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35 Adorable and Sweet Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Baby showers are such a great way to bring a group of people together. It’s so fun to gather around and celebrate something so special.A big event like this is not complete without a cake. Desserts are what people look forward to and by having a delicious and adorable looking dessert, it’s a win-win!

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Most of these cakes below are quite simple or they have very detailed instructions. There’s no advanced baking experience required!

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

No matter what theme you have planned for your girl’s baby shower, we have a cake for you in the list below. From the classic vanilla cake to no-bake cakes, we have it all!

1. Pink Swirl Cake

Pink swirl cake

This Ombre Baby Shower Cake is so cute and so yummy! An eye-catching cake is the best way to throw a great baby shower and this cake will do the trick. This cake is so adorable, that even the inside is ombre. Glorious treats have all of the information you’ll need and it’s surprisingly easy to make such a glorious cake.

2. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake

If you’re looking for a vibrant and colorful cake for your baby shower, then this is the cake for you. This nine-layered cake is guaranteed to wow any crown and it’s very simple to make. Bump Smitten has all of the directions and ingredients you’re going to need.

3. Baby Princess Cake

Baby princess cake

This Princess Crown Cake from Make Fabulous Cakes is so charming! It’s perfect for a girl’s baby shower and would match all other pink decors. You’re going to be surprised by how easy it is to make a cake like this. This is definitely a cake your guests won’t forget.

4. Rustic Lemon Layer Cake

Rustic lemon layer cake

This Rustic Lemon Flavored Cake is a fun twist on the traditional white cake with pink frosting. This cake includes macaroons and also has lemon curd on the inner layers. It’s delicious and simple to make. To find the directions and ingredients, head over to Simple Bites.

5. Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake

Raspberry pink velvet cake

If you like red velvet cake but are looking to spice it up a bit, this Pink Velvet Cake is the cake for you. It has hints of raspberry along with traditional red velvet. This dazzling cake doesn’t take very long to make and the ingredients might already be in your kitchen. Country Living has all of the details.

6. Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird cake

This Hummingbird Cake might not be decked out in pink frosting, but it’s a delicious and easy recipe. If your baby shower is in the springtime, this is the perfect cake for you. It’s topped with pecans that add a special touch. Southern Living has all of the info you’re going to need.

7. Pink Vanilla Bean Cake

Pink vanilla bean cake

This Vanilla Bean Cake from Smells Like Home is such a classic girl’s baby shower cake. It’s simple, yummy, and pink. What more is there to a girl’s baby shower? Although this cake is extremely simple, the three layers of vanilla cake paired with buttercream frosting make it to die for.

8. Pink Lemon Pound Cake

Pink lemon poundcake

Here’s another yummy lemon-flavored cake that would be perfect for a girl’s baby shower. There’s something about lemon and springtime so if your baby shower is in the spring, then this is the cake for you. The frosting is a lovely shade of pink that’s guaranteed to match all of the other shower decors. Smart School House has all of the ingredients and the directions you’re going to need.

9. Pink Rainbow Cake

Pink rainbow cake

Here’s another simple and classic cake for a girl’s baby shower. This Pink Rainbow Cake from Calls Me Cupcakeis so light and fluffy that your guests will love it. You can also choose to add small decorations, like the one in the image above, to personalize the cake.

10. Onesie cake

Onesie cake

You’re going to be shocked by how easy this cake is to make. It’s so cute and such a conversation piece. Craftsy has all of the directions you need to make this cake. Hint – you’re going to start with just a simple cake in a 15″ – 10″ pan. It is really that easy.

11. Sweet baby in a hammock

Sweet baby in a hammock

My Cake School has the cutest baby shower cake idea. This hammock cake is adorable and eye-catching. Not only that, it’s super yummy too. You’re going to be surprised by how simple it is to make and then decorate. You don’t need expert baking skills to design the trees, grass, or the hammock on this cake.

12. Pink Velvet Swiss Roll

Pink velvet swiss roll

If you’re looking for an easy but charming pink cake for your girl’s baby shower, then this is the cake for you. This cake is a fun twist on the snack size swiss roll. It’s basically a large cake with icing that has been rolled into log-form. Garnish and Glaze has all of the instructions and directions you’re going to need.

13. Fondant tree stump cake

Fondant tree stump cake

This adorable Fondant Tree Stump Cake from Veena Azmanov is delicious and a conversation starter at any party. It’s a chocolate mud cake that is decorated with fondant on the outside. Veena Azmonov walks you through how to make each part of this cake so no special baking skills are needed.

14. No-Bake Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberry milkshake

This no-bake cake is such a fun twist on the traditional cake. It’s a strawberry milkshake-flavored cheesecake that is so yummy and a great addition to a girl’s baby shower. There are no crazy decorations so there’s no need for extreme baking skills. Life Love and Sugar has all of the information you’ll need.

15. Raspberry-Cream Layer Cake

Raspberry cream layer cake

This Raspberry-Cream Layer cake is so light, fluffy, and delicious. The cake is so simple but a crowd favorite and takes common pantry ingredients to make. You seriously only need five ingredients. That’s it. Martha Stewert has all of the details you’ll need.

16. Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cake

Funfetti is a classic cake for any type of party. To make this a girl’s baby shower cake, simply add pink frosting or other decorations as shown. This funfetti cake is three layers of yummy cake separated with delicious buttercream frosting. Check out the recipe by Sugar Geek Show.

17. White and Pink Rabbit baby shower cake

White and pink rabbit baby shower cake

This White and Pink Rabbit cake is so elegant and eye-catching. The rose gold, pink, and white mix together so perfectly. Not to mention it’s also very tasty. Find the recipe from Fab Mood.

18. Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice

This cake goes above and beyond all girl baby shower standards. It’s so creative, intricate, and kid-themed which makes it perfect for a baby shower. The small details on this cake bring the whole thing together and make it a great conversation piece. Rose Bakes will walk you through all of the directions so no baking experience is needed.

19. Confetti Cake

Confetti cake

This Confetti Cake from Girl Inspired is such an easy way to spice up a normal white cake. These cute confetti pieces are made out of fondant and you’re only going to need a couple of ingredients to make them. Some fondant, a circular color, and food coloring are all you need to make these confetti pieces. They make a great addition to normal cakes.

20. Lemon Naked Cake Recipe with Flower Crown

Lemon naked cake recipe with flower crown

Minimalist cakes are very in right now and this is such a great example of one. The flowers on top give this simple cake such charming details while still fitting the minimalist-style. Not only is this cake adorable, it’s super easy considering there are fewer frosting and decorations. Southern Living has all of the information you’re going to need.

21. No-Bake Cheesecake with Berry Toppings

No bake cheesecake with berry toppings

If you’re going to be serving a large group of guests at your girl’s baby shower, then this is the cake for you. It’s super easy to customize the toppings to fit anyone and everyone’s taste preferences. Choose between strawberries, blueberries, chocolate, or even caramel. Country Living has all of the information you’ll need.

22. Strawberry-Lemonade Cake

Strawberry lemonade cake

Here’s another lemon-flavored cake that’s perfect for spring. A lemon and strawberry combination is so yummy and would work great for a girl’s baby shower. The soft pink icing is so easy to make and Southern Living has all of the ingredients you’ll need.

23. Rose Ombre Cake

Rose ombre cake

Ombre cakes are a for-sure way to impress your guests at a party. They’re surprisingly easy to make but so eye-catching. The ingredients are very simple so you might already have them in your pantry. This recipe is from Country Clever so head there for the rest of the directions.

24. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

If a traditional cake isn’t for you, then a cheesecake might be the perfect fit. They’re so yummy and also easy to decorate. The raspberries in this recipe fit the girl’s baby shower theme and they’re created with just a toothpick. Cooking Classy has the rest of the recipe.

25. Red Velvet Snowball Cake

Red velvet snowball cake

An all-white cake with a vibrant color on the inside is so charming. Your guests will be so surprised when the cake is finally cut and there’s a delicious red velvet cake on the inside. To get the “snowball” look for this cake, you’re going top with coconut flakes. Redbook Mag has all the directions you need.

26. Sweet Teddy Bear Cake

Sweet teddy bear cake

This Teddy Bear Cake from My Cake School is absolutely adorable. The pink dress and embellishments on the bear perfect for a girl’s baby shower. The bear and other decorations are made with fondant and all of the instructions are laid out for you. The instructions are easy to follow and execute so there’s no need for experienced baking skills.

27. Light Muscovado Carrot Cake

Light muscovado carrot cake

Here’s another springtime cake for a girl’s baby shower. Carrot cakes are so delicious and are especially yummy when they’re paired with buttercream frosting. This cake from Baking Mad is light, fluffy, and tasty. It’s simple to make and all of the instructions are easy to follow.

28. Lemon Cake

Lemon cake

A lemon cake is always a crowd favorite and will get your guests talking. It’s light, fluffy, and zesty. It’s garnished with lemon slices that give it such a cute, simple, and minimalist vibe. Martha Stewart has the recipe you’ll need.

29. Almond Macaroons Galette with Strawberries

Almond macaroon galette with strawberries

ThisAlmond Macaroons Galette with Strawberries is such a fun and unique idea for a cake. It’s topped with strawberry jam and then more strawberries. The red and pink tones of this cake are perfect for a girl’s baby shower. Martha Stewert has the recipe.

30. Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower cake

A Princess Crown Cake is the perfect cake for a girl’s baby shower. It’s so easy to make, on-theme, and absolutely adorable. This cake is aWhite Chocolate Cake coated in smooth White Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It’s so delicious and The Sugar Coated Cottage has the recipe!

31. Vanilla, Raspberry & White Chocolate Layered Sponge Cake

Vanilla, raspberry & white chocolate layered sponge cake

This vanilla, raspberry, and white chocolate layered cake is a real showstopper. All four layers are moist, flavorful, and delicious. This cake is garnished with raspberries which fit the girl’s baby shower theme. The pink and red on this cake will match another decor. Baking mad has the recipe.

Ultimate Vanilla Celebration Cake

Ultimate vanilla celebration cak

A classic 4 layer of Vanilla sponge cake, infused with a Vanilla syrup to make it extra moist. Not to mention, it’s filled and covered with a yummy buttercream frosting. The pink embellishments on this cake make it perfect for a girl’s baby shower. Barking Mad has the recipe.

Easy Vanilla Cake

Easy vanilla cake

The fresh pink flowers added to this cake my is so charming and fitting for a girl’s baby shower. Since these are real flowers, there are no baking skills needed. The cake is a simple yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. It’s so simple but it’s a crowd-pleaser. Southern Living has the recipe.

Elderflower & Lemon Cake

Elderflower and lemon cake

This Ombre Lemon Cake from Baking Mad is so unique and delicious. The pattern of the frosting is so cool but also so simple to do. Baking mad even has a video explaining every step. No mad baking skills are required.

Polka Dot Cake

Polka dot cake

This cake is so unique and very easy to make. The polka dots are made from the classic yellow cake so you can change the colors to whatever you’d like. Shades of pink would make it perfect for a girl’s baby shower. Easy Baked has the recipe.

Buying Guide

Many of these cakes involve the same tools and/or ingredients so we’ve compiled a small list of items that you might find yourself needing. Piping tools, cake stands, baking mats, and pink decorations can be found on the links below.

If you end up baking any of these cakes be sure to leave a comment down below. We love hearing from you guys! We hope you enjoyed this list of Cakes for a Girls Baby Shower.

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