DIY Wine Cork Wreath – How to Make a Wreath With Wine Corks

Wreaths are a great addition to any house, no matter the season. Whether you intend to hang it on your door or simply place it on a table as decoration, it matters very little.

By Jon Doe

Making your own will give you the opportunity to completely control how it looks and what goes on it.

Supplies Straw wreath Wine corks Green felt material Paper Lace ribbon Artificial berries Moss Colored cones Pencil Scissors Glue gun Knife

Let's make a Wreath With Wine Corks 

Step 1

Cut the wine corks: We’re going to start off by cutting the wine corks with a pretty sharp knife. You’re going to want to cut your wine corks vertically.

Step 2

Glue the wine corks: It’s time to plug in the glue gun and add some to the wine corks you just cut through. As a side note, our straw wreath base is green on one side and naturally colored on the other.

Step 3

Add the Colored Cone: Add some hot glue to the bottom of the cone and place it in what will be the middle of the bottom area of the wreath. Press it for a few seconds and leave the glue off to dry.

Step 4

Continue Adding Wine Corks and Colored Cones: Now that the first cone has been added to your creation, you can continue building up the design by adding more wine corks. From time to time, add in another cone.

Step 5

Build the Felt Flowers: For our next step, we’re going to start with a piece of paper and a pencil.  Draw petal shapes on the paper – you’ll want to do a couple of sizes, at least.

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