DIY Wooden Bead Keychain – Never Lose Your Keys Again

Keychains, or keyrings if you prefer, are essentials to many people as they struggle to keep track of their keys. A keychain can make your keys easier to spot.

By Jon Doe

We have a really cool idea for a wooden bead keychain, so join us in making a really cute project!

Supplies Wooden beads 2 small 2 medium 1 big White macrame yarn Green yarn Gold twisted yarn Split keychain ring Paintbrush Swipe Up for the full list of supplies

Let's make DIY Wooden Bead Keychain

Step 1

Paint the large bead: Our wooden beads are plain, so it’s time we start painting them.

Step 2

Paint the medium beads: Next, you want to take the medium wooden beads and push them on the wooden stick. Take out the beige acrylic paint, too, as well as the cleaan paintbrush.

Step 3

Paint the small beads: Next, it’s time to paint the smallest beads on your table. Push them on the wooden stick next, get the gold acrylic paint.

Step 4

Decorate the beads: Once the beads have dried, it’s time we decorate them. Pick up the large wooden bead that you painted olive green, dip the paintbrush in the gold acrylic paint and start forming little dots.

Step 5

Let’s make a tassel: It’s time we made a cute tassel. Get the green yarn and start twisting the thread over four of your fingers. Keep going around your fingers until you have quite a bit of thread in there.

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