Rock n Roll Brides)



This mesmerizing seashell bouquet is perfect for seaside weddings and brides who have always dreamed of being a mermaid for a day. Make it out of shells from the beach where you’ll be married, or perhaps the beach you loved most as a kid!(Photo source: Romantic Flowers)

Did you make a unique bouquet for your wedding that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

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